Tuesday, June 4, 2013

FABBY: Florida, Here We Come!

Hello sweet friends!

Our son in law is taking a short course for his business in Orlando, therefore, we have taken advantage and are going for two weeks to Miami and Orlando, with our grandgirls who will go to Disney World with us, for which you can imagine how happy and excited, "Abe Fabby and Taita Alejandro" are!

I will be out of blogland for two weeks and I'm saying goodby until than and will be commenting and catching up with everyone when I get back home.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Father's Day, to all the dear "gramps and dads" in your families.

                                                                     LUV YA,

Don't forget me now!

The cyclamen always blooms beautifully by my kitchen window, that's why I wanted to leave you for now, with a pretty sight.

Thanking you lovely ladies for visiting me, even though I will not be here, as we are leaving tomorrow early for a three hour drive to Guayaquil, Ecuador where our daughter Sofia and family will meet us and we'll part together for Florida from there...at least I'll be in the USA, a little closer to you, my friends!

See you in two weeks!

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  1. Thank you for your love and affection...I was little busy since it's a holiday season here.i am going to miss you now..nice to hear you are going on a holiday.Have all the fun with your G-daughters.That's going to be great.wishing you a wonderful trip.well i love your kitchen too...Take care..Bye...Love..Sujatha...:):)

  2. Why-you silly girl- we would NEVER forget YOU!!! We'll be waiting for you to get back. Have fun with your grandkids and enjoy Disney. I will be headed to the shore with the little girls in a few days myself. I can't wait- xo Diana

  3. Have a wonderful time Fabby! I know you will enjoy the time with your granddaughters and son. See you when you get back. Blessings. Pam

  4. I wish you a great holiday time with your little girls in Florida.
    "See" you soon.

  5. How fun. I hope you have a super time. Sounds like so much fun and Disney World will be great. I am visiting friends and my son in Oregon, so I am having a super vacation too. Enjoy, can't wait to hear all about it. Hugs, Marty

  6. Forget you?? Ha!! Not gonna happen! Have fun, relax, play, nap, have an extra glass of wine, all of it! Come back to us rested and recharged dear friend!! I can't wait to hear your lovely stories :-)

  7. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Enjoy every second!

  8. How fun Fabby. Have a great time in Florida.

  9. Oh Fabby! I am thrilled for you and your family trip. May you have a safe and joyful experience.

  10. I'm so excited for you, Fabby. Wish that I were on my way to Disney World, too. We could meet for lunch. Be sure to have breakfast with the characters at the Floridian...and dinner there with Cinderella and the Prince. Ooooh...you're going to have so much fun! Cherry Kay

  11. Bonjour ma chère fabby,
    Je suis très heureuse pour toi d'apprendre cette belle nouvelle...
    Je sais que tout sera formidable et quel merveilleux partage.
    J'ai hâte de te lire, mais en attendant profitez tous de ce magnifique moment qui vous est donné !...
    Gros bisous

  12. O, dear one, have a wonderful time on your vacation....and be safe.
    Love your beautiful flowers.
    xo bj

  13. What fun, have a wonderful time away!

  14. Have a great time! Will catch up with you soon Ms Fabby:)Enjoy your trip.

  15. Enjoy your trip to Florida, Fabby! I can't wait to read all about it. Love your pretty kitchen window with the blooming cyclamen. :D

    You'll only be one state away from me!

    Thanks for linking-up!


  16. Hope you have a wonderful time...with love Janice

  17. Dearest Fabby,
    Wow, you are still 3 hours away from Guayaquil, Ecuador... That's where I once was at the airport with my husband, on our way to Santiago, Chile.
    Have a safe trip and ENJOY your special Florida time. Wish we could go to Florida now so we could meet but we're still not through with our renovations.

  18. Have a wonderful time loving those children and grandchildren. Enjoy the sights too.

  19. Fabby,
    You know you are unforgettable! Look forward to hearing all about your wonderful trip!

  20. We love Disney! Enjoy your vacation!

  21. Have a great trip and lots of fun with the family. Hugs and safe trip!

  22. Have a wonderful time in Florida my friend, and say hi to Mickey Mouse for me! It will be so nice to experience it all with your granddaughters!

  23. How kind of the most beautiful granddaughters to put up with you and Alejandro and take time to enjoy Disney with you ;).

    Of course I'm thinking some one had to be with you and put some cold water in all that enthusiasm.

    What a wonderful idea. To take time to enjoy happy and fun filled times once again, together.

    Have Fun. Already miss you but smilling with my idea of you at Disney. Mickey won't know what hit him ahahahah

    Love you. Be Back soon and hillariously Happy!

  24. I hope you'll have a wonderful trip and a safe return. Until then !!!

  25. Have a fun and well-deserved trip to Florida! I really enjoyed the glimpses around your kitchen. More! More!

  26. Have an enjoyable safe trip, Fabby. I wish we could cross path somehow. Keep in touch!....Christine

  27. Have a grand time. No one could forget you, Fabby! Love seeing the vignettes and views of your kitchen. ;-)


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