Monday, January 6, 2014

FABBY: Past Tables for Three Kings Day

Hello sweet friends!

     Ok, here we are back to normal starting a new year, which of course, I wish the best for all of you, your families and may God bless all of us and this difficult world we live in.

I'm hosting a "Gringa Tea" this Wednesday, so I haven't taken down my holiday decor, as is like a 'belated C'mas Tea.' Therefore, I'm posting two past tablescapes for today's Three Kings Day celebration in many countries, such as Spain, the Philippines, Cuba and others, because I'm busy cooking and cleaning for the tea party.

When I came to live here in Cuenca-Ecuador in 1975, almost 39 years ago, I met some wonderful American ladies that took me in and showed me the ropes in my new home.
They used to make 'Gringa Teas' and that's why the tradition and we all still host and that's why the 'name,' lol! There are soo many American ladies retiring here now and I'm friends with some of them.  A few of the ladies I know are in the States for the C'mas holidays so some couldn't make it. I will post that later in the week.

Here are my past two Three Kings Day tables from 2012 and 2013.






My daughter Alexandra Christmas Eve 2013 at our house.

Victoria, Sofia and Cayetana all dressed up for Christmas Eve 2013.
My little Cayetana at the beach the week before New Year's Eve, where they like to spend the last week of the year.

JANUARY 6, 2013.


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  1. Love both tables Fabby and good luck with your Gringa tea! Your daughters and grand daughters are just gorgeous! Are they models? I think they are, if they aren't they should be! take after their unica mama!

  2. What a beautiful family you have and your tea sounds like so much fun. xo Laura

  3. What a nice tradition, Fabby! Have a wonderful week! Dee :)

  4. Oh Fabby,

    Your family is so very beautiful! I love your idea of celebrating Three Kings Day with a tablescape.

    I loaded in your photo for you. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  5. Well, I had to come by to see what you are up to...what a wonderful tradition you have going on there. I love it, Fabby, and so wished I lived closer and could be part of the festivities (provided I was invited, of course).

    Your family is just gorgeous- every single one of them..well, how could they NOT be gorgeous with a beautiful Mom (you) and handsome dad (hubby). I know that you realize how very, very blessed you are to have such a wonderful family, home and life.

    Happy King's Day to you! xo Diana

  6. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family, Fabby. Thanks for sharing your Three Kings Day festivities. Blessings, Pamela

  7. What a wonderful tradition, Fabby. I am sure that your teas are always lovely!! Your three Kings tables are beautiful and how nice to have another reason to celebrate! It is always fun to see your gorgeous family, too!

  8. Hello Fabby....Looks like a wonderful time for all. Thank you for sharing.

    Hope your new year is filled with all good things! Susan

  9. Looks lovely. Thanks for sharing with us at Turn It Up Tuesday.

  10. I love the Three Kings Day tradition and wish we did it here in the states. My husband tells wonderful tales of feasting, parades and families celebrating from when he lived in Spain. Your table and your family are beautiful.
    Happy New Year!

  11. Hi Fabby, how beautiful both you tables look! Thanks for sharing them and Happy New Year!

  12. What a wonderful tradition! Hope you and your friend have lots of fun at your tea. I'm wishing you and your family MANY blessings in this new year!!

  13. Beautiful daughters and granddaughter! Family tradition is so wonderful. I hope you and you family have a great year in 14!

  14. Love your little tablescape, your tradition and I love your 3 Kings. But I love your family the most. They are all so beautiful. How did you get Alexandra's pearl in her ring twinkle? Hi twin!...Christine

  15. I've had such a lovely catch-up on your posts, Fabby - beautiful tables, every one of them.
    Your mother shares a birthday with my husband. We, too, had a wonderful celebration on the 27th of December.
    What beautiful daughters and granddaughters you have!

  16. What a wonderful tradition and especially you're hosting a tea party with good friends to celebrate. Can't wait to see pictures of this celebration.

    Your family is beautiful !

  17. I was going to leave a message saying I hoped that The Three Maggi (I prefer thinking they were Wise and not "only" Kings ;) ahahahah) left a bountiful of Blessings by your place... but then I see your lovely family's pictures and I realise they don't pass, they have you under their protection and the blessing is you in our Lives - with your sharings, your constant support, the way you honor all your blessings in every post you make. Sometimes it's Dear Mother's Heirlooms and Gifts, others the mention to Alejandro bottomless heart, others the kindness and love that trsnpire in yyour daughters and granddaughters. Yes, you are the Blessing The Maggi make sure we have.
    Thank you!!!

  18. Happy New Year!
    What a pretty table and beautiful family. Thanks so much for coming be and brightening Rednesday

  19. Happy New Year!
    What a pretty table and beautiful family. Thanks so much for coming be and brightening Rednesday

  20. Oh Fabby! I love that German blue and white coffee pot. I have the matching sugar and creamer set. We would make a great team. XO

  21. Fabby,
    Love your celebration of The Three Kings!! So sweet!!
    And your family is drop dead gorgeous! I know who they all take after!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!



  22. You always do things with beautiful.God bless the sujatha...:):)

  23. Beautiful! I'm glad you shared with Turn it Tuesdays!

  24. Hello Fabby, these are marvelous! I it is wonderful to look back - you do tablescapes so beautifully! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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