Thursday, August 7, 2014

FABBY: What I Have in the Foyer

Hello sweet friends!

I will be going on a small trip to Peru with Alejandro, his brother Pablo and his wife.

Ok, some of you remember we went to a coastal tour with his older brother and his wife back in May. 

 Pablo and Alejandro were very close when they were growing up because Pablo just follows hubby. We have a wonderful relationship with all 6 siblings, they are seven with hubby.

I will be visiting you when I come back. We are leaving this Saturday and returning home the following Sunday.

I'm sharing my 'almost fave' piece of furniture in the house, although, let me be clear, I love them all.
 Since I was a child I had a special attraction for things Oriental, I mean the Chinese, Japanese kind. I always loved furniture, porcelains, dishes, screens, you name it!

Ok, so here is what's in my foyer...speaking of Oriental.

I bought this gorgeous Chinese secretary almost 15 years ago and it was love at first sight!
The chair is Scandinavian with real leopard skin on it! We inherited from my in laws.

I loved the black enamel, hand painted doors with mothers and children in a garden, playing. I might add it's painted inside and out of the secretary. 

The other half of the secretary has drawers, where I keep tablecloths, doilies, napkins and who knows what else!

Now, this is what it looks like opened and it's so much fun! 
I decided to place my Oriental teapot collection inside here, before they were in the kitchen's window sill.
The painting is of Cayetana and Victoria, my grandgirls, when they were very young.

The left side of the secretary with some teapots. In the middle the three wise men.

The right side with some more fun things and teapots.
The pretty yellow teacup I received from lovely Deborah's great blog, 'The Beautiful Matters.'

  I love to change my things here, like I just added the teapot collection, that was previously in the kitchen sill...some of you might remember.
I keep lots of memorabilia too.

This is what really got me, all those cubbies; when I first opened the doors back in the store.
I immediately envisioned myself decorating each cubby with all my pretty treasures.

Than I also have some of my dog collection on the desk top.
Also some family photos and the telephone.

I don't think I've ever shared this Oriental blue and white porcelain pot I bought a couple of years ago and I have a small jade plant on it.

The white crocheted big doily here was made by my grandma. 

This is my vintage, marble top French foyer table.

This is a lovely chest, an antique, as it was Alejandro's grandfather.
Besides the picture frames, I have my Delft garniture set, more dogs and an antique small oriental box that belonged to hubby's great aunt.

Some of you remember I shared how I cleaned my silver in the dining room...well, I did clean some of the silver and sterling frames here too!

Love the carvings in this you see, I really love all our furniture.

The chest is flanked by two pretty Frenchy chairs.

And of course, our antique Carrara marble top French table is the queen of the foyer!

The floor in all our social area is marble with black onyx-marble insets. There are wonderful marble mines here in Ecuador.

Ok, so this is what our foyer looks like and what's in it.

Thank you for your sweet and kind comments, as they always make my day.

Thanking the lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at their great parties.


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  1. Your foyer is absolutely gorgeous Fabby! I haven't seen a secretary like yours before with little "cubbies" in the top part...I love it! All the different levels to display your treasures. Enjoy your trip....hugs, Penny

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces, Fabby! Your oriental cabinet holds a treasure trove of special and delicate teapots and other china. So pretty! Enjoy your trip!!

  3. I always enjoy visiting your elegant home!!! I feel like I should run a comb through my hair and add some lipstick - and maybe change from my everyday clothes to something a little dressier - after seeing all yoru pretty things!! I'll just be a moment!!
    Enjoy your trip and I will be looking forward to hearing all about it!!

  4. That is a very beautiful piece, Fabby. Thank you so much for sharing. The inside looks very neat and organized, too! Susan p.s. Have a WONDERFUL trip to Peru. Take lots of photos!

  5. Fabby your foyer is stunning my friend, very elegant and full of beauty ;-)


  6. So lovely Fabby! I love all the furniture, your marble floor, that leopard chair (wow!). All the cubbies in your chest are so much fun. I would enjoy changing things up in there too. the marble table and carved legs is stunning.
    Enjoy your trip dear friend!

  7. Hi Fabby,
    An absolutely gorgeous foyér.

    ENjoy your trip. I will returning to Sweden tomorrow.

    Hugs from Hongkong.

  8. You have impeccable taste, my friend.--from the largest (secretary) to the small porcelains, etc.

    The fabulous painting in the first photo REALLY caught my eye! I'd love to know more about it when you have time. It appears to be a modern rendition of geese in flight (?)

    Have a wonderful time on your trip and stay safe and well. ♥

  9. Awesome collections and awesome furniture.Beautiful Fabby.Have a fun filled trip to Peru.Love and hugs sujatha..:):)

  10. Dearest Fabby,
    Your foyer looks grand and I too love the oriental cabinet with all its cubicles. You already had most of the items to fill it up in style when you saw it at the store!
    Enjoy your vacation with loved ones. Precious time for fond memories to live on forever.

  11. You have a fun and safe trip dear Fabby! Love the secretary too, if I do go home to the Phliippines next year, I will share my parents collection of oriental furniture too!!!

  12. What a secretary. Fabulous!
    And I just love your floor :-)

    I always have been interested in old things, an taken care of them. They have got a soul!

  13. I enjoyed looking at every single item and detail. Quite stunning!


  15. Love your foyer. Everything is so pretty! The pieces you have adorned there I am sure each one has a story. Have fun on the trip. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. Wow - that secretary is stunning! Thanks for sharing @ TTF! :)

  17. GREAT job!! Have a terrific time on your trip :)

  18. GREAT job!! Have a terrific time on your trip :)

  19. Thank you so much for sharing with Adorned From Above's Link Party
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

  20. What a gorgeous piece, Fabby, Love, love all your treasures! Very pretty!

  21. Such a beautiful foyer, Fabby! It is welcoming and warm. The secretary is stunning - especially when open!

  22. So beautiful! I love all the Oriental touches, Fabby! I especially love the secretary and you have stored and displayed in it.....Christine

  23. Have fun on your vacation!...Christine

  24. Okay, first let me apologize for being so very, very late visiting your post. I did finally make it here because I just didn't want to miss seeing all of your treasures, and I want to thank you for your friendship and support. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Fabby.

    I hope you had a wonderful trip. I am an only child, and I have always imagined how great it must be to have siblings to share your life.

    Your secretary is magnificent. I know exactly what you mean about loving your treasures. I feel the same way about mine.

    I am enamored with your dog collection. It is something I have always wanted to collect, but I guess I can't have everything. lol ♥


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