Friday, February 1, 2013

FABBY: My Favorites on the First

Hello sweet friends!

How exciting.. today, February 1, 2013 is Favorites On The First, at The Polo House; where beautiful Alyson hostesses once a month, on the first, her great meme...and my contribution is a small collection of mostly Oriental boxes I love, as you all know, nothing better than little boxes, where we can store our treasures, although,  I include this small collection among my treasures. Here they are, I hope you like them. Thank you Alyson for hosting this great and fun party!
 Three Oriental boxes, the large one was a gift from my best friend Stephanie around five years ago for my birthday. The bronze box is a Chinese one with a sign on top and the last one is an antique, in wood also, that belonged to Alejandro's aunt.
 I love the larger one because it has two compartments to store silk scarfs.
 Here it is opened and Stephanie said she bought it at the China Town in fave town!

 Hubby gifted me with this pretty Indian wooden box with metal, and bone insets. The lacquered wooden small box at your right, was my Mil's.
The antique , hand decorated, "canphor Chinese chest", which are from the 18th. and 19th. century, is where I display these two boxes. I love this chest as is like a box in itself and I'm sure it's from the 19th. century too and it was a gift to my husband from his mother, several years ago.
 Here in our foyer's vintage, French table is another small box in porcelain and it's a special one for me... closest to my heart, as it was made back at our past Ceramic Co., Monte Turi.
 A better shot of the porcelain box with a pretty hand made orchid. I love it, as it was made back at hubby's ceramic co. and many, many years ago too. The stunning roses are from my Bil's rose farm, Altaflor.
Here you have small collection of boxes and I think I have somewhere a couple more.. and I hope I can add some more if I ever find something that catches my eye and screams...TAKE ME HOMEEeeeeee...

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Thank you gracious hostesses for your great parties!

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  1. Dearest Fabby,
    You have such an exquisite collection of boxes. Love the oriental ones with their incredible detail. Imagine how they created those. What a fabulous idea for storing silk scarves in them. A very considerate friend you have.
    Enjoy your treasures as each comes with a special story. This way, writing your blog, your daughters will know a lot about all your heirlooms. Fabulous Fabby...

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! Happy weekend! :)

  3. Beautiful boxes, Fabby. Yes, indeed, it is fun to have these little treasure to store more treasures. LOL
    Hope you have a terrific weekend........Sarah

  4. Hi Dear Fabby! Oh, what beautiful boxes you have and a lovely display! I ope you have a great weekend and I always love your visits.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. What beautiful boxes, Fabby, and I love the special meanings attached to them. They are wonderful. Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  6. I love boxes, too, Fabby and your collection is so special! Thank you for sharing them with us!!

  7. I've been missing you .... I've found I can't sit still long enough to read like I did before David died. However, I do want to stop in and check on you and all your beautiful creations and designs in your home.
    I love boxes too..... yours are so pretty. You're really blessed to have so many beautiful family heirlooms.

  8. All of your boxes (including the chest) are "fabby" as in "fabulous" just like you! My favorite one is the green Indian box that was a gift from your husband. I saw your post over at "Favorites On The First". I'm glad you decided to make a post for the par-tay!

  9. Fabby you know I'm a great lover of boxes. Yours my dear are stunning!
    I'd love to go rummaging in each and every one!

  10. Fabby, Your collection of boxes is lovely and a nice selection. I LOVE boxes of any kind..wood, especially. Your camphor chest is wonderful! I see you have roses and Valentine candy ready for Valentine's Day. Hugs and have a great weekend,

  11. Fabby your boxes are beautiful and each one distinctive. I have a similar one as your box from India. I hope you are doing well.

  12. Fabby your boxes are beautiful and each one distinctive. I have a box from India similar to the one you have. I hope you are doing well.


  13. Such lovely collection of boxes Fabby.Each has it"s own charm.My husband is lover of boxes and we have few to our collection.Happy week-end to you...Love sujatha...:):)

  14. Fabby - Your boxes are all charming, but I'm with you, I think my favorite is the white one! And, once again, I'm swooning in love with those roses! They are so beautiful!

  15. Beautiful boxes. My eye was drawn to your entry table. Love the - is it marble?

  16. Your boxes are all gorgeous! I love the little treasures that they are and that they can hold.
    Did I tell you that the Banana Cake was a hit here at my house? My hubby loved it, I made it for his birthday and I loved it, too, a little too much. I ate quite a bit of it myself. :) Thank you again for the recipe. I pinned it.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  17. Fabby, I love little boxes, too! Yours are beautiful. What can you tell me about the pretty dresser pieces in this post? I came across some of the same style at an auction, but I don't know anything about their origin.

  18. Fabby,
    What an exquisite collection of boxes, dear friend!!!
    My favorite is the one made in your past ceramics business! What a treasure to have something you designed and your husband made!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  19. Lovely flowers.

    Please come and peek at my PINK.
    Your comment is always a joy to read.

  20. Great collection Fabby! A significant percent of the population in my country is made of the Chinese community. So oriental boxes are very common here. You can find them almost everywhere. But the best has to be in those antique and cultural shops.

    You have a wonderful collection of boxes. More than the box itself, I guess the memories attributed on how you acquired each box is more priceless.

    Thank you for linking up.

  21. Hi Fabby!

    Your box collections are stunning. I am drooling over the large red trunk. Oh my heavens, that piece is spectacular!! What a lovely gift. Something to pass down forever.

    I thought of you last week, was in a floral shop and they had roses from Ecuador and I quickly asked, "who is your supplier there?!!" But they did not know! I thought maybe they came from your family's rose estate!

    Thanks so much for sharing these pieces. So lovely!


  22. I love beautiful hand painted boxes and have a few small ones. (I bought one yesterday!) The one for scarves is gorgeous and the big chest is a treasure. You have so many lovely things! Happy Sunday my friend!

  23. Wonderful collection! I have always had a thing for boxes, too, and I think they all need to have glass bottoms. I am forever putting things in them, and then I can't find the items I stashed in the boxes!LOL

  24. Wow Fabby, you really have a lovely collection. Each so ornately different. I too love any type of box. The older the better! lol! I need to remember to check out what Alison is featuring each month. Hopefully next month.

  25. Fabby que linda tu colección de ven muy encantadoras en tu decoración
    Muchos saludos

  26. What a neat collection! As always, it's great to have you at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. Very lovely! Such a stunning collection of treasures. HPS to you and enjoy your week! I appreciate your beautiful share!

  28. Oh, my, Fabby! Your oriental boxes are so lovely. You have such a sweet friend who loves sharing!

    I love your elegant lifestyle. This is such a pretty post, and the flowers are charming, too.

    Linking from The Polo House,
    Ricki Jill

  29. Hello mi preciousa?

    So much love in your home. I really do feel it.

    I can't believe that you are the only one I know in my blogielandia have so many beautiful heirlooms. Ahh... lucky you.

    I only have one :-)

    I love the roses and white/green is my fave. I will grab Mama guapita's recipe and love to try it.

    ENjoy your w/end my dear friend while I am still curing my 2 weeks old flu. It will never get cured. Demaciado frio en Suecia.

    Take car & hugs to you both.


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