Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FABBY: Real Christmas Tablescape

I love this all embroidered Spanish tablecloth in satin, specially because it's so traditional and I love Christmas in the traditional colors. This is how my table will look for real Christmas Eve, except for the lack of flatware!  OMG!  I just noticed I forgot!  Oh well, I'll have them on for Christmas, I promise, LOL!!

The centerpiece I did with my bil's red roses from his rose-farm and I arranged them on my white soup tureen that was a gift from mother, several years ago, as it was hers for ever and I have fond memories.
Here is the pretty embroidery corner on the satin tablecloth.
The red stems are Italian from many years ago and the green I have for a long time too, I don't remember what they are.  The napkins are so pretty, I also got them in NY several years ago, 8 for $5.
 I love, love the embroidery on the tablecloth it got to me inmediately when I saw it, so I had to take it home with me and this was already, 8 years ago!
 The red chargers with my mom's doilys, so not to scratch the charger when we eat and the dinner plate moves around a bit.

 The tea, or coffee buffet for after, to enjoy with our cake and Holiday cookies.
 The tea, or coffee buffet.
The small buffet  here is an antique Egyptian piece hubby bought several years ago and I love the brass Egyptian designs in it, that's what got Alejandro when he saw it at an antique window shop in the capital. 
 I decorate the Italian brass chandy with small wreaths in each of the eight arms.
 The roses look like they're made of velvet.  I arranged the flowers in a non-chalantly way not so perfectly rounded, as I've done before in the crystal vases.
 I just added a couple of photos with the flatware, as it was bothering me too much, lol!
 The place setting with the red charger, dinner plate and soup bowl...and finally, regular Oneida flatware!

I ran a green ribbon and small green tree ball ornament, around all the eight silver napkin rings. 

 The entire tablescape.  The silver napkin rings with green ribbon and a green small ball.
This is how my tablescape for Christmas Eve will be...and Christmas Day too.  I always use my traditional Lynns Fine china, which hubby gifted me for a birthday, back 17 years ago and he gave me 16 place settings as he bought two sets of eight because we're usually 14.  We go for a fabulous lunch Christmas Eve at mother's house the whole family with the children too.
I love my traditional tablescape,  I usually feel the real Christmas spirit when I do my reds and greens!   Are you mostly traditional for the Christmas Holiday? 
Thank you my dear friends for visiting me, you know I love to have you and I specially appreciate your kind visits.  Thanking the lovely hostesses for having me at their great and fun parties they host everyweek. 
Love you always,

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  1. Another beautiful table, Fabby. I always enjoy seeing your pretty table settings. Hope you and your family have a splendid holiday. ~ Sarah

  2. So very pretty Fabby!! I just LOVE that beautiful tablecloth and your dining set is stunning.

    Have a wonderful night! ((hugs))

  3. A gorgeous setting...that tablecloth is extraordinarily beautiful!!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Just perfect, as usual, my dear Fabby! Everything is so lovely. I especially love when you get a shot in of your marble floors. They are just so gorgeous! And I LOVE your tea buffet. I noticed it in the first photo on the left. Gorgeous piece. Well, everything you have is lovely. :)
    And it sounds like you will have a lovely Christmas. Blessing to you and the whole family.

  5. This is the first time that I have seen this pattern...beautiful. It reminds me of the Spode "Christmas Rose." The satin embroidered tablecloth is a true treasure. You'll have a marvelous celebration with your family. Thank you for inviting us for a peak at your holiday design. Cherry Kay

  6. Very pretty the tablecloth! I'm glad you joined the party...thanks for all of your nice comments on my blog. I really appreciate each one!! Kristen

  7. Bonjour ma chère Fabby,
    Ta table de fête sera une merveilleuse table, très raffinée... Elle fait un bel honneur à la fête de Noël. Les notes de rouge, vert et blanc teintent parfaitement bien... Tu es à l'affût du moindre détail, j'apprécie chaque petite touche... L'atmosphère que tu sais créer me plait énormément et cela doit être très plaisant de partager une telle table.
    Gros gros bisous à toi.

  8. Fabby, just beautiful! I love everything but the tablecloth has stolen my heart! Gorgeous!

  9. Lovely table, beautiful dishes and gorgeous table linen! Your dining furniture is to die for!

  10. Fabby, this is stunning! I agree with you about the traditional colors. Your tablecloth is gorgeous, love the satin edging. Beautiful big fine china set! And I also noticed your french buffet (love it!), looks French anyway, like a Louis VI?...Christine

  11. So pretty and Festive Fabby!! I love your table setting!!

  12. Fabby, That tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous. I don't think I have ever seen anything so beautiful. If anyone wasn't in the Christmas spirit before they will be now. Love the Christmas china and the napkins were a deal.
    Your roses certainly carry the Christmas theme throughout.
    As usual, Fabby, you have us in awe of your exquisite taste and treasures.
    Thanks for sharing, Ginger

  13. Hi darling, oh my goodness you had me from the Chandy shot, it is "gorgeous"! Your table is beautiful, I love all your traditional colors. Your napkins remind me of a tablecloth my Grandmother had when I was a child, what fond memories. Love your sweet tea table! hugs ~lynne~

  14. Oh my Ms. Fabby. You have gone and done it again.You live most elegantly.The table cloths are beautiful and I love the holly china. I love holly. Richard from My Old Historic House and Sissy Dog Kisses.

  15. Exquisite tablecloth...the china looks so pretty against it.

  16. You truly went all out for this lovely table setting. Really looked like Christmas has arrived. One other thing, I noticed, all those plates on your wall. Never saw so many.

  17. Fabby, this is beautiful. I am not a tablescaper at all, so I always admire those of you who are. I can only imagine what it would be like to sit around your table for a holiday meal!

  18. Gorgeous! I love the festive. And your Christmas china is wonderful! Defintely perfect for Christmas dinner. Everything is just perfect!

  19. Fabby! Your table is so beautiful! I love those gorgeous roses in the tureen with the Christmas balls around it. Your dishes, and all the glassware - more than beautiful! You are amazing!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Very elegant in your traditional red and green decor! andrea@townandprairie

  21. Absolutely stunning!... I so love the traditional colors at Christmas time... xoxo Julie Marie

  22. Fabby I am in love with that tablecloth! Everything looks stunning!!

  23. YOur table is so gorgeous and elegant, always elegant!
    You are so blessed to have that many over for Christmas, I so wish I had more family here so we could have a huge family Christmas, I so need it.
    Have a lovely day, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  24. Fabby, what splendid china. I love that you forgot the flatware because that is surely something I would do. I do not post tablescapes as I have zero patience for them. I shall leave them to you as you do them so prettily. That tablecloth is gorgeous too. Happy Christmas ♥ O

  25. Fabby this is beautiful china. I love that he thought of how many you would need. truly a thoughtful man. The tablecloth is fabulous.. i am in awe of each stitch.. Gorgeous.. Merry Christmas.. xo marlis

  26. Truly creative and beautiful! So much Christmas cheer. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love the traditional red and greens. That tablecoth is fabulous@ Love all the little details you have put together! Just perfect! Joni

  28. Hi Fabby,
    Thanks for visitng my blog today. I love your Christmas dishes! Very pretty.

  29. I always find myself smiling when I visit your beautiful colorful home. I just knew you would do festive brilliantly. I love your tablescape.

  30. Fabby, this table is gorgeous1 Your tea buffet is sensational. Love the dishware. Everything is so elegant and a pleasure to see. Happy holidays.....XO Linda

  31. Lovely! And that tablecloth is gorgeous. Love the embroidery on it. Wow. You have a wonderful dining room. All of it is beautiful.

  32. From the roses, the dishes, the table cloth, chandelier...everything is just beautiful. Thank you for always leaving such sweet comment Fabby! Merry Christmas to YOU!


  33. oh wow , this is stunning. I wouldnt be able to eat cause I'd be too busy looking at all this beauty.

  34. Gorgeous tablescape! Your Christmas china is fabulous.

  35. Fabby,

    You[ve done it again!!! So lovely. You do a wonderful job decorating your home.

    Merry Christmas!

  36. What a gorgeous tablecloth, so different!
    The roses are just beautiful
    A wonderful table, with or without silverware!

  37. That is without a doubt the most elegant and beautiful Christmas table ever! That tablecloth is stunning!
    And your tree and family room below are simply beyond gorgeous!
    Great job Fabby!

  38. Hi Fabby...

    Dear friend, I just giggled when I seen the photos where you added the silverware! Hehe! You're so cute! Fabby, your Christmas table is beautiful! Ohh my...the satin embroidered tablecloth is FABULOUS! I've never seen anything like it! It's beautiful with your china place perfect! I also love your golden reindeer candleholders! BEAUTIFUL!!! Your dining room looks sooo pretty all dressed up for Christmas, sweet friend! Thank you for sharing it with us! Yes, the small Egyptian buffet is truly unique...very pretty!

    Warmest Christmas Wishes,

  39. ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨. *
    ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ **
    ****o***♥**o***o***♥ *

    muy lindo!!
    inspiradas en Navidad!!

  40. love your Christmas dishes and the table is perfect

  41. Fabby, Another beautiful Christmas post. Your tablescape is just gorgeous. The satin tablecloth is stunning, I've never seen one anything like it. The colors and design are so beautiful. Your table looks so festive and will be perfect for Christmas Eve. I love traditional colors for Christmas and red and white is what I'll be setting too. The roses look so lovely. Your home is absolutely beautiful and Christmas ready.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    The French Hutch

  42. I love this, Fabby! Your table is just gorgeous. The dinnerware is wonderful.

  43. Thank you so much for taking your time to visit my blog and leave such a sweet comment :)

    Have a lovely weekend:)
    ... your table setting is just divine. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Greetings from Australia♥

  44. Oh Fabby, your table is gorgeous! The tablecloth is exquisite, I love the gold deer candle holders too! I can't get over how pretty it all is! Have a blessed Christmas with your family. XO, Pinky

  45. Beautiful table! Wonderful colors and design,Love your home.Thanks for sharing JoAnn

  46. Fabby this is gorgeous! That tablecloth is just beautiful. Such quality and detail! Love all the decor and the bowl with the roses is beautiful! Your china is beautiful!

  47. So beautiful!

    Hearty Pink, come and see when you get a chance.

  48. Just beautiful, Fabby. Gorgeous table and wonderful Christmas decor. thanks so much for linking up to VIF!

  49. Hi Fabby, A stunning table cloth for sure. Looking at the beautiful tablecloth all I could think of was what if cranberry sauce was dropped on that beautiful fabric by accident! You can tell my family Christmas has always been "real", hehe. Seriously, this is stunning table settings. HPS, Merry Christmas.

  50. This table is stunning to me. It starts from the bottom up with that linen. I love that tablecloth. Whatever you layer on it is bound to be just beautiful. Your taste reminds me of Christine from "Christine's Home and Travel Adventures". (One of my favorite tablescapers) It has a look of formal abundance with a richness of color. I love it!

  51. So beautiful Fabby! I can imagine the good food and wonderful conversation that is shared around your table!

  52. I always look for your PINK SATURDAY blog among the very first I go to because I know it is going to be "eye-candy" for sure!! This one is gorgeous!! I cannot pick any one favorite object from it because
    it is all so beautifully arranged. I love the embroidered tablecloth, it made a perfect start for the table. Such gorgeous china and stem-ware you have, and I enjoy the
    little stories behind each piece. I also love that family is so very important to you and how you cherish all the heirlooms you have received from the ones who have gone on. It shows in how you bring it all together with such love.
    Sounds like you will have a house-ful for Christmas, and isn't that the best way to celebrate the Christ child's, friends and love and warmth...
    You have such an elegnant home, with gorgeous possessions, and a wonderful are blessed, dear Fabby!
    Have a good week coming up....
    Hugs, Francy

  53. Beautiful table! You have such wonderful things. XO

  54. This is a beautiful tablescape- it's so festive! The tablecloth is really wonderful--so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment.

  55. Hi Fabby. Your traditional Christmas table is fabulous. What a treasure you have in the gorgeous tablecloth! It is just beautiful. And wow - those roses do look like they're made out of velvet! Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  56. I love the embroidery on the tablecloth Fabby! I also love the traditional colors of Christmas. Your home is beautiful!

  57. Hi, Fabby. What a beautiful tablecloth to use as the foundation for your beautiful table! May the meals you share at this table create many good memories. Merry Christmas!

  58. What a festive looking table Fabby.... so pretty and very rich in tradition and style... embroidered table cloth is treasure piece... Trully a grand looking settings
    Happy if you come to see me at
    with love from

  59. Fabby, I enjoyed seeing your beautiful tablescape. How wonderful that your hubby gave you such a wonderful gift in the china. You have such speical memories, too!! That tablescloth is so pretty. I can see why you cherish it.

  60. Satin!!! Oh, my ... beautiful, but I'd be afraid to use it!!!!! The roses are amazing. The whole table is gorgeous. Just what I expect when I visit you, Fabby! Happy Happy and a Merry Merry to you!

  61. Oh Fabby, the satin table cloth is so beautiful, and with the beautiful reds and greens...Wow!!!
    Hugs sweet friend

  62. It's all so very festive at your place! I like how you stack the cups and saucers at a sideboard ... standing ready. Also I have a similar tablecloth but am wondering if yours is over a red or has the red attached around the edges. It is so pretty. I love mine and the shimmering satin look. enjoy the holidays!

  63. I love your fabulous tablecloth. It is the first thing I noticed and your dishes look beautiful on it. Fresh gorgeous roses top off a lovely table. Enjoy your family and the memories created as you dine together this Christmas.

  64. The table is fabulous! I have never seen a tablecloth like that -- exquisite and so festive. Your china is also extremely pretty, and you have put everything together so beautifully.

    Your family will really enjoy this, I know.

  65. Hey there, Fabby!!! Beautiful table, darling!!! I LOVE the tablecloth! It is SO pretty, so delicately is a true work of art! I know that china has a very special meaning to you, and I think that makes the table just that much more special. Using your brother-in-law's exquisite roses is an added plus. I went traditional this year with the decorating around the house in red, gold, and bits of green. I get bored easily, so I've been changing things out a little here and there. It sounds like you guys have a really busy holiday schedule, and I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

  66. My how stunning to have a beautiful and traditional table set with that lovely tablecloth. You have a wonderful tradition of family and special times at Christmas. Have a very Merry Christmas! Happy Tablescaping! Pam

  67. So beautiful Fabby! Everything is just gorgeous. And that tablecloth is stunning!

  68. Fabby, I love the beautiful table cloths! They are stunning! Merry Christmas!


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