Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FABBY: Trout Lunch Day

Hello sweet friends!

    I know I mentioned before that my mother comes for lunch and to spend the day with us every Wednesday, therefore, tomorrow is Wednesday... and we will be having trout for lunch, as we have bigger lunches around here, rather than a heavier dinner. Nights are cold so we usually prefer soup and that's all.

There are great trout growing here in Cuenca; all the varieties, but our favorite is the one called "salmon trout" because it's pink like salmon.

Lots of people like to go 'sport fishing' at the lakes in a beautiful national park called "Cajas"where they grow them. I remember when my DD Sofia and her family lived here they often went fishing there and it was fun.

I have a setting for our 'trout lunch' tomorrow and I will accompany it with salad, rice and corn and soup as the antree.

Here is my table for the 'Trout-Lunch.'

Last Saturday I bought the salad bowl, the small bowls and the blue S&P shakers in the form of little fish, at my fav home store for the after C'mas sale they always hold in January.
I loved them as I already had the fish salad plates. They were at a great price, $22.50 for all the pieces!

I arranged fresh flowers with lots of yellow in my Portuguese white pitcher Alejandro bought for me on a visit to my daughter Sofia.

I love the salad plates at your left and the new bowls with a fish in it. I used all white dinner plates paired with pewter chargers.

The big salad bowl at your right.

We will have soup in the bowls first, as an entree, since mother loves soup!

My house doesn't look Christmasy anymore...yupii! (I'm exausted from putting it away, though!)

A blue combo of French, German and English elements, on top of a pretty Ecuadorian hand made tray linen.
The teaset is also ready for tea and dessert for after lunch.

Little fish S&P shakers for $2,50 on sale.
The amber stems are Italian.

Thank you for your wonderful comments sweet friends, as you always make my day!

Thanking the gracious hostesses for having me at their great parties!

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  1. Such a beautiful table...I love the dishes and tea set is gorgeous!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. Fabby- What a GORGEOUS table...starting with the floral arrangement (which I absolutely LOVE) right down to the new pieces you bought. Unbelievable prices on those! Your Mother should feel like royalty sitting at that table.

    Hey- not only are you cute you can cook, too!;>) Love ya- Diana

  3. Hi lovely lady.
    Your tablescape is beautiful loving your gorgeous dishes with the fish on them.. The Centerpiece with the mix flowers are also beautiful. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape. Hoping you have a wonderful week with your family.

  4. Your new fish dishes are really sweet, Fabby. I like the pastel fish on them. I also like the red and white table linens. It is a really pretty table setting and I'm sure your mother will enjoy her visit and lunch with you. Hugs, Pamela

  5. Fabby, Have you heard this before, 'Gone Fishin' instead of just a wishin' !!!

    Your lovely table has a lot of character.

    Winter blessings to you,

  6. Hola, Fabby. Feliz año nuevo a ti y tu familia! What a lovely table you've set (as always). This one is particularly sweet--it looks just perfect for a mother! And those fish pieces are soooo cute! Just love them. I wish you a very nice day tomorrow. ~Zuni

  7. I had to come look how pretty a table for a trout lunch would look the Fabby way. Fabulous as usual!

  8. Your mother is going to be happy with this cheerful setting. The flowers are gorgeous in your new white pitcher. Enjoy your lunch of trout. '-)

  9. Dearest Fabby,
    You always manage to whip up a dream with the most delicious foods and for the eye the most breathtaking table setting!
    Love the way your keen eye for styling picked up the subtle colors of the fish china and reflected that into the colors of your fresh flowers! Bravo for that.
    Oh, those Fleur-de-Lys on that big white pitcher are gorgeous!
    And what is most striking with your blue porcelain, is that hand made Ecuadorian tray linen.
    Hats off again!

  10. I have never seen a trout lunch set. It looks so fabulous. The tea set is amazing. Fabby, you have such beautiful dishes. Have a good time with your Mother. Blessings to you both, Martha

  11. Your mother will be delighted! What a fun table, so cheery and bright. The details are wonderful, as usual. Have a nice lunch!

  12. What a beautiful place setting! How wonderful it is that you have a meal with your mother every week.

  13. What a perfect setting for salmon trout - which by the way sounds perfectly delicious!

  14. Hi Fabby, Your table is gorgeous. I just love your fish dishes. The colors you pulled together are perfect. Beautiful flower centerpiece. Your mother is going to so enjoy her Wednesday with you and the wonderful lunch you have planned. Enjoy your time together.

    Thank you for stopping by and you kind comment.
    Wishing you a very happy new year.

  15. Fabby, what a beautiful table. I love every detail. Love your trout dishes and the shapes are beautiful. Your flowers are especially lovely and the amber stemware is delightful.
    Have a blessed day, Ginger

  16. What a cute table, Fabby. I love the blue and white tea set! Thank you for sharing and coming to tea. Enjoy your lunch today with your mother!


  17. Oh Fabby! That is a gorgeous table setting! The flowers are stunning in color. The fish dishes perfect for your lunch with your mum. Such a cheery setting.

  18. What a refreshing table, Fabby! The flowers are so fresh and gorgeous. Your mom is so lucky to have you pamper her. Beautiful fish dishes! Your menu sounds delicious. I am having a luncheon with some friends here at home today too, will post the table for next week. Enjoy your lunch...Christine

  19. What a delightful and fun tablescape. You certainly got some great bargains...gotta love those bargains!

    Thank you for sharing this at What We Accomplished Wednesdays!

    Happy New Year!

  20. What a great buy Fabby, that set is perfect! Love eating fish and we make it a point to have it at least 3x a week. I also love the red check tablecloth pattern on your table, perfect! I'm in to blue & white too so I'm jealous with your German set - soooo pretty!

  21. What a great buy Fabby, that set is perfect! Love eating fish and we make it a point to have it at least 3x a week. I also love the red check tablecloth pattern on your table, perfect! I'm in to blue & white too so I'm jealous with your German set - soooo pretty!

  22. I love the fish dishes! And the touches of red! Happy Rednesday!

  23. What a pretty table! Love the dishes
    So glad you could joinme for Rednesday!

  24. Hi Fabby, I am so glad you shared your tablescape at The Party On The Porch! You set a beautiful table. I think the fish plates are perfect and your fresh flowers are gorgeous. Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch P.S. Pinned it to my tablescape board.

  25. What a beautiful table and all your decor is lovely! Love the blue teapots!

  26. Hi,your posts are so beautiful, I'm your new follower! :)

  27. So very wonderful! I'm impressed with all you are showing us! Glad to find you!

  28. Fabby, what amazing fish dishes! I love their unusual shape, and the design is appealing, too. Your gorgeous flowers really make the table extra-special!

  29. Hi Fabby, I love your new additions to your fabulous fish dish set. They are so cute. Your table is so beautiful and colorful. I love trout. Dianne

  30. Love the fish settings! So pretty,
    tomorrow is Friday, ... fish anyone?
    I'm free!

  31. Fabby. You set such a pretty table. The tablecloth and the red and white napkins compliment the trout plates beautifully. The flower arrangement is gorgeous too!

  32. Fabby, this is the perfect table setting for a fish dinner. It's so wonderful that you are able to spend every Weds. with your sweet mother. I'm sure she appreciates all the work you do to make it special for her! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


  33. Oh so beautiful and the table near the window makes it all the more vibrant.Love the fish finished dishes and the flowers are so pretty.Happy week end to you.Love and hugs....Sujatha..:):)

  34. Oh Fabby you always do the most wonderful tablescapes. I love this one and the dishes are so perfect. Hope your weekend is wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  35. Beautiful table and colorful Fabby!!



  36. Hello Fabby,just copy my URL and paste it on "add" section: http://ninasrecipes4u.blogspot.com/
    thank you for your lovely comment and for following back!
    Kiss! :)

  37. Hi Fabby! How did I miss this post? I guess I've been too busy. Well, the table looks marvelous and I love those precious fish dishes you found. The little s&p are perfect. Your flowers are beautiful too. You are such a sweet daughter and I know your mother cherishes you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  38. Fabby, I love your fish dishes and you found some really great deals. This like all of your table settings is so pretty. You are one great designer and I love your colors. You work things together and they always look so beautiful! I am so glad you and your Mother get together every week. I love it enjoy your time with her!

  39. Fabby, this is just so perfect. I love the little dishes to go along with your trout lunch, and all the blue settled around makes me feel very January-ish. Like you, I have all my Christmas stuff put away, and I have to tell you that it just feels GOOD to have a clean house

    Loved that tea set in the biggest way. The blues are stunning to me.

  40. I am a wee bit envious of your gift of having lunch with your mother every Wednesday. My mother will arrive for her visit here on February 9th, and we will have lots of time together. I'm sure your mother must have smiled when she saw your table - so cheery and bright, with the promise of delicious trout to make the picture complete.

  41. So fun! I love that your mom comes for lunch. What a great tradition. I am excited to be featuring your tablescape on Tickled Pink Tomorrow night.
    Can't wait to see even more creativity from you :)

  42. You AMAZE me, Fabby! What a wonderful setting for your lunch! What a treat it must be to have lunch or dinner at your house. You are really a gifted hostess--thanks for being such an inspiration!

  43. I saw you featured at Meegan Makes and had to come over. I love those fish dishes! My husband is a fisherman and I think he'd love to eat a meal at your table. And what fantastic prices for them, too!
    Debbie :)


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