Monday, March 12, 2012

FABBY: St. Patrick's & Cloches Parties

I will be joining this great parties, and I hope you do too!
 Salt & Pepper shakers under small cloches.  One of the four cloches that were a gift from lovely Chie from, Chubby and Chieque... with some green mint chocolates.
Hi my dear friends!

I'm so happy to be finally blogging after a hard and difficult week I had. I went to visit my daughter Alexandra at the capitol, Quito, as she was feeling sick, so after running a few tests she had gastritis, now she's feeling better and is under a treatment. I am finally so happy and my heart is back, I was so worried!  Than my blog disappeared out of the clear blue and it was a total horror!!  I heard this is happening a lot, so lucky I didn't lose my darling followers, goodness like some others!   Than last friday, while I was going to take my cab to the airport, as my daughter had to leave early for a to take my luggage and my hand bag, I dropped my computed at a chair on the lobby of Alexandra's building. I ran to take my cab that was waiting and left the computed in that chair, lol!  Today, I finally got my life back...daughter is fine and I got my computed and blog back.   WHAT A WEEK!!
 While I was in Quito, visiting my daughter, I did a lil'shopping...yeah, a little bit.  These two, mercury glass cake stands I found at a nice home goods kind of store and I fell for them.
 Coming back home I had received in the mail my newest Bliss Victoria Magazine and it showed the very same mercury cake stands, which in real life they're exactly, cause right now the light makes mine shine to much.  I was so thrilled to see them on the magazine, see, you guys can go and buy them directly by just looking at the magazine, whereas I can't here in Ecuador, it was a happy coincidence!
 Thinking of St. Patrick's Day and to make a tablescape to join  Kathleen's Party at "Cuisine Kathleen", using my dishes made at our former ceramic co., and this set of dishes were a gift we did many years ago to my dear MIL, so after she passed they gave them back to us, for which we are very grateful.  I love it that  they have shamrocks decorated on them, cause some Indigenous women's blouses have them embroidered...not for any Irish luck or anything, I don't know why, really....but what a pleasant coincidence.  I bought this beautiful  table linen in Quito too, with green embroidery at the end of it and I love it that it's square cause it falls nicely on my round table.
I used as a centerpiece my new mercury cake stands with  the wide cloche DD Sofia gave me this past C'mas, along with the pretty green plant.
 A close up of the dinner plate so you can appreciate the shamrocks to honour St. Patrick's Day and with a green background.
The sherbets also have shamrocks, or clovers and so does the salad plate.
 My buffet with cloches with the Set's teacups and some sterling things inside them. The very tall cloche I love, was also this past Christmas gift to me from my DD Sofia.
The cloches with my sterling sugar bowl and creamer I borrowed from my silver tea set.
 The flowers add a little spring color. The silver vintage teapot under glass was my Mil's.
Happy St. Patty's and lots of kisses for all my Irish lads!
I used the sugar bowl to plant a small flower plant, all for the spring touch.

 I tried to make a rose with the napkins, but didn't do a great job, haha...The dove in the twig was made at our former ceramic co. as well.
The tablecloth is pure cotton linen and it came with six white napkins, but for St. Patty's table I used my green cotton ones inside the sherbets; although I tried my best to make a rose form, I didn't do a great job.   Again, I must love pure linens, which wrinkle so darn much and  I do get into trouble ironing them like crazy!
The green stems are Italian from my Christmas stash and the water glasses are Mexican hand blown.

I'm so happy with this pretty linen with green embroidery I just bought in Quito.
 I used my silver pewter chargers to pair them with my new mercury cake plates that I used as the centerpiece on my tablescape.
 A close up of the bird on a twig and a rose, so to give this table a spring look.  Shamrocks decorated on the sherbets.

Thank you in advance sweet ladies for your wonderful and kind visits, I so appreciate them very much.
Thank you to the gracious and generous hostesses for the fun parties I will be joining.

Table Top Tuesday at:
Kathleen's St Patricks Party at:
Knick of Time Party at:
Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at:
Thrish's Tea Party Tuesday at:
Lady Katherine for Tea Time Tuesday at:
Your Cozy Home Party at:
Bunny Hop Party at:
White Wednesday at:
Primp your Stuff Wednesday at: 
Open House Party at:
It's a Party at:
Vintage Thingie Thursday:
Tablescape Thursday at:  http://betweennapsontheporch


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your lovely home Joann Come and re follow me

  2. Me alegro Fabby de que la vida hoy te sonría. La cerámica es preciosa y siempre miro alguno de los detalles de tus mesas y hoy me pregunto¿Para qué serán las campanas de vidrio?
    Cariños desde Argentina

  3. What a clever way to display silver holloware. I'm glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. I hate being without a computer. We've become very attached to our electronics, haven't we?

  4. Love those lovely dishes and love the way you have the silver enclosed such a cute idea...

  5. Une semaine bien tumultueuse effectivement, mais qui se termine bien...
    Oh! Je suis très admirative de vos cloches de verre... et votre table est absolument sublime...
    Je rentre à peine des Philippines et je suis heureuse de vous retrouver.
    Je vous souhaite une très agréable semaine et un prompt rétablissement à votre fille.
    Gros bisous.

  6. Oh what lovely cloches you have! Your tables are stunning! I'm now a follower!

  7. Beatiful pictures and so many clocks. I'm so happy that everything is back to normal. I lost my blog and all my followers in the beginning of january so I had to start all over again.
    I'm helping a friend so please take a look at my blog and tell me what you think.

  8. Your cloches look great Fabby and I love the pretty colors in the dishes:@)

  9. Everything is beautiful Fabby! I could sit and look for an hour! What a clever way to display silver holloware. So glad your daughter is feeling better.

  10. What suitable dinnerware for St. Patricks Day! You are SO blessed with the variety and color in your possession.

    You've inspired me to bring out the few cloches I have and get creative with them!

    May your blessings outnumber
    The shamrocks that grow,
    And may trouble avoid you
    Wherever you go.
    ~Irish Blessing

  11. Hi Fabby,
    I am thrilled that you even have the perfect plates for St. Ppatricks Day. You designed so nice dinner ware. Love the shamrocks. I am happy to hear that your daughter is feeling better and you got your computer back. What a luck.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  12. It sounds like you did have quite a week. But it didn't seem to stop the flow of creative juices. Everything is beautiful. What a splash of color in those last plates!

  13. This looks wonderful, Fabby, but most of all, I am glad you are back. Your dishes are just perfect. How many of these sets did you keep from your factory? LOL! Love your cloches, you have so many. I only created a few cause I was still too busy but I finished my dining room. You should come back and see it, just before my last post. And while you're there, go down one more post to see my hunter's tablescape. I am back too, my friend, but I have to leave in a week or 2 again, to pick up AJ. She wants to spend spring break here. Been busy in the garden. I have been rattling and I almost forgot to tell you how much I love your mercury silver cake pedestal platters....Christine

  14. Gorgeous! My favorite of any of your dishes, Fabby!

  15. Fabby, I am totally in awe of all of your fabulous cloches and your displays. Every one is exquisite. I love the vignette on the buffet, stunning. I just can't pick a favorite. Your tablescape is so elegant. Beautifully done. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  16. Oh my many GREAT ideas here! I adore your wonderful collection of cloches & the innovative ways you've filled them. I never think of doing silver or spoons but I will now!

    Your dishes are beautiful but more importantly, I'm glad to hear your DD is okay & you survived all the stress of the week. Whew!

    Happy St. Patty's Day, a wee bit early,

  17. Fabby, you've created another beautiful table. Pretty china and I love the new pedestal cake plates. You have had quite a week with your computer problems but I'm happy that you are all set now. That would really upset me if I lost my blog!! Have a great week. Hugs, Pamela

  18. Hi Fabby, first of all I'm happy to hear your daughter will be fine--it is so painful to see our children suffering even when they are all grown up! And even more good new that your blog and computer are back to you! I love the mercury dishes and the ideas of putting the silver and ceramic under glass to display them! Have a wonderful day. Linda

  19. Fabby you have such a beautiful collection of Cloches. Your table is elegant and stunning!

    Jocelyn @

  20. Beautiful assemblage for St. Paddy's Day. You certainly made a beautiful display with your cloches. Do you know -- I don't own a one. I guess maybe I will get one someday -- the big problem for me is storage.

    I do love your linens and the colorful dishes from your factory. Did you design these, too?

    Glad you got your blog and computer back!


  21. Glad your daughter is better and your blog is back! A lovely and colorful setting. The cloches are wonderful, aren't they? A perfect St. Patrick's Day setting. Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  22. Hi Fabby! Oh, how gorgeous - again! Look at those beautiful dishes and cloches! You have so many pretty cloches and you've dressed them up wonderfully.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. wow... always incredibly beautiful,

  24. Sure would be fun to have a St. Pat's party, dinner, brunch, tea here. Have fun. Richard from my Old Historic house.

  25. Hi Fabby,
    I'm so glad you have your computer back.
    Your cloches are so pretty the way you have styled them.
    Your lovely table looks fabulous, the table cloth is wonderful and the green dishes are too.
    Hugs, Cindy

  26. Gracious, you have had a terrible week! I can't imagine.

    Your buffet is a treasure trove of beauty. I love your dish pattern and the coffee cups stacked are so attractive. All your cloches go together so well. I enjoyed your post.

    Right now, I am under pressure to delete a ton of pictures from my computer. It is full.

    Thanks for your visit. Hope this week is MUCH BETTER!

  27. just beautiful. I love your dishes and your linens are just lovely.

  28. I LOVE those cake stands! Wow! Everything is beautiful, as always!

  29. Oh how pretty your green dishes and tablescape is! So glad that you survived such a hectic week! Now you need to sit down at that lovely table and have a soothing cup of tea. Beautiful dishes and tablecloth.

  30. Thanks so much for your visit! I love your cloches. You really inspired me to try some new ideas such as yours.
    Ladybug Creek

  31. Oh my goodness, what beautiful dishes. Love the shamrocks around the edge, and the tablecloth is fabulous! What a week you had! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this lovely entry into my blog crawl!
    I hope you have a better week, and that dd is feeling better!

  32. I LOVE your china pattern! It's so festive, and my favorite Your silver in the cloches really sparkles. So pretty. I'm glad your daughter is better and you got your computer back. Have a Happy St.Patrick's Day,

  33. Lovely buffet table decor. and table setting.Enjoyed your party.Glad your life is back to normal and that your daughter is well.Denise

  34. LOVE the stacked teacups and cloches! Pretty dishes~ Happy St Pattys Day :)

  35. What a beautiful post to honor St.Patrick's Day,,,your dishes are just perfect for the occasion, I love the shamrocks trim around the edges of each piece! Lovely colors go together so well.
    Your mercury glass cake stands are
    gorgeous and can be uesd for so many things...great find!! And I have never seen such a large collection of cloches!! You have some pretty ones, and the way you
    displayed little things under them
    is very interesting. All in all, a
    beautiful table scape. The linen tablecloth shows off the table so well....isn't linen hard to iron, though, but so lovely, it is worth it,,!!
    I know you were happy and relieved to get your computer back so you could get back to your blogs...and am glad your daughter is feeling better and able to return to work. When your child is not well, no matter their age, it is hard to stand by and see it, but I am sure she felt better just having you there with her!!
    Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us, with your pretty dishes and was quite enjoyable to see!!
    Have a nice day..Hugs, Francy

  36. Fabby, I love your table and that buffet full of cloches is just wonderful! I love them individually and the way they look together. Really, it's lovely!

  37. Seriously that is one gorgeous table and buffet!
    The china is just stunning!
    I sure hope this week is better, it sounds like you've had a lot on your plate. (no pun intended_
    I know how it is to worry about our kids.
    hugs friend,

  38. I love the way you stacked those cups & saucers beneath the tall cloche! Very pretty! The dish pattern is really cool, too. I am so sorry to hear about your horrible week! Geez...when it rains, it pours! Glad life is back to normal now, that your daughter is feeling better, that you got your computer back, and that you didn't lose all your blog entries. That would have been horrible! Oh, my gosh...I hope that never happens to me! I don't know what to do to back it up. I need to find out! There is NO WAY I could re-do all those posts and photos!!! Gorgeous cake plateaus, and so cool that the magazine displayed the exact same ones! You have celebrity cake plateaus! :-)

  39. So glad your daughter is okay and you have your computer and blog back..... that is a very stressful week indeed!!

    The dishes, cloches, table cloth.... actually, everything is so beautiful!!

  40. Sorry I'm late to arrive, but I've been away from my computer. Beautiful greens, Fabby. You have lots of cloches. Fun to see what you put in them. Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~ Sarah

  41. Hi Fabby, Thank you for your lovely comments and following my blog. I am here to return the favor. Your tablescape and buffet are lovely. I just love your colorful dishes!

  42. Now this is what I call a cloche party!!! So many beautiful ones, and all displayed so well. I love it!
    p.s. Don't forget to link to the party!

  43. I'm so sorry you had such a challenging week. :-( But glad things are looking up. Your table is so pretty and festive for St. Patrick's Day. Your cake plates are beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments.
    Mary Alice

  44. Oh Fabby, your tables are always so awesome. Just beautiful. You have the most lovely things I've ever seen. I'm just posting my second tablescape tomorrow for St. Pats Day. I have a long long way to go to even be near what you do, but I'm working on it! Thanks for your inspiration. I also want to tell you that I'm glad your daughter is better and I'm so sorry for the lousy week you had.

  45. I just love your beautiful table settings and cloches! I can't wait to look around more! thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet words! :)

  46. What a time you had in Quito, but, hey, no trip is wasted when you can come home with some treasures, all of which you have used so well. The design on the linen cloth makes me think it might be woven.

  47. "FABULOUS"!!! You have one of my FAVORITE BLOGS! Your table is a masterpiece as always AND I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE those dishes of yours!
    I had a HARD TIME getting on your blog. The link to get us here DOES NOT WORK...Hmmmm! I WAS able to weave my way in though and it was WORTH EVERY STEP! LOVED IT!!!
    I made ROSEBUD napkins that you can see HERE
    If you like them, I'll explain how I did it for you...
    Big Giant SQUISHY Hugs,

  48. YOur table is beautiful as its everything on it! I love all the cloches with the silver underneath. Great idea! Have a wonderful weekend.
    Glad you found your computer and your daughter is better. Sometimes we just have crazy weeks....
    Blessings My Friend,

  49. Hi Fabby!
    Oh boy you went to town here! Your many cloche's are amazing! The cups stacked in the tall cloche is cute!
    I love love your tablecloth- it's really a classic! Your colorful china is really eye catching!
    I would have been so pleased too- to see the new plate stands in the magazine! How coincidental is that!
    Glad your daughter's problem was minor and fixable! That's scary that you left your computer behind! You are truly lucky to have gotten it back!

  50. This is so beautiful, as always, Fabby. Love the colors and look at that cloche galore! Love the glasses too. Everything is just perfect...Christine

  51. Oh I'm so glad you got your blog back Fabby, and your daughter is doing well:)must have been a very stressful week for you but you can now relax over the weekend!I love your cloche collection and how beautifully you display all your collectibles in them. Gorgeous dinner plate... love the pattern on them.Love the mercury glass cake stands, most definitely an awesome find!Thanks for sharing with us and for your lovely visit and sweet comment:)Enjoy the weekend!~Poppy

  52. Wow, you have so much things and you have beautiful collection:)

    Visiting for for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)


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