Sunday, January 1, 2012

FABBY: Doggies collection!

I have many collections, but my dog figurine collection is one I love very much and I have vintage ones, European ones, porcelain ones, brass ones, chinese Foo dogs, etc.  I am joining Alyson from  The Polo House Collection Party. 
My buffet with my doggie collection under glass.  I used this pictures for Marty's Cloche party 2, at A Stroll Thru Life.  Below in the antique chest  rests my two hand made Foo dogs which are my latest find...I love oriental things, so this couple, of male and female Foo dogs are one of my favorite.
 My Little Friends are inside some of my cloche collection too.... since this pictures I have added from this Christmas presents, a couple of more you could say there's TWO collections here.
 In the picture frame is our own Pug Ben that died in 2010, at the age of 13....We still miss him so much!.
Aren't they so cute?!
Thank you so much to dear Alyson from The Polo House for hosting this fun new party, on January 1st., 2012.  HAPPY NEW YEAR !!


  1. Your pups are adorable. They look great under the cloche's.
    Thanks for showing them to us!

  2. Fabby, these are all so adorable. I love how you displayed them in cloches. It's a beautiful collections and you have selected a very creative way of displaying them. Happy New Year Fabby!
    One word of advice, turn off your permissions for the other 3 blogs you are working on, so people can't see them.

  3. You have the neatest collection of doggie figurines!! How cute they look under the cloches, and inside the lids of some, and just sitting here and there on your server!! How long have you been collecting them? A long time, I imagine...some very unusual and some very old, mixed in with the newly acquired ones makes them all an interesting grouping!
    Thanks for sharing them with us today...and thank you for the special comment you left to me on yesterdays post comments...I was most touched!
    I look forward to a new year's worth of posts, and wish you a fun-
    filled year of sharing your most enchanting life with us.....
    Warm hugs, Francy

  4. Fabby, this is a fun collection. Do you have the book, LIVING WITH DOGS? It's one of my favorite decorating books. Happy New Year! ~ Sarah

  5. I love your dog collection! I have one too-I will be sharing some of it this week.Your big Foo dogs are beautiful.

  6. SOOOO fascinating! Great variety and wonderful way to display them...

  7. Fabby!

    How clever!
    Puppies and cloches... two of my favorite things.

    You have so many sweeties too.

    Sorry about losing your sweet dog.
    So hard. We have a four and a two year old, a lab and a golden, and we love them so much. I often worry with each passing day and year how hard it will be to part with either one of them. They add sooo much to your life, don't they?

    Thanks for putting this photo collage together for us! It's fantastic!


  8. Great dog collection display. The cloches really call attention to them.

  9. Fabby- I have never met anyone else that has a dog collection. I probably have well over 100 pieces that were collected when I was a child and into my early teens. I have had them packed away for several years and I hope that my son takes the collection. I always loved them, too! What a great idea to keep them under cloches~ xo Diana

  10. This is so cute, Fabby! You have a wonderful collection...I collect and love dog stuff, too!

  11. Oh, Fabby, you know I love dogs and your collections is so beautiful!

    Happy New Year dear friend!

  12. I'm your newest follower from Kristen's Creations-stop on over for a visit!!

  13. Pretty neat collection, Fabby. I have so many collections too but I cannot get to them right now cause I am not home. I hope you are having a wonderful time greeting the new year....Christine

  14. Fabby, Your dogs are beautiful and so well behaved. :)
    It's so pretty the way you have them displayed in the cloches.
    Now you have me wanting to acquire more to keep mine company...dogs, not cloches.

  15. What a great doggie collection! You have displayed them so nicely, I especially like the ones under glass!

    Happy New Year!


  16. Your little dogs are perfectly delightful! I adore them under the cloche!
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. What a fun collection, Fabby. I think your doggies are very sweet. I'm sorry about your real dog. I've lost several through the years and it still makes me sad so I'm sure you miss your very much. You have your figurines displayed in an imaginative way. They are very nice. ------Shannon

  18. Hi Fabby,
    wish you a wonderful new year with lots of fun, health and luck. Your doggy collction looks so cute. I hear them barking in my mind with tiny voices.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  19. Fabby, I love your collection!!! And they look sooo pretty all displayed together under the cloches!!!!
    Thank you for sharing!

  20. Hi dear Fabby,
    Two gorgeous collections, indeed!
    I don't know which is my favourite...
    Congratulations for all the beauties you own!

  21. Love your dog collection! And what an ingenious display! It's fun to see what everyone collects.

    Stopping by via The Polohouse,

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  22. oh my, what a cute dog ornament displays. Hope to see you in my Pink Saturday entries one and two. Happy New Year!

  23. What a wonderful collection of dogs! Adorable!
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. I love these pups! They are sweet as can be! Thanks for sharing!


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