Saturday, June 1, 2013

FABBY: "My Favorite Artwork"

Hello dear Alyson and sweet friends!

Here I am joining this great and really fun party, I always look so forward to Alyson's  challenge ideas for "Favorites on the First," as it's always so enjoyable and interesting to see what we all come up with and this one is great, about our favorite artwork at home. Although I have many paintings and favorites.. and it was very difficult for me to choose a few, I certainly did. Hope you like them too.

The beautiful calla oil painting at your left was made by a famous uncle of Alejandro, Luis Crespo O., who died in Spain in 2004 at almost 100 years old. 

Here is my very favorite right now, as it was painted by my sweet Mr. Living and dedicated to me for Mother's Day 2013. I'm waiting for his signature to dry so I can take it to frame it with something gorgeous.
Another beautiful painting by Alejandro's uncle, which I keep in the dining room and I need to change the frame to something more modern and elegant.

Although Luis Crespo O. has incredibly beautiful painting he has done, we are crazy about this one with the sunflowers and so much pink!

Alejandro's grandfather, Roberto Crespo, also the father of the artist Luis Crespo and he himself is a famous personality here in Cuenca-Ecuador because he brought the light around turn of the past century and I also heard he went to the USA to do the business. We keep this oil portrait in our den.

This is also by a famous lady artist from Ecuador who painted ladies from the 50's and 60's, Jackie Kennedy type, and she also adds to them flowers or dogs sometimes, and in this case she painted our beloved pug Ben, when he was that Ben is dead, the painting is so much more special to us.
The artist's name is Adela Tobar Eastman...I'm sure you can check her out in Internet.

This oil portrait of our granddaughters when they were very young, was painted by a young discapasitated artist, who has become famous all over Latin America and maybe Europe, since he has won many awards and first places in many countries, because he has no hands and paints with his "mouth." I placed the link here so you can check this special artist. My Mil when she was alive, promoted his talent because this boy was the son of her cleaning lady. Isn't Santiago Guillermo amazing and so talented..and with his mouth!!!

I have these two French collages so near to my heart because I bought them in Paris when I was single and went all over Europe. They're painted on French newspaper and back than I bought a boy and a girl;  assuming I'd have a boy and a girl when I got married; but no, God gave us two lovely girls, instead lol.. I did keep them in their rooms just the same.

The last painting is an antique, of course; Colonial Virgin Mary, with original frame and all, that my Mil gave us when we first got married, back in 1975, so I've always had it for 38 years now and I love her. The right end of the frame is broken, but I have the piece, I have to take it so it gets restored professionally, as I never could glue it on!

Here you have some of my favorite paintings from my house and I'm thanking lovely Alyson for her terrific party: FAVORITES ON THE FIRST at,  and I can't wait to go visit the friends that have join today!

Natasha for Say G'day Saturday at,


  1. What a fantastic collection of art! I love Mr. Living's painting best. How special! :D I also love the one in the dining room and the sunflowers in pink! I love them all, really.

    Does Mr. paint using a palette knife? I love the way the petals look on the painting.

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  2. Fabby, it's a treat to see some of the art in your collection. Mr. Living's work is special! Alejandro;s uncle is very talented. I like his work with the bold colors, and am also fond of Adela Eastman's style. Your pieces from Paris are sweet and unusual. Isn't it fun to have treasures purchased from our travels?
    Thanks for sharing the beauty! ~ Sarah

  3. Oh Fabby, I love art of all kind..... and you have a fabulous collection of so many beautiful pieces!

    Wow, isn't it amazing that someone could paint so beautifully with their mouth!

    Hugs to you my sweet friend!!

  4. Dearest Fabby,
    Wow, that Uncle was a great painter; judging by the almost picture clear portrait of his Father!
    Love your entire collection, maybe less the pink sunflower painting. A strange twist to it.
    And the last one is incredible of course and even the framing is art in itself!
    Sure, your dear husband made a lovely bouquet for your 2013 Mother's Day. Very sweet.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Your artwork is amazing, Fabby. I love to see original artwork in a home. I love the painting of your hubby's ancestor-what a treasure. The picture of your grandkids by that artist that paints with his mouth is amazing! Unbelievable talent. Hope you have a wonderful xo Diana

  6. Fabby, you have some wonderful artworks in your home. The one by your husband is very beautiful and I'm sure the most special to your heart. Pamela

  7. Hi Fabby!

    (Loving that new photo up in the right hand corner with you and your gorgeous girls! Such a beautiful trio!)

    Your paintings are ALL wonderful, each in their own right. I am super impressed that your sweet hubby painted you a Mother's Day gift! How super thoughtful!!!

    I cannot get over the fact that your children's portrait was made by a man using his mouth. It almost looks like a photograph! WHAT talent!

    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely gallery with us all today.
    So much fun seeing and hearing about each piece.


  8. Love these bold and eclectic works of art, the portraits are fantastic too!
    Best, Karolyn

  9. Dear Fabby,
    Thanks for telling us more about the uncle and showing more paintings. I really like the use of colors and the style of the paintings.
    Love the calla lilies one and the lady one. red and golden colors-- i can smell Spain lol.


  10. You have some amazing artwork Fabby-what a gorgeous collection!

    Thanks so much for joining the Say G'day Saturday party. Hope to see you again this weekend!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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