Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FABBY: French Tablescape

Hello sweet friends!

Looking  for  Martha Stewart's Holiday decorations in the Internet,  I came around a beautiful table scape for Christmas with an aqua-turquoise china and instantly I remembered my mother's vintage Candle Light Limoges dishes in aqua and immediately  got inspired to make a table scape for Christmas, all my own, in this not classical color. 
Martha had hers beautifully done with a gorgeous centerpiece  with white flowers, whereas I decided to use my hubby's,  French Art Nuveou porcelain center piece with the monogram of his grandparents, which is just like our last name's initials and when his mother died, almost three years ago she left it to him.

I am calling this table scape French as everything in the table is "almost" French, like the beautiful stems that were my mil's, my mother's pretty French Limoges dishes and the gorgeous porcelain centerpiece, which I arranged it in a modern fashion for the holidays. 

 I used my vintage, Carrara top table that's in the our foyer; the one  hubby bought in the European Antiques Shop last April and the manager told my hubby that it was great, we were so happy, who cares from where, we just fell in love with the gorgeous table. 
The other day I was in the antique shop to see what's cooking, and I ran into the owner who had come from Europe recently and asked me how I liked the gorgeous Antique FRENCH table for my foyer and WOW... it turned out French and not Italian...hehehe.. 

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 Mother gifted me with this French Limoges dishes, a set of eight with some serving pieces several years ago. This was her good china, she used it only for guests, back in the 60's, or before, therefore, some have chipped even, so I have a set of perfect six left as mother enjoyed serving her guests for many years in NYC in her dear china.  I love the aqua color to them... I wonder what dishes Martha Stewart used in her picture, the ones that inspired me this tablescape??
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 I just love this gorgeous hand embroidered, linen napkins with a C'mas tree on a blue bucket. I won them around ten years ago, among other things in a local C'mas store because I taught how to decorate a C'mas tree; it was a $200 gift certificate from the store, so one of the items I picked was this lovely eight linen napkins.
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 The chargers I used here are my pewter ones, so to keep a Wintery cold look to the tablescape.

Here is the gorgeous French Art Nuveau antique porcelain center piece that belonged to my Fil's parents'.  I chose for my arrangement some C'mas tree balls in aqua and silver along with the blue-silvery grapes on the sides and those thin blue-silver twigs.
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 The French stems glasses were my Mil's and they come in three sizes, twelve of each.
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 The table scape in my "newly discovered", French vintage table with Carrara marble top. A little peek of our tree and mantel in our den.
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The living room in the back ground with my beloved Francoise Sagan's round coffee table, (this is how I call it).
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 I high shot to appreciate the entire table scape. 
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 The color of this photo looks old fashion, like something retro 50's.
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 Sitting in the living room couch I took this shot, with some of my reds in the coffee table. You can see here the entire great vintage "French table" in our foyer. The two red velvet striped chairs are of French style too.
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 The Christmas tree in the back ground in our family room.
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 The monogram in the antique French Art Nuveu from the 20's,  has an A and a C, as my maiden name is Alba and hubby's last name is Crespo.
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I like the soup bowl's shape, it's so old world.
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I love this beautiful linen napkins.
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new and they had a Transfer ware perfect dishes set for 12 in blue and white with zillion accessories...I almost fell for it, but I have enough blue and white.  Ok, let's get back to the table! 
I met the owner who lives in Holland and that's from where he sends all the antiques to Ecuador, he buys them all over Europe and he says:  Sra. Fabiola,  I heard you got months ago that beautiful FRENCH TABLE with the Carrara marble top!!  You can imagine me!...I was so surprised, happily too, but I've been calling it all along... my Italian table, because the manager told us it was Italian, lol!  Well, this is the story.  Here is my  French table scape on my "French vintage table" all set for Christmas.   I hope you like it.

Your lovely, generous and kind visits are so appreciated, they always make my day and put a smile on my face no matter how bad I may be feeling that day, so really, I cannot thank you enough my dearest wonderful friends. I love you all very much.


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Pamela Gordon said...

Oh Fabby, what a gorgeous table you've set with those beautiful aqua and white dishes. I love it with the silver and all set on that beautiful 'French' table! (lol) I had to smile when you found out your table was French and not Italian. I spied your beautiful Christmas tree in the background too. It's all magical. Have a great day tomorrow. Blessings, Pamela

Deanna said...

Dearest Fabby,
These dishes are so beautiful and the color so nice!!!
I think this color is truly a nice color that makes these pretty dishes outstanding. You've set a gorgeous table.

May you have a sweet Holiday,

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Fabby, my friend, you have outdone yourself this time. This tablescape is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous!!! The aqua is sooo beautiful! You're right; it's not the classic Christmas color, but oh how elegant. And that French centerpiece with monogram is to die for. The embroidered napkins are charming, and the vintage French crystal is so pretty. This my be my favorite of your tablescapes yet. Your home, your Christmas tree, and your vintage French table are just lovely. Have a great week.



Judy Bigg said...

Fabby, I truly love this table you have designed with those beautiful dishes, they are my favorite color. I would love to have some like those. You have the magic touch. Isn't it wonderful to have dishes or pieces from your family. I know you must cherish them.

Phyllis@Around the House said...

What a stunning the tiffany blue they ever go out of style they don't...everything is beautiful..

Farah Muzaffar said...

Fabby Darling... what beautiful and family heritage you have...I never imagine china in this colour... it is one of my favourite colour and to see your china in it ...Oh dear its so amazing ... I think 8 times I saw each and every picture it is more than lovely and what a beautiful hand embroided napkins... little Christmas tree look fabulous... it makes my day... So much thanks for sharing your treasure...
Happy if you come to see me at
with love from

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Pat

Deborah said...

Gorgeous!! I love that color blue so much!!

xinex said...

This is stunning, Fabby. Do you see how much I love you? I just got home and have not even unpacked but I had to visit you, lol. I am a little jealous because your house is decorated so beautifully and my house is a mess, so overwhelming. I lfet John here for a week and somehow, everytime I go away, he gets an urge to organize but the way he organizes is emptying all the drawers and putting everything in bins which are all over the place. I need the floor space because the hardwood floors are arriving either tomorrow or Fri. and I need a place to keep everything that I need to move out of the rooms which floors are being replaced.This is just not the time to fill those with things that are already in drawers. I feel like I we just moved and I have to put stuff away. It's really overwhelming. Sorry, I was venting on you, lol. But your table is so gorgeous. You are right, we have the same dishes, mine are just in pink. They are lovely!....Christine

Jann Olson said...

Fabby, oh those dishes are absolutely gorgeous! Love the pewter chargers also. Wonderful heirloom pieces. I am so in love with turquoise! Your entire table is so pretty. You did a fantastic job. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Now following you.

SavannahGranny said...

Fabby, This is my favorite color in the whole wide world. I love blues but the aqua is so heavenly.
This table is out of the world beautiful, from the centerpiece to your Mom's dishes, the napkins, stemware. It all flows so beautifully. Love the tree in the background. Pics are great. Hugs to you, Ginger

martinealison said...

C'est toujours un ravissement que de venir visiter votre blog. Aujourd'hui je suis gâter de pouvoir admirer cette belle table et son service... Tout est délicatesse et précieux... Je suis comme une petite mouche qui bzzi-bzzzi inspecte les moindre recoins de cette belle maison!
Gros bisous

My Cozy Casita said...

Fabby's tu casa es tan elegante y fina me facina toda tu casa tienes un gusto marabilloso que Dios bendiga tu casa y tu familia en esta Navidades ya pronto pongo mis fotos de mi casa

Chlvie said...


Looooove the colors in this tablescape!!!! They are so beautiful, clean, crisp and sophisticated. And is that a tree I spy in the background that looks amazing too.

Queenie said...

Your table is beautiful Fabby! Oh I just love this shade of aqua grandma had countertops this shade of blue and I always have loved this color. Your centerpiece and dishes are sooo pretty...I think it's all perfect for Christmas...a winterwonderland feel to it :)
Hope you have a happy holiday season!
Big hugs,

Rebecca said...

You live surrounded by so much beauty! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Marlis said...

Fabby, this is a amazingly beautiful table. I love the aqua color! It just looks so festive. You really have a wonderful creative flair. I think the centerpiece is amazing.. How wonderful to have all those treasures. It's gorgeous.. loved the last one too.. must go revisit that table! xo marlis

Maury said...

Those dishes are beautiful! The entire table looks great... and I maybe drooling over your marble table just a little.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Oo la la, Fabby! C'est magnifique!!! :D

Priscilla said...

Love, love, love the blue! My mother used blue and green at Christmas. She was French and so this table really speaks to me.

carolinajewel said...

WOW! I love the table, the dishes, the centerpiece - everything!!!! Gorgeous color for a holiday table. That table makes me, in my Victorian house, drool, no matter what country is came from! It is Gorgeous!

Carolyn said...

I love how you set your elegant table.I also enjoyed a peek around your beautiful home.
Your French table is beautiful too!


LV said...

Beautiful home filled with lovely things. You have really set a grand table.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

These dishes are beautiful! What an amazing color. I love your tablescape. So elegant and stunning!!

Jocelyn @

C. Joy said...

You've opened my eyes... never would have thought of those dishes as "Christmas" dishes. It's a beautiful table. What's for dinner?

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Wow what a gorgeous set of first thought process was what a lucky duck you are to have been gifted those dishes. The table setting is perfect and the marble top table is also beautiful. You are very talented in the decor department and full of good ideas!

Marigene said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful table, Fabby! I love the soft aqua and white with the silver on that lovely marble reminds me of an icy winter wonderland scene. Thank you for sharing!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Gorgeous! I love the colors!! Did you see that you were one of the winners in the Gallery Direct giveaway? Congratulations!! Email me your contact info so they can send you your code! :)

Antiques And Teacups said...

Fabby, your table is stunning! I especially love the centerpiece bowl. What a blessing you have such a family treasure! Absolutely beautiful!

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Wow, so beautiful! I am impressed! Thank you for sharing!

Shelia said...

Hi Fabby! Oh, your table is so gorgeous and those dishes are beautiful! Love that soft blue dishes. Your home is so lovely and keep sharing it with us.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shelia said...

Hi Fabby! Oh, your table is so gorgeous and those dishes are beautiful! Love that soft blue dishes. Your home is so lovely and keep sharing it with us.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Linda said...

Absolutely stunning. I am in love with your precious china and that tablescape turned out so lovely. I've been "dreaming"of a wintery white and turquoise table setting and decor for this year's Christmas, and you have certainly inspried me.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi again~ Here is the link to the giveaway winner post! I was on my cellphone earlier when I popped over- apologies for not sharing it with you already!

Alycia Nichols said...

Oh, wow, Fabby....those dishes are magnificent!!!! They are just the perfect thing! I am so in love with them!!! And that centerpiece bowl is just fabulous!!!!!!!!! You have some WONDERFUL pieces there!!! It's nice to see a Christmas table in non-traditional colors every once in awhile. You did a good job!!! Oh..and your tree in the background is gorgeous!

Patti said...

Absolutely the centerpiece, it's lovely!

Scribbler said...

I just LOVE to come visiting at your beautiful home. You never disappoint, and I think this might be one of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen. Aqua is just about my favorite color, that and red, so I was hooked from the first shot. You have great style.


Betsy said...

Your home and your tablescape are gorgeous. It was the beautiful aqua and the fabulous centerpiece that really caught my eye. Very well done and I'm sure it's better than Martha's.

Tess said...

Fabby...this is just beautiful. So unusual for Christmas but truly gorgeous and unexpected!!

Wendy @HerBallistic Garden said...

It's beautiful and elegant and update in an old fashioned way...eclectic. I love it! (over form Inspiration Friday for the 1st time)

Cindy said...

Hello dear Fabby,
Your table is so pretty, the lovely marble sets everything off so beautifully. I adore the aqua dishes, and the center piece of your fil's family is fabulous!!!
Your home is so elegant, I love seeing it.
Hugs, Cindy

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Gorgeous, elegant, wonderful...I'm short of words!! Your table is as beautiful as always my dear.
Thanks a bunch for your lovely words on my humble site and on Prismma magazine as well. Your kind visit means a lot to me.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Leann said...

Oh Fabby that china is Gorgeous with a capital G. I love the soft color!!! Your home is lovely!


once in a blue moon said...

very pretty, i am having and aqua xmas at the beach this year so really enjoyed seeing yours~

Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

Wow Fabby! That turned out beautiful! Those are so "Martha Stewart" she always loves the blue/green dishes and your choice of the ornaments to go with it are perfect. It's a very retro look! That table is a real beauty! You have exquisite taste! The chinoiserie secretary is gorgeous! The tree looks beautiful too! I haven't even gotten mine up yet! Soon!!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Fabby, this is FABULOUS!! Oh my goodness, it is so gorgeous. And I am partial to that color, as I go crazy for aqua/Robin's Egg Blue. Love your aqua dinnerware, but it makes it all the more special that they were your Mother's. And that centerpiece??? GORGEOUS! Again, you are blessed that this was a family piece from your husband's side. It is all just out-of-this-world beautiful. I know I always say that when I visit you, but you do such a lovely job with everything. And, again, your marble floors are to die for!

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

p.s. I forgot to say: that stemware is gorgeous also. I can't believe you have a set of 12 in all those sizes! Beautiful.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Fabby, this is THE prettiest tablescape I've seen in years!!! Truly! The colors are really doing it for me! Very elegant.

jessica said...

Those are some extremely beautiful dishes!! What a gorgeous tablescape!
Thanks for commenting on my post!!! I saw your post from another link party too!!


Maria Elena said...

Oh, so beautiful! The color of the dishes is amazing! What a gorgeous table!

Richard Cottrell said...

Oh Ms. Fabby, Fab again! I love the centerpiece bowl and you have added just the right touches. if i was closer and had a truck, I'd try and snatch that marble top table,TDF. Keep it up, I'm loving it. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Jessa Irene said...

Oh, this is breath taking! Such amazing color.

Sara said...

This is GORGEOUS!! Would LOVE it if you would link this up at my turquoise lovin' party!

Holly M said...

Wow, Just gorgeous table -- can't wait to retire too!

S said...

Your tablescape is lovely, right down to the satin ribbon.

Meredith said...

just beautiful! I love your centerpiece and your stemware is gorgeous!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Truly gorgeous! I love those colors and you have put together a stunning table. All the family history makes it also very special.

Johanna said...

Dear Fabby,
Whow, what a tablescape. I love this outstanding color. It looks definately cool and the center piece is breath taking. I love auqa and you have so pretty dishes.
Fabby, when your daughter is in this area, it is really worth to visit this little plantation - but only, if she buy the diary-book. It is so amazing to read about the People there. And you will love the book, too, when your daughter brings it with her.
Best greetings, Johanna

Princesa Nadie said...

Una mesa preciosa vestida ya de Navidad. Tu árbol se ve precioso
Un Abrazo

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Your table is just beautiful in one of my favorite colors! So soft and just plain lovely! Love the marble top table, too!
♥ Jil

C'est moi Claudette said...

SO SO SO TIFFANY BLUE!!!! Nothing like a little, or a lot, of Limoges.
My aunty left me a couple tiny little pieces of Limoges Fabby. I treasure then like you will treasure you mom's beautiful dishes.
And I ADORE the girls cookies. SWEET

chubskulit said...

Simply beautiful!

My PINK is inviting you to come and take a peek. Have a beautiful weekend!

Honey at 2805 said...

Your gorgeous French table set with your beautiful aqua dishes along with the silver is heavenly! The centerpiece is outstanding and so is you fabulous home. I so enjoyed the story you told along with the pictures.

Thanks you for linking this beautiful post to Potpourri Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!

Suzy said...

What gorgeous dinnerware and stemware! You are so blessed that these were passed along to you. And the centerpiece is to die for. You did a great job displaying all of it.

The Rosegarden in Malevik said...

Oh my,,,,,,,,what a marvelous Table :)
and do not miss,,,




It is FUN :)
Håkan ( The Roseman)

Marias Hörna - Njut av livet ♥ said...

Thanks for the viewer in me at Mary's Corner. Unfortunately, not my home, but a close friend. What a fabulous table setting shows you. Wish you a nice evening. Hugs from Maria

Anonymous said...

Fabby...oh, my goodness...this is really an "over-the-top" posting!! I am in love with your aqua dishes! They
display so beautifully and who would ever have thought how wonderful they look as a Christmas table-scope?!!
Your napkins are also wonderful!! The centerpiece is truly gorgeous and you filled it so pretty with the silver balls and grapes...the whole table is so elegnant and exquisite!!
French or Italian, the table itself is lovely!! You have inherited some of the most beautiful pieces of china, stemware, and candle holders, etc. I ave ever seen. Your family must
have always loved to have guests over and use the wonderful pieces you have now...and you have such a talent yourself to create beautiful tables...
Thank you so much for sharing this stunning Christmas table...I would love to be able to walk through your whole house and see ALL of your decorating!!

Elsa och Helena said...

Than you for visiting me:) Your home is absolutely faboulus!

Hug Helena

Komali Nunna said...

Very elegant table, Fabby. Love that color.

Sharing Shadymont said...

Fabby, Your table is just lovely. Elegance at its finest!! I love the aqua. Your centerpiece is wonderful.

Have a great weekend!!

Sarah said...

Fabby, this is a gorgeous table. I adore that color. I know you cherish this set. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Very Gorgeous tablescape! I love the colors...everything is so pretty! I am having a giveaway on my blog and would love to see you enter!

Phyllis said...

Oh, I could duplicate your table and love it ever so much in my home....."if only" I had your mom's china and your husband's moms centerpiece bowl! I recall seeing that centerpiece bowl in another of your posts and falling in love with it. How gorgeous it is with your pale aqua blue china.....a treat for the eyes!!! Lovely as always, my dear friend

The Tablescaper said...

This table is just amazing. The china is wonderful and it's monogram is just the icing on the cake. The centerpiece is the perfect finishing touch. I'm going back for a second look. Just spectacular.

- The Tablescaper

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

OMG!! This is breath taking and FABULOUS!!

My Parent's kitchen was aqua or turquiose like they called it back in the 60's!!
These dishes would have matched their kitchen!!

Such an elegant tablescape!!

Thanks so much for your visits and all of your kind words.
I am continuing my Home Tour with the Powder Room and the upstairs to go....


Chubby N Chieque said...

Hi dear Fabby,

I die for your turqouise dinnerwares. I so LOVE them all.

Thanks a bunch for giving me an inspiration and always coming by at D´Box.

Happy 2nd Advent to you and your lovelies.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

The colors are wonderful Fabby! Gorgeous table!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

It's simply gorgeous, Fabby! I love the centerpiece! Enjoy your Sunday!...hugs...Debbie

Curtains In My Tree said...

Your house looks so beautiful, love your black pieces of furniture.

Your Mom's dishes are beautiful also and looks like you beat Martha as far as setting a great table with aqua dishes,love how you have them on the marble top table. I have a marble top buffett I think I will set a small place setting for me .

thanks for leaving me a comment


Snap said...

Oh, Fabby! I love aqua and this table is just stunning! WOWOWOWOWOW! Merry Christmas and happy seasonal Sunday!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

OMG.... Fabby, I have never seen such a gorgeous monogrammed bowl or piece! The whole set and the holiday additions.... take one's breath away!
To spend time in your china vault must be ONE memorable occasion! THAT would be something to see for sure!
You are blessed with one amazing collection, Fabby.
Thanks for sharing this gorgeous French tablescape with us.

Diann said...

These dishes are just gorgeous! I love the whole setting! The color is so pretty. And the table has such an elegant simple look. Perfect Fabby!

Ruth said...

The tablescape is beautiful

Holly Loves Art said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! So happy I've found you! Your blog is beautiful and I love the dishes... the color is absolutely PERFECT! Hope you're enjoying the first part of December. Happy holidays to you!

Sherry said...

This table is beautiful! Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

Shelia said...

Thank you so much, Fabby! I still drool every time I come to your blog and see your most gorgeous home! :)
Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Fabby...

Ohhh my!!! Dear friend, I think this is the most BEAUTIFUL Christmas table ever!!! I love the non-traditional color...agua...and it's sooo very beautiful with the silver chargers! I just adore your mother's Limoges's sooo gorgeous!!! I also love the beautiful Christmas tree linen napkins...they are perfect with the china! But I must tell you that my favorite thing about your table is that gorgeous centerpiece! Of course, I love, love, LOVE that frenchy bowl! I love how you created a Christmas arrangement with the glittery sprigs and beautiful aqua ornaments! Sooo very pretty, dear friend! Ohhh...and your "french" marble table is lovely!

Thank you so very much for sharing your fabulous Christmas table with us, Fabby! Your entire home looks so beautiful all dressed up for Christmas...this was such a treat! You are a very gifted and talented lady, dear friend!

Love ya,



Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

The colors are wonderful Fabby! Gorgeous table! I will ALWAYS remember this post. Just so beautiful!

Mary said...

Your Christmas table is beautifully set and your home is truly lovely. All who share the holiday with you will you will enjoy their surroundings and the gracious atmosphere you have created. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Anonymous said...

Martha's inspiration certainly got you going. I like the idea of using a nontraditional palette and yours is quite lovely.

racheld said...

How very charming and frostily-lovely! The color is just wonderful for an icy season.

I picked up six of the MS plates at Goodwill several years ago, for probably 99c each, and you've given me fresh ideas . . . they are her everyday little things, DW and Micro-safe.


swedecollection said...

Oh, Fabby,
That aqua china is 2die4. Just love that BIG centerpiece with your family's monogram and the aqua ornaments inside. How nice that they passed it down to you and your husband. Love your new pewter chargers too!

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

Oh my goodness Fabby!
There is so many delightful and inspiring pieces in this post, I am in heaven!
Thank you for popping in to view my world and sharing the blessings here!
Greetings from Laguna Beach, California!

Kathleen said...

I love this table Fabby! The dishes are beautiful, and the centerpiece is wonderful. One of my favorites of yours, just the right touches!

Margret Cornell said...

DEar Fabby - love the blue china- color so light with white - white clear stemware -very pretty - the center piece is old world and styled after European ..very lovely - Spanish tablecloth is stunning ...
margret from

Marydon said...

Exquisite elegance! Love the aqua table settings.

Merry Christmas

Amy said...

Love your tablescape especially this one. The metallic blue is gorgeous! :)