Tuesday, January 8, 2013

FABBY: Belated Three Kings Day-Epiphany

This is a lacy-organza table topper, made in Spain. I usually place another color tablecloth underneath it, so it looks pretty under the lace. Today I just used it as is, in white.
I used my blue and white Onion pattern dishes in honor of The Three Kings. The tea set, the platter and the Kings are standing on my glass lacy-susan.
This is a lace and organza tablecloth made in Spain...which I'm also honoring the Spaniards, as January 6th., Kings Day is when the children in that country receive their presents from the Kings and not from Santa, lol.. Some countries in Latin America do too, like Cuba and in Ecuador that lasted until my mom's generation, I don't know when it started been C'mas Day. I understand the Philippines follow the Three Kings Day Epiphany too.
The sherbet is for a maracuya-sherbet, or passion fruit in English. Than we proceed to have tea with the honey goodies, with some cheese and marmalade.
My dear  "Sis in law" brought me this adorable sterling and porcelain sugar spoon from France for my birthday last Oct.; remembering that I own blue and white dishes.

I placed in the long shaped Hutschenreuther platter the Swiss honey bread and cookies, from my dear Mil, which she learned to make from her aunt who married a Swiss gentleman. I'm so happy I have the recipe too. The teapot is Bareuther-Indischblau, Bavaria-Germany. I bought it in another store, as the dishes didn't come with a teapot, since it had broke coming from Germany and they gave me a better deal; but I did receive the dishes for our Anniversary from hubby, two years ago.. so I really didn't "dish" out my own money as I usually do for china, cause Alejandro sometimes thinks I have enough and I do too, but I can't help it!
These Three Kings and Baby Jesus, came from my Italian Nativity set.

I hope so far your new year is coming along dandy. I am very excited for this year 2013, which has just started; as our daughter Alexandra will be getting married to a wonderful man, which has the entire family very happy with her choice, which makes the upcoming event perfect!

Again, thank you with all my heart for all your support in the last year, as you make my blogging days so exciting! I love to visit you and inspire myself with all your talents..let these be, cooking, decorating, tablescaping, photography and so many wonderful family events, since we have so much in common with our love for family and home..what else can be better than that in this life and we are all so blessed to have a passion for the subject.

Thank you all lovely and gracious hostesses for having me at your great parties too.


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  1. What a great setting with your onion dishes..just love blue and white together in January.
    Thank you too for stopping by to visit me in 2012!

  2. Fabby, I so enjoy visiting your beautiful home and seeing your lovely table scapes and dishes. You have many beautiful things. I enjoyed this post on the Epiphany celebration. Wishing you a blessed year as you prepare for your daughter's wedding. That is exciting! Hugs, Pamela

  3. Fabby,

    Sorry you were having troubles. Thank goodness you can go on online to get advice from google!
    This table setting is not only beautiful, it was also a great history lesson!
    Happy New Year, my friend!


  4. Dearest Fabby,
    Such a great post as it did bring back fond memories of being at Mom's table at home. She does have the Bavarian blue china complete. Talking about the honey cake, it is amazing how much similarities there are as the Spaniards did rule the Dutch for 80 years. Good thing, many recipes stayed. Yes, in Latin America we've dealt with this tradition and I LOVE the idea. It is weird for getting presents on Jesus' birthday. Epiphany makes a lot more sense.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Fabby,
    I adore your tablescape in blue & white onion patterned dinnerware! I also, admire seeing the traditions of others throughout the Holidays and beyond!
    Great post!!!
    P.S. I, too, am still trying to get use to posting photos without the Browse button! Gr~r~r!!!

  6. You always have so nice table settings.


  7. Fabby- It is just beautiful!!!! Not only did I get to experience the beauty of what you have shown here but I got a little history lesson. Wonderful! I also love that little spoon-how cute is that? Blessings to you and I hope your computer problems are over- xo Diana

  8. God richly bless you this year!
    Fabby, Your table is lovely and full of so much meaning.


  9. So many wonderful things in this post! I'm so glad your daughter is marrying someone you all like. I'm sure she is going to be a beautiful bride. You will have a busy year. If you could think of sharing your Swiss recipe, I'm sure my daughter would like it, after living there for 5 years.
    I love blue and white, too. It always looks so clean and neat.

  10. What a wonderful Epiphany table setting. I adore blue and white! And Blue Onion is a favorite. I love making 3 King's Bread...mine has chocolate chips in it! Thanks so much for linking with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  11. Fabby, your blue and white is just gorgeous and how pretty the tablecloth looks beneath it all. Yummy looking treats too. Thank you for coming to tea and Happy New Year, my friend!


  12. Fabby, the blue and white is lovely. Thanks for sharing all the history. The cakes look delicious!

  13. Hello Fabby! Happy New Year!
    Your special dinner here is so beautiful in blue and white. That is a gorgeous tea set! And with the three wise men too, it is a wonderful celebration setting.
    Our year is starting out well too, like yours. Congratulations to your daughter and her fiance!

  14. Hi Fabby,
    wonderful table with the blue onion pattern. I am sure the Three Kings were delighted as much as I was. Would be nice to have tea at your pretty setting. I wish you a wonderful New Year and all the best for your daughter.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. Hey Fabby ..Such a warm table setting ..Thanks for the informative history background on the display too ... Your dishes blend so beautifully on this tablecloth ...I love fine linens. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year...Hugs

  16. Oh so pretty, the blue and white onion dishes are lovely in your tablescape. Congrats on your daughter's upcoming wedding too. Hugs, Marty

  17. It really give me a flashback in my younger years.
    How I love to celebrate 3 Kings in The Philippines. It is one of a kind celebration. We always have a midnight mass (like other midnights b4 Christmas. Then there is program during the mass and after it's cookies, pastries, choco drink time. Ah… those were the days.

    I love to have your Nativity. I never seen large here in Sweden. I found small variation.
    Hmmm… is there a way I can copy your auntie's recipe, §:-) ?
    I am a sweet monster. LoL*

    Hope you had a great time wherever you may be.

    Enjoy and take care.

    /CC girl

  18. Thought I was going crazy as I saw this wonderful Porcelain set yesterday, in my blog but then when I tried to come and see the last post was your Mother's Gorgeous Homage.

    All so lovely! Delighted with that spoon, Dear Friend. Lovely detail and gesture from Sister :love:. So many love described in this Tablescape.

    Blessings for the new year and all the family's ventures to come.


  19. Dear Fabby

    To begin with congrat's on your daughter's wedding celebration...:):)Nice and first time i am seeing a porcelain spoon and your entire arrangement is so wonderful with the blue wear.It's a information for me about the three kings celebration.thank you.love ...sujatha.:);:)

  20. What a beautiful table you have laid today, dear lady. I love your organza table cloth, very feminine. The sweets look delicious.
    Have a lovely day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Hi Fabby,
    Your blue & white china looks fabulous! Your white table cloth accents your china so beautifully. Wishing all the best in 2013!

  22. Beautiful as always dear Fabby. I so envy all of your gorgeous china.
    You are such a sweet and wonderful lady. Thanks for sharing your very special tablescape.

  23. Fabby your table looks so lovely! Are we invited?

    Linda and Jeannie at The French Hens Nest

  24. What a pretty setting, Fabby! I love your little French spoon---what a thoughtful gift!

    Hope you're having a great week!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  25. Hola, Fabby querida! How sweet your comments always are. I love hearing from you! And I love your Three Kings table, Fabby! That tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous (you and I like our fine linens, don't we? :) ), and the Three Kings at the table is perfect. Oh, and that sweet little spoon from your SIL?? Every detail is wonderful.

    I'm so happy to learn of the impending marriage. It is such a joy to anticipate a wedding. I wish you many joyful moments along the way that will become cherished memories.

    Carinos siempre, ~Zuni

  26. It is so interesting to see and hear the different traditions for Three Kings Day/Epiphany. I like the idea of the Three Kings bringing presents rather than Santa - at least it has something to do with Jesus. Your table is very pretty in the blue and white and I especially liked your organza table topper for the special occasion. Hope your New Year is off to a good start!

  27. I love your tea table, Fabby. Your 3 kings are beautiful and the tablecloth is exquisite. How do you wash it? I love the tea set too and your goodies look delicious.....Christine

  28. Your table is just perfect and the entire post has such interesting stories attached to it. I have never seen another enameled spoon like that one - wow! I will be looking forward to the photos from your daughter's wedding!!

  29. My mother's family was from Poland. Although we celebrated Christmas with presents, there was always a small present on Epiphany. The statues of the 3 Kings moved around the house until they finally reached our Creche on January 6th. Even thought my children are grown they still expect a special meal and a present on Epiphany and they always sing "We Three Kings."
    I really enjoyed seeing your lovely table setting especially the beautiful spoon. I have never seen another one like it.

  30. Grand table setting. With all your lovely things, it could not look any other way.

  31. You are a busy lady preparing for a wedding. Blessings to you and your daughter.

    I enjoyed this post learning about this tradition. Your table is very inviting. All the food today is making me hungry for sure. What a special spoon. Great post with many lovely layers.

  32. Fabby, you've definitely been a big blessing to me as I've been blogging. Your sweet and positive attitude always lifts me up. Then, I look at your beautiful dishes, table scapes and your gorgeous home and family and I'm lifted up again!

  33. Hi Fabby. I've hopped over from Share your cup Thursday for a visit and love yoyr vignette of the Kings. Love the blue china too! Joan

  34. Fabby.. congratulations on the engagement of your daughter.. I'm so happy for you. I love the blue onion pattern myself. My mother had it and I find it so comforting to see it. I love your gorgeous tablecloth!! It's so precious. We too celebrate epiphany, as it is my father's Christmas. He's Ukrainian and they celebrate the day as Christmas. Fabby, I wish you a wonderful 2013 with many many blessings. xo marlis

  35. Hello Fabby: Congratulations on your daughter getting married--how exciting! I love your beautiful tablescape, especially the blue sherbet cups, and I did not know the tradition of the kings giving the children presents--very interesting. Have a great weekend!

  36. I hadn't heard of Three Kings Day - is that the same as the Epiphany?
    Hope the new year is treating you well.

  37. Hi dear Fabby, what a lovely table you've set with your blue and white dishes for Three King's Day. Thank you for sharing the information on the custom of the children receiving their gifts. the treats look wonderful...wish I could share some with you.

  38. I adore this collection. That platter is absolutely stunning!

  39. Absolutely gorgeous blue ware!! Happy Epiphany!

  40. Happy Three Kings Day! What gorgeous blue and white dishes, you know they are my weakness! LOL
    I love it!

  41. This is really lovely - I'm a big fan of blue and white. And that spoon is to-die-for. I'd never seen anything quite like it. Lovely.

  42. I love all the blue and white...the sherbets are so pretty.
    How exciting that your daughter will be marrying this year. Congratulations!

  43. Your table setting is so lovely Fabby. I adore blue and white china and love the blue glass you've shown with it. Your tea meal looks so very yummy.

    Happy VTT!

  44. |||Hi Fabby! Love your table, what a great idea! Thank you! Happy Eiphany!Dianna

  45. What a beautiful tablesetting... from the lace tablecloth to the blue onion dishes to the three kings. Your cake looks delicious.

  46. So beautiful Fabby and meaningful as well. A great way to take time our for a daily spiritual respite!
    As always, thank you for sharing your life and talents with us at Farmgirl Friday!

  47. Hi pretty Fabby!! This is so pretty and meaningful! Love your pretty blue and white dishes! Congratulations on your daughter's engagement! Your table cloth is just gorgeous too! Thank you so much for popping in to see me and Happy New Year wishes to you too, Dear One.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  48. Happy Three Kings, Fabby! Your tea table is absolutely beautiful. That tablecloth is so pretty! My hubby also thinks I have too many dishes, but one of these days, I'm just going to bite the bullet and get me some blue and white dishes. They are just so beautiful! And I definitely want that sugar spoon! One of these days you'll need to post the recipe for that yummy bread!

  49. What a nice table! I LOVE blue toile and especially loved that gorgeous sugar spoon you had. I hope you had a wonderful Three Kings Day!

  50. Congratulations to your daughter. I can imagine how excited your family must be! Beautiful table settings as always.

  51. Lovely post ~ many beautiful treasures you photograph so well ~ enjoyed the 'tea party' in honor of the Three Kings.

    (A Creative Harbor)

  52. Lovely and fun to view as always dear Fabby :)

  53. Beautiful three kings table and celebration. I am so loving blue and white and also used it this week. Your pieces are just lovely. Blessings.

  54. Dear Fabby, What a lovely setting :) Thanks for sharing your traditions! Thank you for always taking time to stop by and for always leaving the sweetest comments!! Hugs ~Pernilla

  55. Hi lovely lady.
    Your blue and white is just gorgeous and how pretty the tablecloth looks beneath it all. Yummy looking treats too. Thank you for being my friend!!I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year.!
    XXOO Diane

  56. We are hosting a student from Spain this year. No soubt he misses home this time of year.

    The tablecloth is beautiful and the blue and white tableware too.


  57. Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  58. You have so much to look forward to this year! I love your pretty blue and white dishes. I have a blue kitchen so I try to collect a few, too! Sweet hugs!

  59. Beautiful table Fabby. I had just talked to my daughter who is over in Spain. She just told us about this celebration. How fun it was to learn about it. Your nativity is beautiful! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I too am excited for this year. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  60. Hi Fabby! This is what I call a feast from all over the world. Every piece has an important story to tell. And yes, we celebrate the Feast of Three Kings in the Philippines. For us, it marks the end of the Christmas season.

    Have a great week and thank you for linking up.

  61. Oh, everything looks gorgeous decked out in the blue and white Fabby. You have a lot of fun things to look forward to in 2013! Thank you for sharing with us at TTF. Have a wonderful week!

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  63. Oh, how I love blue and white! Yours is lovely.

    - The Tablescaper

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