Sunday, October 13, 2013

FABBY: Pendant Lamp Above the Breakfast Table

Hello sweet friends!

   We've been waiting to hang the 'perfect pendant lamp' above our alabaster breakfast table for a long time now and really never found one that would not clash with the the antique Italian chandy we have now in the formal area of the dining room. We have gone to the Antique shop a couple of times before looking for one and to other stores, but to no avail.

While we were in Guayaquil for our little Victoria's First Communion Alejandro went in our Sil's and daughter Sofia's store, where they have some European modern lighting and others as well. They both are designers for home lighting and 'intelligent homes' and cater to private residences and businesses as well. Ok, to make the story short; we've had an standing, or floor lamp,  a modern style in our breakfast area with a faceted sphere, very ethereal....and hubby found the 'very same one' in the pendant style we needed and here you have it...'the perfect hanging lamp for our breakfast area!' 
Hope you like it too.

Here it is pretty and perfect, such a very 'ethereal sphere' with facets all around the sides, which I had to clean each one to assembled it while hubby worked on the ceiling part.

Here is how it looked Before, only with a 'dichroic' lighting in the ceiling.

...and here she is now, our new "perfect sphere pendant lamp," which is also a set with the standing, floor lamp we've had for three years in our home.

Although the photo is somewhat dark, you can appreciate the two of them pretty close together in the same room. In this photo you can tell that the hanging sphere is larger than the floor one.

Here you can see how the modern sphere of the hanging lamp doesn't clash, or compete with the antique chandy, as it is also translucent. We thought about this detail previously too, because our breakfast table is adjacent to the formal dining area. 
This is how I keep my formal dinner table for Fall; when I'm not tablescaping. The tobacco color runner was crocheted by my mother several years ago.

Honoring the ladies in the world that are battling Breast Cancer and for the ones that are Breast Cancer free right now. Our prayers are with them and for a cure...ASAP!!!

Royal Albert's October teacup and saucer. October is 'Breast Cancer' awareness month.

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 This picture is better as you can appreciate both lamps; the standing one next to the Antique
 Belgium buffet and now the pendant one above the breakfast table. I'm loving this touch of eclecticism here!

We love the contrast these two make, as they're so modern in this breakfast area, where I have two antique and more classic European buffet pieces, along with antique Dutch chairs too and an alabaster table, all the furniture here so much more traditional and classic!

I must add that the hanging lamp's sphere is larger, as opposed to the standing lamp, although in the photo they look almost the same size. 

Thank you for your sweet and kind visits my friends, as you always make my day!

Thanking the ladies that host such great parties each week for having me too.


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  1. Fabby, I love this pendant. It is gorgeous. How wonderful your husband found it. It is perfect for your table.

  2. You are right! The simple, but beautiful lines of the modern sphere don't compete with the gorgeous antique chandelier. Blessings!

  3. Hi Fabby! Your new pendant lamp is so lovely! I've never seen anything like it before and you even have the standing lamp too! It's so simple but so elegant at the same time. Your home is so beautiful and you have the most beautiful things. Hope your weekend is going well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. That is amazing, Fabby, that you found a chandelier to go with your lamp. It looks wonderful in the space and does not detract at all from your beautiful crystal chandelier. I love, love the chairs that you have at your breakfast table. I would love to steal them away - lol!!

  5. Fabby,
    They look perfect!! Love them!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  6. How very unique and lovely. As usual, your decorating choices and style are impeccable!

  7. Fabby, Finalmente tengo el tiempo para ver todo lo que has hecho estos ultimos dias. Me encanta tu nueva lampara, yo tambien tiendo a decorar en una forma tradicional con ciertos acentos mas modernos. Yo creo que va perfectamente con ese bello chandelier!

  8. Fabby, How great that you were able to find a matching pendant. I love the look of both of them in the breakfast area. Love the way your formal table looks too. Very nice!!

  9. I love your lamps and chandelier FABBY! They are so beautiful! I like how you have arranged everything. Really lovely. Thanks for sharing on Creative Monday.

  10. Oh Fabby, how lucky you are to find a pendant light right in your daughter's shop and a perfect match. It looks beautiful over your table and with it's matching sister floor lamp. Your chandy over your dining room table is just gorgeous.

  11. Oh, Isn't that beautiful? It is gorgeous on its own but does not steal the show from the beautiful chandelier. Great find and I can't believe it matches the floor lamp! How great is THAT! xo Diana

  12. How beautiful! All of your lighting choices are amazing.
    Lighting is one of my favorite things but it is so hard to find unique things where I live.

    Enjoyed visiting!
    White Spray Paint blog

  13. I LOVE the pendant. It is placed perfectly. xo, Ron

  14. It's perfect, querida Fabby! I can't believe how it matches the floor version! Isn't it always worth the wait?! I wish you many warm family meals there. :) Carinos a ti y tu familia siempre, ~Zuni

  15. Love it Fabby! Love the fact that it is so unexpected too since your space is classic and traditional, I love how this new light fixture brings in a little bit of eclectic feel!!!!!

  16. You know what? I started reading the post and in my head I was " Fabby's for chandeliers" :) but then I marvelled at the beauty of the piece. I guess that's it - when is right is right and this is for you. Though modern looking it's not one of those crazyness - I doubt SIL and Sofia would have in in store - that would have us gasp in "what got into fabby?" mode ahahahaha
    I love it. I love the piece in itself - is one of those pieces that could "move" around your enchanting home and still fit - and how it looked in that lovely breakfast nook.
    Great finding Alessandro and Fabby! Another souvenir of a Blessed Occasion.
    Wishing you a lovely week,

  17. Forgot to add: I Love your mother's tobacco color runner. I love crochet but somehow stay away from playing with colors... silly me. That one looks like liquid gold. Which in fact it is.

  18. Oh how beautiful. I love it and such a perfect choice. Plenty of sparkle and glam without competing with the chandy at all. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  19. Fabby, I absolutely LOVE it! Very unique and I love it with the ornate Italian one

  20. Everything... just perfect and I love the classiness.

    Happy week.

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  21. Fabby, your new fixture is the perfect compliment to the standing lamp. So happy that you found it. I love the crystal chandy too. I always have a soft spot for those. Your pink October teacup and teapot are lovely and perfect for my Pink Tea Party. Thank you, my friend, for sharing and and coming to tea. Enjoy your week.


  22. What an amazing marriage of designs. Everything looks lovely.

    Jocelyn @

  23. Absolutely beautiful! I love your windows and that view!! The window treatment looks interesting too! Your home is simply chock full of 'eye candy!'

  24. It is so a dream!
    Not only does it complement the chandelier, but it has an ethereal glow of its own.

    Thanks for visiting me!


  25. Hi Fabby, I love everything about your house and all the lighting is just stunning and beautiful. You have a way with decorating and setting a beautiful table and entertaining. I could go on and on about everything! Take care and have a wonderful week. I saw it on kathe with an e.
    Julie from

  26. Fabby, It is such a delight to visit your beautiful home. The spherical pendant light is a perfect touch to illuminate your breakfast table. How lucky you were to find a fixture that so closely matches your floor lamp. Eclectic and perfect. Love it. Have a wonderful day!


    PS, The view from your window is gorgeous.

  27. Fabby your pendant lamp is stunning! The perfect compliment to your beautiful home :-)

  28. Hi Fabby, what an elegant pair of lighting. Truly good things come to those who wait. I love your fall table scape, so colourful and creative. Your home is full of treasure.

    Thank you dear friend for sharing your home.



  29. Hola! me gustó la lámpara pero lo que me encantó es la hermosa vista qué tienes desde tu comedor!! wow!!

  30. How lucky to find that pendant lamp. It's perfect. Looks like Alejandro has the same eye as you have when it comes to spotting treasures. You have a beautiful home and your teapot is gorgeous...Christine

  31. AND >>HOW VERY FABBY your sphere is...It matches perfectly ...Fabby Fabby... You work magic with your elegance sense of decor....Hugs

  32. Love your new light, Fabby! Hope all is well with you.

  33. Love your new pendant light ! Your view is gorgeous ! Love that dough bowl filled with fall goodies too !

  34. Fabby that is a gorgeous lamp! Love it! Thanks for sharing at TTF!

  35. Both lamps are gorgeous! The view out the window is just stunning! So glad we caught a glimpse of that too!

  36. Oh I love your "October" RA cup! That is one of my favorite in the series.
    Your new lamp works well with your other one. Now you can sit and enjoy the beauty!

  37. So pretty Fabby! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  38. It's always worth waiting to find just the perfect pieces for our homes. The pendant is superb. I love the one shot of them reflected in the window. It looked like they were actually hanging in the heavens with the stars. Your harvest centerpiece is gorgeous. I need to remember to pull out my dough bowl for one of my Autumn tablescapes. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  39. You're always welcome at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  40. Fabby, your new pendant is very unusual. Goes so very nicely in your room. A very beautiful addition to your lovely home my friend! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  41. Happy Birthday tomorrow then! You make 60 look fabulous - oh, that's right - FABBY!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday. So glad I read that tonight.

  42. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Soul!
    I am so GLAD you were born!

    Please enjoy your day!



  43. Looks like the perfect choice!

  44. Oh how perfect! It is beautiful in the space, and one thing I like about it being so modern, it doesn't distract from the gorgeous chandelier in over your formal dining table. It's simple lines are so pretty. You did great! laurie

  45. Oh, Fabby - that light is glamorous - perfect for your home! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  46. I love your floor lamp and pendant. They are so beautiful. I don't know how I missed this post but the lamp looks great with the antiques. Actually, they are a perfect compliment.
    Love to you, Ginger


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