Monday, August 5, 2013

FABBY: DIY Cake Stands

Hello sweet friends!

   Hope you're all enjoying Summer time and specially the weekends.

I don't often DIY things because I guess I have enough stuff already around my house...but the other day I was cleaning and fixing some of my kitchen cabinets and I found this beautiful, blue Italian crystal round platter I had and used many, many years ago, as my only cake plate. 

 I also ran into my Mil's pretty forgotten cake plate and small bowl and ideas popped into my mind.  Here they 'cake plates with pedestals' and now I will have more use for both of them!

So there!...I hope you like them too.

The blue cobalt crystal plate is Italian from many years ago. I had a small and simple glass cobalt blue bowl which I used for the stand. The clear one was my Mil's, and a set with the small bowl, which I glued on too and made the other stand. 

The glue I used on the bowls and onto the plates, was 'epoxy' glue, (like here) and left it over night to ensure success.

The plates with the bowls glued on with epoxy-glue and left overnight.

Here is the cobalt blue pedestal cake stand.

The clear glass one is perfect as the bowl and plate were a set.
I love it now with my blue and white china.

The clear is very versatile too.

...and here you have them , my DIYed cake plates with pedestals.

Thank you for your sweet and kind visits my friends, as you always make my day!

Thank you lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your wonderful parties.


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  1. Oh Fabby, I love them both. The cut crystal is such a pretty design and your cobalt blue is simply stunning. Both look so much nicer on a stand. Great job. Thanks also for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


  2. They look so beautiful... What an idea Fabby.Love the blue dish as well the white transparent one.You have created two beautiful wares which will adore your table.Love your bay window and the view outside.The flower arrangement is so pretty.Lots of love and hugs from Sujatha here wishing you a beautiful morning...:):):)

  3. Good Afternoon Fabby, What a lovely idea. I would never have thought to glue bowls and plates together..... it is a wonderful idea.
    I shall be looking at my plates and bowls with a different "eye" now, although I must not get too excited and glue together all my plates and bowls as there will be nothing left to eat our meals off (only joking).
    Thank you for such a good idea.
    Best Wishes

  4. Fabulous Fabby! I have to try this once my life is back to 'normal'!! Love the blue one the most!

  5. I love them both...couldn't chose a favorite even if you gave me that cute cupcake bank...:))

  6. Dearest Fabby,
    Those little plates were for both cake plates the perfect match. Epoxy glue is a great product. Husband Pieter used Epoxy for years to fix our wooden balusters on the balcony; stretching their life-expectancy. Smart for letting it set over night.
    The end result is lovely; love both of them and cannot really tell 'which' would be my favorite...

  7. I love the deep blue cobalt blue color, Fabby. You even found a candle in the same color....Christine

  8. That seems so simple, but I would have NEVER thought of it! Brilliant!

  9. These are both beautiful! What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful! Well done Fabby! I too am not a DIY gal but I sure admire those that are. The cobalt blue is stunning and I love the soft blue and whites too. Happy Monday!

  11. I do love cobalt blue glass!

    As soon as I leave this comment, I'll fix your link; you left off the photo again.

    Have a good Blue Monday, Fabby.

  12. What a great idea, Fabby! They are both so pretty!!

    Hope you have a fabulous week!

  13. I too love cake plates and have 13 glass ones - vintage. I have to slap my hands now! Love your table setting Fabby as it is FAB-u-lous as usual!

  14. Fabby these are wonderful cake plates. You did a wonderful job putting them together.

  15. Oh, Fabby, what great ideas you share today to make cake pedestal stands! I love the way yours turned out, so beautiful and useful! I'll try to make one myself (I think I have the necessary raw material :))
    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week!

  16. Fabby,
    These are just adorable! I've done the ones with the slender candle holders as the pedestal, but I'm liking yours with the bowl much better! Gotta do this!

  17. How pretty and clever too. Happy Blue Monday!

  18. This is such a great idea. I broke my green Depression Glass cake stand, I have never recovered. Your blue creation is gorgeous.

  19. They're both so beautiful- I can't decide which one I like best! I've seen this done with candlestick holders as the pedestal, but I really like how you used bowls!

  20. Very clever, Fabby! These are the perfect size and height for tea time. '-)

  21. GREAT idea, Fabby. I have never seen epoxy glue in a duo tube like that- what a great idea!!! I love that blue with all your blue and white china and the crystal one is gorgeous, too. And here you didn't think you were a DIYourselfer! xo Diana

  22. These look wonderful, and I especially love the cobalt with your blue and white. I have been eyeing a couple of things I have that look a bit "orphaned" and thinking about marrying them! I just might give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. I love to do this, and yours inspire me because they are so beautiful!!

    I am a big believer that stuff just looks better on a pedestal.

  24. Oh, these are too cute, Fabby! I'll be shopping at a few antique malls with a friend in a couple of weeks, and maybe I can find some supplies to make one!

    They are both so pretty!

  25. Ciao Fabby,che belle alzatine!Belle anche le tazze!Buon mese di agosto!Baci,Rosetta

  26. What an elegant idea for serving plates! I love cobalt blue glass and have blue onion china. Your settings are so pretty.

    I have seen this idea applied to fancy glass from thrift stores to make three dimensional flowers for the garden. First a bowl, then a plate, then you put a bud vase on the back and slip the neck onto rebar, either straight or bent, to make a glass flower.

  27. Fabby, you are the clever one! I love that you found the two cobalt pieces to glue together. I am sure you will used these cake stands over and over! Great job!

  28. very creative Fabby! I would be tempted to only temporarily secure them so that the little bowl could still be used separately. Cheers

  29. Fabby, what a great idea! And what a wonderful way to display your sentimental pieces! They are beautiful!

  30. Fabby this is a clever idea. What a great way to use extra plates and bowls. My favorite is the cut crystal. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Que tengas una bonita semana...


  31. Very pretty! Your photos and vignettes are wonderful too!!

  32. I've done a few of these - but now I must find some cobalt to try - that is absolutely GORGEOUS Fabby!!!

  33. I had already fallen in love with the cobalt one on a previous post, and now you've given me another cake stand to love. Both of these look beautiful, and I may just have to look around in my cabinets for some pieces to put together. Thank you for inspiring me. laurie

  34. I love it! That cobalt blue is just gorgeous. I'll have to see what pieces I can marry together!

  35. The cake stands are really a great idea. Your blue transferware is amazing.

  36. What a fabulous idea. Here are mine if you care to check them out

  37. love these Fabby, I have been thinking about making some for a while, just never seem to get around to it! Love the blue one, it looks fabulous with your china!
    Very clever and crafty!

  38. How cool is this! The pieces look like they were made for each other. You are so clever. I love the cobalt on with the blue china and I also love that cut glass blue and crystal water pitcher.
    I was reading and waiting to see what kind of glue to use. I am going to be roaming around the house looking for things to create.

  39. Hello Fabby, wonderful craft project - these are beautiful! LOVE the cobalt blue color and that these are low cake plates - you've done a marvelous job! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  40. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  41. The perfect cake stands! Love them! And that blue is beautiful!!

    Melissa @ Shabby Love

  42. Nice photos.
    Keep up the good work.
    Nice blog on Cake stands.


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