Friday, November 16, 2012

FABBY: Cayetana's French Birthday Party

Hello sweet friends!

I've been here, visiting my daughter Sofia and her family because she was making Cayetana's belated 5 year birthday party. It's a long story, nothing important, so we'll just live it at that.  Cayetana chose a Parisian theme for her birthday as she loves poodles, although she doesn't have one, lol.. and along with English, she also learns French in school and she's very good at singing in French and talking, too. Anyway, it came out gorgeous, my daughter made everything to take to this club, except for the cake, which she doesn't know how to decorate, but I admire Sofia for been such a great mother, so crafty and clever, even though she works half a day, and all. The great thing is that we went back to a clean house to rest, which is just terrific;
besides the fact that this club it's free for the people who live in that condo, so that's also a great part of it.

The cake with the Parisian theme, with poodles in pink, white and black was just gorgeous and really delicious too..and Trés chic! Candy wrapped by us, is all around it in black, white and pink.
Setting her stage, which was so French, just like she wanted...this is where a magician did his show and the children just loved it and we the adults enjoyed it so much...he was really very funny too!
Cayetana very happy sitting in the middle of a group of her friends watching the show in her honor. After the show the children danced and won small prices for their skills.
Sofia made all the pretty trinkets for the cupcakes, the party favors for the girls and boys, and really, mostly everything else in the pink, white and black color motif and there were also banners in the same colors and motif, which she also DIYed...except the only thing she didn't do was the gorgeous cake...she's incredible, I admire my sweet girl very much.
The party favors for the little boys. There were others for the girls. Notice the water bottles all dressed up too.  I just helped her til 2am the night before..I'm so tired, it's old age too, lol..
There's, of course, an Eifel Tower too! Next to the tower there are the girls party favors with a black bow and pink paper.
Some of Cayetana's young friends. The adults are nannies.

The bubbles where thrown when the show with the funny magician was going to start.
Sofia prepared three tables with this pretty trays she also made with an Eifel Towers, filled with sweets for some of the mother's that attend the party.
Here I am with my favorite birthday girl..Cayetana, who's also dressed in black, white and pink tights and shoes.
Here I am with my dearest "little girls" of my own..Alexandra and Sofia, Cayetana's and Voctoria's mother.
Time to blow the candles with papa, mama, sister Victoria and granny.
The proud grands.. me and my hero, Alejandro.
Alejandro with our daughter Sofia.
Here is the entire buffet flanked by two Eifel Towers...trés chic!
Sofia decorated the adorable cupcake tiers with pink roses as well and small cards naming the items, some of the cards had Eifel Towers and poodles, which Sofia very cute! The club had the buffet tables and pink cloths we used for dressing them, as they have them for the Sweet 15 parties for teens, which it's like the Sweet 16 in the USA.. 

Thank you very much in advance for your wonderful visits, my always make my day and now, probably Sofia's and Cayetana's as well!!

Lovely hostesses thank you for having us at your terrific and fun parties; I will start joining PINK Saturday, with our French Pink, black and white Parisian Party.

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  1. HI and Hello Fabby....awesome pictures,great to see the family of yours.the party preparations are gorgeous and i love the colours used have pretty girls and cutest grand daughters....God bless the family and thank you for the lovely sujatha.

  2. HI FABBY!
    Iam Sorry I have not visited you lately....after our vacation life took on a life of it's own...meaning I was busy with so many things. I am Sorry for not getting around.
    I am HAPPY I saw this post....WOW...what an amzing party!!!!Your daughter is so talented and she out did herself with every little detail!!!!You are Beautiful my friend..and your handsome hubby and both your daughters...You are Blessed my friend!!!
    I wish I was 6 to have a french theme birthday party!!!!
    hugs 2 U,

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful party, Fabby. Your little granddaughter is just beautiful and I love her party theme.

    You have a gorgeous family and you are just a stunning looking lady. You and your husband make a lovely couple. Your daughters are both beautiful, too.

    It is so much fun to see the pictures of all of you. I am glad you had such a nice time.

    This gal is off to bed. I have more company this weekend and we are going on a Christmas house walk tomorrow-my two daughters and my wonderful daughter-in-law.

    We went downtown tonight and our little SweetCheeks was a live model in a store window display. We walked for hours- xo Diana

  4. Gorgeous! I love the French party theme, and your daughter did an awesome job! That was a pretty cake too. Nice to see you and your family having such a good time!
    XOXO -Cristina

  5. Bellissimo tutto!AUGURI!!!!Baci,Rosetta

  6. Hi Fabby,
    Oh, la, la!!! What a gorgeous and unique party theme for your darling granddaughter. I just love it! The cake and gift bags are awesome!
    Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  7. What a fabulous party! Great attention to detail. I love the party theme. Everything looks amazing. Happy birthday to Cayetana! She is a doll! You look gorgeous Fabby. Your daughters are gorgeous too! Have a good weekend!

  8. Wow, total perfection in pink.... What a lovely family you have and your granddaughter is adorable! happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the kind sentiment on my blog!

  9. Such a sweet party. Your daughter did a beautiful job with the decorations. You have such a gorgeous family, Fabby!

  10. Fabby, you have a gorgeous family! I love everything about the party. excellent! That is one lucky and blessed Birthday Girl. Thanks so much for sharing at Hibiscus House.

  11. Aren't theme parties fun! I love this one. Your daughter did a great job putting it all together.
    It is so nice to have children's parties at a different venue, so as you said, you come home to a clean house! Children are messy- even the best behaved ones!
    Nice to see you and your husband, and your daughters. Such a beautiful family.

  12. Dear Fabby,

    Love this post filled with most beautiful photos of you and your very sweet family. Beautiful, everyone of you!!!

  13. I am so glad I came by. What an amazing party ! All that beautiful pink and black and gorgeous decorations, Looks like such a special and fun event!
    I know you are just hugging the wonderful memories!

  14. Love the pinks Fabby. Lovely day for you all and family.

    That cake is so yummy looking.

    Cut me a piece. I cannot stand it .

    I am hungry for it.

    I am a cake lover.

  15. Dearest Fabby,
    Happy belated 5th birthday to your Granddaughter Cayetana!
    Your daughter Sofia did a lot of work in preparing all those details for the little kids. If we compare such events with the time when we were 5, it looks like a mini-wedding. My childhood was happy but without any fringes, due of post WWII era. There hardly was anything. In the 60s things changed and my youngest sister is like from a different generation. As long as we don't spoil our young generation too much, this is fine. Our economy is in a downward mode so let's frame those special moments for the future to become dear memories.
    Hugs to you,

  16. Beautiful Fabby, sure makes me want a little granddaughter. Do you think one of my four boys would enjoy that.. Loved it, what a great daughter you have too.

  17. Fabby,
    What an amazing pink, white and black Tres Chic birthday party for your precious granddaughter!!! I adore seeing all the beautiful decor...but even more the photos of you, hubby and your daughters!!! Thanks for sharing this very special family celebration with us!!!

  18. What a wonderful birthday party! That cake is amazing.

    The birthday girl is beautiful and so is her grandmother.

  19. Fabby, the entire party was trés chic! Sofia did a fantastic job creating a darling party. Cayetana is precious and you and your daughters are gorgeous. What a beautiful family! ~ Sarah

  20. What a grand celebration!

    iHeart PINK
    Have a lovely Saturday. Come and see me when you get a chance.

  21. Hi Fabby! I would love to be invited haha Everything looked so pretty. The cake and the part favors, yay! I wanted to be a kid again.

    You, your daughter and Cayetana are all pretty! I enjoyed seeing three generations of beauties!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  22. What a beautiful party! Love the Parisian theme and decorations. It reminds me when my two girls were little and they would have birthday parties. Now that they are teenagers they just want to watch movies and go to the mall with their friends on their birthday. Lol. I loved the family pics too. :)

  23. Fabby, how fabulous everything is. The cake is so "Ooh La La". Your daughter certainly went to town with so many lovely matching details. Your family is beautiful. How sweet your daughter is to put together a perfectly matched party theme for your Granddaughter. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of this fabulous party. Hugs, Linda

  24. Hi Fabby,
    what can I say about this chic and elegant party? Its your daughter! She probably have learned a lot of decoration and style at your home. And she did a wonderful job. Everything is just perfect and gorgeous. I think, this party will be one of the precious memories of little Cayetana. Happy belated birthday to her.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  25. We both have had celebrations for our granddaughters. Such delight! I'm going to file Sophia's charming party ideas for a future date when Beatrice might love to have a Parisian party. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Happy
    Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay

  26. My, such a beautiful family and a beautiful party! I think your Sofia could be a professional at children's parties if she wanted to!

  27. Really gorgeous. Sad though that kids came with their nannies and not their parents. No shared memeories there...

  28. Happy birthday, Cayetana! You are one lucky girl! What a fabulous party, Fabby. The cake is so cute and so are all party favors. Your daughter really did a great job. You have a beautiful family and you look so good! The kids look like they all had a ball. What a memorable birthday party! I will post for Blue Mon but I am not quite ready yes cause I just got back from FL and I am watching a DVD with John right now. Please visit my blog tomorrow....Chrisine

  29. Hi Fabby! Oh, Happy Birthday to your darling little Cayetana! What an amazing party it must have been. Love her theme and everything is just amazing. I'll bet this birthday will be such a precious memory that will be cherished forever. Now your daughters are so pretty, your husband handson and you, sweet Fabby, are just gorgeous! Loved seeing you and your sweet family.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. Ah! So the club had the pink linens already for Quniceaneras? That's great! They look fantastic for your theme, and it's always great to save money wherever you can! I am just blown away by all the fabulous details throughout! The magician, the bubbles, the dancing, the favors, and that amazing cake!!!!!!!! You have a beautiful family, and you are the Queen of the clan! Just beautiful!!! Happy Belated Birthday to Cayetana!!!!

  31. You and your family are so beautiful, Fabby, and what a swell party this was! Eiffel Towers, and magicians--wow!

  32. Wonderful party! A very happy (belated)birthday to the little one.Lovely family pics.Your grand daughter is so adorable. You and daughters are gorgeous.
    Thanks for this beautiful share.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  33. What a beautiful party - Your daughter is amazing ~ beautiful and talented with a great eye for details. Stopped by from 'Between Naps on the Porch' - fabulous cake, too.

  34. Oh, Fabby, see what I miss when I stay away too long?! OMGoodness!! This is the most fabulous party ever! The theme is just wonderful and the details are perfect!! What a beautiful family you have! You are truly blessed!

  35. My goodness, Fabby ... what a beautiful family -- you don't look any older than your beautiful daughters! Cayetana's birthday looks like it was so much fun. Many Happy Birthday Wishes to her. Happy Tea Day!!!

  36. Oh Fabby! Sofia did a wonderful job!
    Every detail! :)

    Your family is so beautiful. You must be so proud. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  37. What a great French party. The poodle cake was really cute. Fun Eiffel Tower. Thanks for sharing your granddaughter's special party and your beautiful daughter's and handsome husband.

  38. Fabby, what a wonderful birthday party. But what really impressed me is how beautiful your family is! You look like Jackie O with those glasses and you have such a great smile! I love the names in your family. They are such strong names! I love that! Blessings to all of you!

  39. Dear Fabby...I am sorry I have not commented of your posts lately. We have been TOO busy with trying to sell this house, pack up what we are going to move, and getting things over to the new place..whew!
    But I have enjoywd eaxh post and intend to comment on them soon.
    I am starting with your grand-
    daughter's wonnderful birthday party...what a beautiful theme party is was, and your daughter is so talented (like you!). The whole
    decorating theme is gorgeous and what adorable ideas she carried through with. The cake is simply grand, as are the Eiffel Tower and French poodles! Who does not like French poodle doggies!!??
    I am sure the guests had the time of their lives, and what a darling little girl your grand-daughter is!
    In fact, your whole family is beautiful! You look much too young to have a grown daughter with her own girls!! And such a pretty daughter and grand-daughter. I can't not mention how good-looking the guys are, too!! I know you are proud of them all.
    Thank you for sharing the party with us. I always look forward to your posts!
    I wish you and your family a Happy
    Thanksgiving Day, too, and hope that you are blessed with many more
    Sending hugs and love to you, Francy

  40. What a well-staged & well-planned party this was! And how BEAUTIFUL your entire family is!

    Talent for creating beauty must be in your family genes. I am inspired every time I visit you here ♥

  41. Wow, I'm amazed and in awe of the beautiful family you have..... you, your husband, daughter ...grands..etc..... GORGEOUS!!

    The party is exquisite.... and so very beautiful!!
    Hugs to you my friend!

  42. Absolutely beautiful!!! A party like that with such girly girls would have loved TagTailz for the party favors.

  43. Oh FaBBY... what a lovely celebration. Look at you & hubby? Both looks gorgeous. Your lovely daughters are adorable as well as the grandskiddos.

    Love---love the color combo. OMG! how I wish to copycat this motives. Look and see in my future tables.

    Hope everyone's in the best of everything. We are well and now, winter start and coping the cold & dark weather.

    Have a blessed mid-week, mi gusta bonita mia.

    Beso mucho,

  44. Gorgeous party!!! Darling little and big girls you have...
    Ruthie from:


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