Saturday, February 1, 2014

FABBY: Tea Party for Rosary Prayer

Hello sweet friends!

The last Wednesday of each month I am assigned to have "Rosary Praying"gatherings; like some people, who get together for Bible Study. I have it with a group of my closest friends and Sils, here at my house. The first time I had eleven ladies, but normally they will be around fifteen.

We pray the 'Rosary' ( a Catholic prayer) for our families, friends, the country (I also pray for my country the USA as well) and peace for the rest of the trouble areas in the world.
Than after it we proceed to the dining room for some tea or coffee with just bread, marmalade and cheese. Nothing fancy, that's not the idea.
"Whenever you'd like special prayers I'm ready to oblige."

Here are my two tables, set for the after prayer simple tea party. I hope you like it.

My dear Mil's beautiful hand crocheted tablecloth as back drop for my Ecuadorian pottery, designed by me and inspired in the indigenous women lovely embroidered apparel.  

The pottery is entirely made by hand by a 'potter's wheel' as in colonial times and hand decorated by artists we had working for us, back at Alejandro's Ceramic Factory, Monte Turi.

Look at the cute papaya on the lid of the marmalade bowl.

Another marmalade bowl with an apple and half lemon.
I cut the cheese in cubes so the ladies can just help themselves and don't have to be cutting it themselves.

The big soup tureen had another use many years ago, 'before plastic'... and it was used as a container for keeping bread fresh, so I stored more bread there in case we needed to refill it, lol..

The tureen has a chicken on top of the lid too, as the Ecuadorians used to make them way back, as their 'special touch' to the pottery originally taught by the Spaniards in Ecuador and the rest of Latin America, of course.
The forms I chose to make are original Spanish designs from colonial times, as well, specially in the big serving pieces.

I love the pitcher, where I put water, for some of the ladies who wish to have some. The blue glasses go well with the blues in the pottery.

I chose for the breakfast table another crochet tablecloth and the friends that follow me, may remember I "found it"half way made in a carton box in the cellar; from a girl that was crocheting iy for me, but immigrated to the USA ten years ago and used to clean my house twice a week, lol! 
Than after I found it, I had it finished by someone else.

Another cute marmalade bowl with a little chicken on top.

Thank you so much for visiting me and for the generous comments you leave me, as you always make my day!

Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great parties each week.


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  1. Your MIL's crocheted table cloth is just gorgeous...beautiful table! I have some serious silver envy...that covered dish in your second header photo is to die! Hugs, Penny

  2. Fabby I just love your MILs tablecloth. So much work and love went into those cloths. I have several my grandma made and I love using them. Beautiful tablescape and dishes!

    Miss Bloomers

  3. Qué mesa maravillosa! Siempre me pregunto cuando veo esos hermosos manteles: ¿No se mancharán?y la dueña no sufrirá?
    Besoss Fabby
    hoy desde

  4. As always, a lovely table - but even lovelier is the thought of all of you coming together regularly to pray the rosary. Beautiful!

  5. You set a truly amazing table, Fabby. It is always such a pleasure to see what you've come up with!!!

    Thanks so much for being a loyal reader - big hugs. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!~!

  6. Simply beautiful! Your pottery is gorgeous and so special since you made it. I love the idea of getting together and praying the rosary.

  7. Fabby, i also host a Rosary Prayer group with my closest friends sometimes they bring along a friend, and i make lunch. I have around 7 people. Some of my friends work and cant take the day off. I have never posted about it, but as soon as i can get decent photos uploaded I will. Your table as always is stunning. xo

  8. FABBY,
    Love your tablecloths. Wonderful what you are doing for others. A lovely table.

  9. Hello Fabby! So nice stopping by to visit with you and see the beautiful tables you have set for your praying friends. The tablecloths are really lovely and make a perfect background for the colorful dishes. I also like the blue water goblets. Such a complimentary color.

  10. Lovely crocheted tablecloth. What a nice tradition to come together as a group for prayer and friendship.

  11. I, too, love your crochet tablecloths. I remember both of my grandmothers having quite a few of them- unfortunately no one knows what ever happened to any of them. Your table looks beautiful, the reason for the table even more beautiful.

  12. Hi Fabby

    Very beautiful setting. Love the dishes, and the crochet table cloth from your MIL.

    God bless your Sunday


  13. Dearest Fabby,
    Hats off to you lady for all you do and get involved in. No wonder you are so well balanced as you now how to set a perfect table and serve great food but you also take care of the soul food!
    As for those followers that pull the plug; I've seen that too, but no longer pay attention and don't care at all. It tells a lot more about them and their poor choice as your blog is one of the best to be read. Talking about CLASS!
    That table cloth got finished in a perfect way by the second person; well done.
    By the way, you ought to do a post, or more (?) about cleaning your beautiful table linens and crocheted lace works. It always looks so prestine and I do admire that.
    Hugs and happy Sunday and yes, let the ladies pray for all the leprosy victims in the world. South America too has some...

  14. My friend you've done it again. When can I come over for a cup of tea? :)
    I have my eyes on that stunning tablecloth from your sweet MIL. And the hand-painted set something I would love to collect. Do they have a website?

    Hope you have a good weekend Fabby.


  15. Your pottery is wonderful, and I love that gorgeous tablecloth. A prayer group is such a wonderful idea, so I'm glad you have this lovely table setting to highlight it.

  16. What a lovely reason to gather with your women friends! You set a beautiful table for tea to enjoy together. Your set of pottery is gorgeous!!
    Mary Alice

  17. You are a good woman and a wonderful example to your daughters, granddaughters and all of us who read your blog.

    Don't lose any sleep over the loss of a "follower" -- I lose them all the time.

    I was wondering: what is the creamy white food in a small bowl? Another type of cheese?

  18. Hi Fabby,

    I think the gathering for "Rosary Praying" is such a nice idea. My husband and I used to participate in a Bible study group, and I really miss it.

    Those are absolutely gorgeous tablecloths!!! I love the pottery you designed -- everything looks really lovely, Fabby.

    Have a great week!



  19. Wow Fabby, I am so impressed with the talented artisans that worked for your company. Beautiful pottery!

    Both your tablecloths are stunning and have beautiful stories. Your table exudes beauty and sets the stage for fellowship.

    It is wonderful to know you and your friends gather routinely to pray. Prayer is powerful and effective.

  20. Me encanta el diseño de la vajilla que diseñaste. Los colores están preciosos y las gallinitas se ven preciosas. Que nuestro Señor siga bendiciendo tú grupo de oración del Rosario.

  21. Fabby, I love your tables as I always do. Your MILs tablecloth is gorgeous, and I really love your dishes.

    What I love even more, though, is the idea of a rosary gathering every month. I would like to open my home more for prayer and Bible study. I love that you do.

  22. I pray the rosary weekly too, usually by myself, but with what happened to my friend, we prayed it 9 days straight with the novena. I once heard that each bead of the rosary is like offering a flower to Mary, and I love thinking about that with each bead.

    I love your table setting too, always so special and pretty Fabby dear, I bet the ladies all look forward to your turn in hosting!

    Thank you for all your prayers dear, I appreciate it very much.

  23. I pray the rosary weekly too, usually by myself, but with what happened to my friend, we prayed it 9 days straight with the novena. I once heard that each bead of the rosary is like offering a flower to Mary, and I love thinking about that with each bead.

    I love your table setting too, always so special and pretty Fabby dear, I bet the ladies all look forward to your turn in hosting!

    Thank you for all your prayers dear, I appreciate it very much.

  24. Hi Fabby,

    I fixed your photo for you. Thanks for sharing this interesting blue. I so admire that tablecloth.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  25. Fabby, everything is so beautiful here. What an absolute treasure that tablecloth is. I can't imagine the hours and hours of work that were put into it! And the pottery is gorgeous! Such whimsical details on the lids too! The best part is friends gathering for prayer . . .

  26. Hello, Fabby
    What a beautiful setting for your prayer group. Love the crochet table cloth and all of the pretty dishes. (I used to attend a weekly rosary meeting at someone's house as well, but schedules changed, and we don't meet anymore.) Nice to know that prayers are continuing! Hugs, Catherine

  27. Hello dear Fabby,
    Good to hear that you are OK and feeling better. God Bless.

    It feels I am in my country in this like this. Praying for no reason. Praying the peace of all mankind. So, Philippines. Unfortunately, God didn't hear their prayers nor mine.

    Thank you for sharing this heavenly gatherings Fabby. Mi quero much... todos, tasas, vasos, platitas... EVERYTHING!

    TY for visiting Stockholmo for a quick tour.

    GB and enjoy the rest of the week.

    /CC girl

  28. I always love seeing the pottery you and your husband created. Love the bright colors and designs. Your MIL's crochet tablecloth is a beauty- and quite large! Those aren't easy to come by. That other crocheted tablecloth is great too- lucky you found someone to finish it for you since the other gal never did.

  29. What a beautiful thing that you and your friends do. And I love how you set your table.

  30. What a lovely tradition. And the tablecloth is beautiful as well as special.

  31. What a lovely tradition. And the tablecloth is beautiful as well as special.

  32. Your pottery is beautiful! I crochet so I admire anyone who worked with that tiny yarn! Getting together to pray, whether with a rosary or just sharing our needs with God is so important in this messed up world. Visiting through Sally's Blue Monday, hope you can come by and visit. Blessings, Debbie

  33. How wonderful Fabby and I love the sweet gathering after the prayers!

  34. The setting, food, and tea all look simply delicious! What a great idea to have a rosary prayer get together. Such goodness all around! : )

  35. So pretty and so sweet of to all get together to pray the Rosary like that. What a wonderful deed. Take care and Have a great week.

  36. What a beautiful setting to Honor Our Blessed Mother.

  37. You just made me hungry, Fabby. Your pottery as usual,is so beautiful. What do you call them? Just Ecuadorean pottery? The designs are exquisite and I like the cute handles....christine

  38. Getting together to pray the rosary sounds very wonderful.
    Your tea tables both looks lovely. The tablecloths really set the first level of excellence and then you build so beautifully on that with your gorgeous lively pottery. Well done!

  39. Fabby, what a lovely way to prayer with your friends and for friends, too. Your tables are lovely and so welcoming to your guests. So glad to see your's beautiful.


  40. Love the tablecloth and your beautiful dishes and even more the reason for your gathering ! :)

  41. I love crocheted table cloths --- real treasures. Lovely tea, Fabby. So nice to get together with friends for tea and prayer. Just makes you feel good! Happy Tea Day!

  42. Your tablecloths and dishes always WOW Fabby...just beautiful! And thank you for keeping the USA in your prayers...

  43. Love the tablecloth, Fabby, and of course, your dishes are always so bright and pretty on the table. Thank you for sharing and coming to tea.


  44. Fabby: Stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and then forgot about it. Stumbled upon it again a couple of days ago. Enjoy it so much. You're one of my favs. Your taste is impeccable, to say the least. Thank you for sharing and encouraging and inspiring others to be creative. It's a wonderful talent you have, my dear. Only one question, though. Where DO you store all your beautiful goodies?

    God bless.

  45. Fabby: Stumbled upon your blog a few mos. ago and then forgot about you. A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon you again. As a fan, I'm here to stay. You have an amazing talent and gift for the beautiful and inspiring work you do. Thank you for sharing your creativity. One question, though. Where DO you store your enormous amounts of beautiful goodies?

    God bless.

  46. Your pottery is FABULOUS , and it would go very well with the colors I choose to set my table. Cheery blue, white, and yellow with chicken adornments. You definitely have a creative sense of design and flair.

    I think what I appreciate the most about this tea time is the gathering for prayer / rosary , and making it simple but also providing what most consider the staples and needs of life & nourishment. Bread, cheese, tea , coffee, wine, and fellowship centered on what matters most. Faith, love, friendship...

  47. Great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  48. Your Mother-in-Law's crocheted tablecloth is exquisite! Lovely post! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  49. luv the pitcher and blue glasses

    much love...


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