Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FABBY: Christmas Eve and Day at Sofia's

Victoria, Christmas Eve at her home with the presents from the two sets of grandparents and her aunts..as Santa will deliver his gifts by sled, and through the garden..you know..
Hello my sweet friends!

                       "Merry Christmas 2012 and many blessings"

 We're staying for the Christmas Holiday at my sweet daughter Sofia's house, who hosted it for the first time and did a marvelous job, in every sense..it be decorating her house, having us as guests and of course cooking. Her menu was turkey, a potato and shrimp salad, a delicious rice with coca cola she makes with dry mushrooms, stuffing, gravy and the sweet "camote" (sweet potato kind) I made. Great dessert and lots of cookies too....so much eating!!
 Here is her lovely table, although it's simple because of how she was going to fill it up with food, lol.. she aslo had her in laws and her young Sil as well.
 Here is some of the food. The turkey stuffing in the bowl with the rooster lid. The dishes were made by us at our former ceramic company and this set is for Victoria, our first grandgirl.
Our daughter Sofia with her daughter Cayetana 5.
Alejandro so proud of his grandgirls.
I added this picture of Cayetana playing the piano, as I was asked about the piano. Both my grands takes lessons, so they played Christmas carols for us and sung in French and English, as they learn both languages at their school.
My darling Alejandro...we are so blessed to be another Christmas together and may our Lord grant us many, many more celebrations of His birth...it's what I mostly ask for C'mas.
 A painting of the girls in the back wall at their den; from two years ago.

Cayetana loves to make faces, she's really so funny!
Our hosts for Christmas 2012...Sofia, her husband and our granddaughters.
 Cayetana got so tired of waiting for Santa, so she called it an evening!

Today, Christmas Day we got up at 7am because the girls just wanted to wake up to see what Santa brought them. After all the mess they did opening gifts we had beakfast and started to play with some of their games with them..Menopoly. We had a wonderful Holiday 2012. Thank you dear Lord for all our blessings.

Cayetana exausted from opening her three gifts from Santa, her other grandparents and aunts.. and two from us.

Victoria and Cayetana opening their Barbie boat they got for both from Santa.

Can't believe this is Christmas Day and in a few hours Christmas Day will be over too!

Thank you all of you for been such generous friends and for visiting all my holiday posts..you always make my day and now my entire year 2012, which in a week will be over too, leaving space for the new one, 2013 and I'm looking so forward to visiting you, and your talents, let it be tablescaping, home decorating, cooking and so much I've learned from you this year and I have inspired myself, each and everyone of you contribute so much to my love for blogging and to the happiness it brings me...so when I don't hear from any of you, I really miss you! So thank you so much and many blessings.

Luv ya all!

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  1. Dear Fabby, You have a beautiful family and you're a lovely Lady!

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy and healthy new year.

    God bless,
    d in kansas

  2. What a gorgeous family you have!! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Merry Christmas Fabby. I love all the pics of your beautiful daughter and grands and your handsome husband. The dishes on the Christmas table are beautiful. Joni

  4. Dearest Fabby,
    Are you celebrating 2nd Christmas Day as well? In Europe they do, they have two official holidays so that makes it very special.
    Hugs to you and wishing you a Happy 2013 in good health for more joy with your family and your lovely table settings and great cooking.

  5. Merry Christmas Fabby, what a beautiful family. Love those dishes. Wishing you and yours all the best for a bright and happy New Year. xo

  6. What a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Une publication où la joie s'inscrit au programme...
    Merci ma chère Fabby de nous faire partager ces merveilleux moments...
    Tes petites filles sont de belles poupées...

    Gros bisous et tous mes voeux de bonheur pour 2013.


  8. Merry Christmas....It's wonderful to see you celebrating Christmas as a family. your daughter and grand children look beautiful.you look gorgeous, thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with all of us.love ....sujatha

  9. Felices fiestas guapa! espero que pasarais unos dias muy buenos y que los que quedan sean aun mejor. Un beso :)

  10. Your daughter is carrying on your talent and habits of creating beautiful tables and lovely family times. I can see the happiness that exists within your sweet, beautiful family.

    I, too, look forward to 2013 and sharing the blessings and goodness of our Lord Jesus with one another across oceans and country borders. Happy New Year, Fabby

  11. Mi preciousa bonita amiga,

    Mama Mia... your granddaughters are so pretty. You can see directly that both are connected with you.

    Love to see everyone are happy and got what they wish for.

    Merry Christmas (finished) and Have a Blissful & Peaceful New Year.

    God Bless Us All,
    /CC girl

  12. Merry Christmas! It looks like you had a beautiful celebration with a beautiful family.

    P.S. Love the Christmas table and the food sounded fabulous!

  13. Fabby,
    Thank you, dear friend, for sharing your lovely daughter and her family at Christmas with all of us!!!
    What precious memories!!! I adore seeing photos of you and your sweet husband!!!
    I'll continue visiting in 2013! Keep in touch with all that is happening in your life through your beautiful blog!
    Have a blessed and Happy New Year!!!

  14. Felicitaciones por tu linda familia. Te veo muy feliz.
    Es mi deseo que el año próximo sigamos compartiendo vivencias que nos enriquecen mutuamente.
    Beso y un Feliz Año Nuevo!

  15. I hope you had a beautiful day with your dear family, Fabby. God bless you and your family- xo Diana

  16. Fabby, your family is beautiful.
    It's a pleasure seeing your daughter and granddaughters. Alejandro looks so proud.
    You have the most gorgeous china. I thoroughly enjoy seeing your tablescapes. Here's wishing you many blessings for the coming New year. Hugs, Linda

  17. Fabby, what a beautiful Christmas celebration, with your beautiful family! The love just shows in all of your photos. Your daughter did a wonderful job! Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!! May 2013 be your best year yet!!

  18. You're Blessed Fabby for having so much Beauty and Love in your Life. They're Blessed for having you...

    I like the way your daughter dealt with the home decor thinking of her little (and gorgeous) girls enjoyement.

    May each day
    of your Christmas
    be filled with peace,
    and may God's love
    light your way
    through the new year.

    Thinking of you
    and wishing you
    His blessing always.


  19. Good evening Fabby!

    I thank you kindly for visiting today and your daughter's home and table are really GORGEOUS! I love that golden, Asian-looking picture over her sideboard!

    May the new year bring you many joys and do come visit again! Anita

  20. Merry Christmas Fabby! You have a beautiful family. Wishing you and your family health, happiness and love.

  21. Merry Christmas, Fabby! You are truly blessed, surrounded by so many loved ones! Thank you for joining Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  22. Fabby, thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas celebration at Sofia's home. Your daughter and grand girls are certainly gorgeous. They take after you!

    Happy Holidays.........Sarah

  23. You have a beautiful family Fabby!! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  24. An amazingly wonderful post, Fabby. Your family is beautiful!

  25. Like Mother, Like Daughter...Sofia is gorgeous just like you! What a pretty house and so beautifully decorated for Christmas!!! The grandgirls are looking great, too! I know that you and Alejandro are very proud of them all! I'm so glad you and your family enjoyed Christmas Day! Now you must rest up so that you can bring the New Year in in style!!! Have fun!!!

  26. What a beautiful family, dear Fabby! Happy, healthy New Year to you!!

  27. You have a beautiful family, Fabby.
    Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy New Year.

  28. Looks like a wonderful Christmas celebration! Your family is just lovely and the dishes are AWESOME - so colorful!

  29. Such a gorgeous family, Fabby! Enjoy your holidays.
    Wishing you a happy and blessed new year.

  30. Fabby, your daughter and granddaughters are stunning. They take after you! What a *pretty* family!!!

    Merry Christmas!


  31. Fabby, your daughter and granddaughters are stunning. They take after you! What a *pretty* family!!!

    Merry Christmas!


  32. so nice to see how you cleebrated Christmas, dear Fabby. You are indeed blessed. You have a beautiful family. Ours was quiet. John and I went to Christmas eve mass and then came home to open presents. Christmas Day, we had dinner at friends house. Today, I picked up my mom and sister from the airport and tomorrow, we are having a party here. Your daughter's table is very pretty, I love those plates!...Christine

  33. bright and beautiful....
    wish you a lovely season ahead..

  34. I am trying to learn to use my iPad -- and I left you a comment. However, I think I did something wrong. Oops!

    Anyway, what a wonderful time you must have had with your beautiful family.

    I can't remember if I told you but I made the carrot salad from your mother. The yellow tomatoes were available, and it was really tasty, colorful, and a wonderful addition to the menu.

    Be sure to thank your mother for sharing it with me.

  35. Wonderful family pics, Fabby! Your grandgirls are ADORABLE! Your daughter did a marvelous job entertaining a large group -- sounds like she takes after you!

  36. Beautiful post. I am so glad that you enjoyed such a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones. Gorgeous girls, like mother like daughter. Adorable kids.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    A Very Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Greetings from Singapore~ Sanghamitra

  37. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas time, Fabby! A gorgeous family, beautiful place, and great food!
    Wishing you the best for 2013!

  38. Lovely family, dishes, food, home...but my favorite picture is that little sleeping princess :)

  39. Fabby - those dishes are so whimsical-looking with the flowers and butterflies! They are darling! Your daughter and granddaughters are so lovely and I just love the name "Cayetana" - it's so Spanish sounding but it's also strong (so is Victoria, and so is Sofia, as a matter of fact - obviously, strong names run in your family!. Everything looks lovely, and I just bet the food was delicious, too!

  40. What a beautiful family you are Fabby! & What a lovely and festive holiday you had with all your dear ones.

    Wishing you and yours, much joy in 2012!

  41. Fabby, it looks as though you had a fabulous Christmas! What a beautiful family, and so very blessed indeed! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Wishing you a blessed and Happy New Year from Linda and Jeannie @ The French Hens Nest

  42. Hello Fabby! Looks like you had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas! A beautiful family, and I love the china pattern--just gorgeous, and how nice that it was in honor of your beautiful granddaughter. Happy New Year to you!

  43. What a wonderful Christmas. Nothing could be better than spending it with your family.

    Merry Christmas!

    - The Tablescaper

  44. What a lovely family you have. Decorations are lovely and so are the grands. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy new Year.

  45. What a beautiful family you have, Fabby!
    Happy New Year & God Bless,
    Angie @ Knick of Time

  46. FABBY!!!!
    My goodness!! What a beautiful family you have!!

    Your daughter and your grand girls are as stunning as you are and what a handsome hubby you have!!

    Sophia's house is gorgeous and it looks like she really out did herself with the festivities but I am sure she learned it from you!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your family with us!!


  47. Oh Fabby, what a gorgeous family! I can see that your daughter has inherited her mothers talent of setting a beautiful table! The girls are precious. I took thank the Lord for another wonderful Christmas with my sweet husband. Wishing you both many, many, more! So happy to have found you in this fun world of blog. You bring happiness into my life! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.

  48. Fabby, now nice of you to share photos of your family and of yourself. Your granddaughters are at such a fun stage of life. Enjoyed seeing another of your ceramic patterns on your daughter's table.
    Have an absolutely awesome 2013!

  49. What a wonderful celebration! The table looks lovely, and the girls are adorable!
    Happy 2013!

  50. What a beautiful post Fabby!! Your family is gorgeous and it looks like it was a wonderful celebration!! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  51. What a beautiful post and such a gorgeous family you are.
    Truly blessed.
    Season's greetings from South Africa


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