Friday, September 9, 2011

FABBY: Table for 4

 I used this soup bowls, small serving bowls and a bigger  salad bowl with pretty pink roses for this tablescape,  I know I have some more pieces but didn't feel like opening more boxes to look for them.  I paired them with my 1979 china from Anchor Hocking that has  pink roses too and I'm using for our every day china lately.
 The bigger salad bowl it's so pretty.  You can see part of the tablecloth my mother crocheted for me around 25 years ago and I used an undercloth in a wine color,  I like the color  with pink.
 Here is a better view of the tablecloth my mother crocheted for me by hand and it's very long, for a table of 12 seats, I used it for this small tablescape in our round table.
 The roses in the soup bowls and salad the far left a small serving bowl with the other side of the design, which is pretty too.
 This small platter has such pretty chintz look to it with pink carnations, maybe because it's  Minton, made in England and was my mil's along with the  serving spatula, is vintage silver.
 The inside of the salad bowl with such pretty pink rose.
 My mother also crocheted  12 doilies to use on  all my chargers, so the dinner plate doesn't scratch the chargers, she once saw them in a magazine and plain went to work on them several years ago too. My mother doesn't crochet  anymore because of some ailment she has in her column, she's 81; but I'm so lucky she did runners, tray  mats, 2 sets of doilies for the chargers, this tablecloth and others things.
 The dinner plate is called Naomi Rose, stonewear, 1979.

 The salad plate.
 The plates with the Japanese soup bowl.
 This small cloche has a little girls tea cup with a pink similar's from my grandgirls tea set, I keep it here to play when they come to visit.  The rose candle holder is bisque porcelain and was made at our former Ceramic Co.
 The stemware is French and was my mil's.

 The small serving bowl for sauces, or whatever you wish it for.
 This pretty design is in the other side of all the  Japanese bowls.
This is going to be a sad weekend for the United States, conmemorating the 10th Anniversary  of 9-11, that  catastrophic day when we lost the twin towers in New york, by muslem extrimists and as a Newyorker, I am specially sad.  I wasn't going to post anything, even though I had already taken some picks of a table for four I did with my mother's beautiful tablecloth she crocheted for me several years ago and some pretty Japanese bowls, with a pink flower, I found in my cellar where I have some boxes of china and things.   Later I decided that I might as well, it is going to make me happy to be in  PINK SATURDAY and  to visit the other friends that joined the party, so thank you Beverly and thank you to the other lovely hostesses I will be linking too.  Thank you in advance to the wonderful friends that always visit me, with such generosity and kindness.   God bless America.  Love   FABBY
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  1. Beautiful, beautiful table! Everything is so lovely. And the crochet, those are family heirlooms. xo,

  2. The tablecloth is just fabulous !What a great job your mother did on this piece .

  3. So beautiful, Fabby. I love your crocheted tablecloth. You mom is very talented. The plates are gorgeous and love your candlesticks holder...Christine

  4. This is indeed a sad time for so many but I am glad you decided to post something.

    I will be keeping all of the people who were hurt, who lost loved ones and who lived through the suffering of this terrible day in my thoughts and prayers.

    Best wishes,

  5. God bless you Fabby. I know you are one with us as always and during this difficult time.
    The crochet you Mother made is precious now and will be more so in the future. The detail on the tablecloth is do perfect. You and your Mom have much talent.
    Thanks for sharing and your kind thoughts.
    Love you, Ginger

  6. Oh Fabby, you are "the hostess with the 'mostest!'" Such a beautiful table~~XO Cindy

  7. I just love the color of this china. I wish I had gotten some for my wedding, but I am glad to have my grandma's china. It means so much more.

  8. Fabby, I really enjoyed learning about your name. I still will always think it is a shortened version of "fabulous"!

    This Table for 4 is amazing! It is calming and luxurious at hte same time. The tablecloth and individual pieces are priceless - both for their fine workmanship and for the fact that your mother created them.

    One of these days, I'm going to set a table inspired by your examples and talent.

  9. I can't imagine how much it took for your mom to crochet that beautiful tablecloth. It's beautiful. This is such a sad time in our country and I know everyone will be honoring those souls and our military who have lost their lives.

  10. These dishes are very pretty Fabby. How special that your mother crocheted all those beautiful things for you. A beautiful tablescape today. Blessings, Pamela

  11. Must be fun to have dinner at your house. I usually eat out of the pan, standing at the stove. Lazy! Richard from My Old Historic house.

  12. Dear Fabby, yes, it is a sad weekend for America, and thank you for joining us in our thoughts and prayers.....
    Your "table for four" is really gorgeous...I most especially love PINK....and your table looks so soft, soothing, dainty and inviting.
    Do you know how blessed you are to have the beautiful crocheted things your mother made for you?!! Cherish
    them always!! Your MIL had lovely items and she had such good taste..
    you have many, many wonderful pieces
    to "play" with!!
    Thank you for sharing the table with us....I have said before, I love our blog!!
    Have a good weekend....Francy

  13. Thank you Francy, you always send me the most beautiful comments, you're very generous, wish I could reciprocate with you, but I can't, you must have your reasons for been annonimous, anyway, I hope you can read my thanks thru my own post. Wishing you a fun weekend. Love, FABBY

  14. The tablecloth is just gorgeous. How blessed you are to have doilies and other pieces from your mother. My grandmother was the one who left me a few crochet pieces.

    I think the pink color of the small bowls is just smashing. It's so perfectly inbetween in hue. You have such a talent for mixing prints. It's all so elegant.

  15. The tablecloth your mother made is truly a work of art! It's delicate and exquisite! Love how pretty everything looks by pink candlelight! ♥

  16. Your tablecloth is exquisite, Fabby. Beautiful table, as always.

  17. Gorgeous!

    Hope you can peek at my PINK post, have a blessed Sunday!

  18. You did a beautiful tablescape! It's so wonderful that you have those lovely crocheted pieces that your mom made.
    :) CAS

  19. Beautiful table! You are so fortunate to have all those wonderful crocheted items from your mother!

  20. Oh my stars! That handmade tablecloth is FABULOUS! ★★★ What a wonderful heirloom treasure you have, Fabby! I hope you have written down someplace who, where & when it was made so that future generations will know its history. I'm all about keeping the provenance these days.

    Beautiful table, Honey & thanks for your touching words on my blog.


  21. Your tablescape is lovely Fabby. Thanks for stopping by! Crocheted pieces are my favourite and how lovely that your mom crocheted so many pretty pieces for you.

  22. Beautiful Fabby! Such a sweet cloche, it adds such a nice touch. What a wonderful gift from your mother. The table cloth is amazing!!! Another beautiful tablescape, you are so good!

  23. Hi sweet friend...

    Sooo happy to see you for the Sunday Favorites party again this week, sweet friend! Your table is gorgeous (as always)! Love the sweet pink of my favorite colors of a rose! Girl, you have sooo many beautiful dishes...I stand in awe! I love, love, LOVE your silver charger plates! I have wanted a set for quite some time now but they ARE sooo expensive. Maybe someday! I also love your crocheted tablecloth! Ohhh my goodness, your mother is such a talented lady! I can't even begin to imagine how many hours it took to make that! And...I love the little doilies that she made for protect the silver chargers..great idea! A fabulous table, Fabby! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    I couldn't help but notice the beautiful autumn vignette that you created for your buffet! Love the big dough bowl filled with the autumn pretties!

    Well dear friend, I too, am praying for all those who lost loved ones at 911. Such a tragedy!

    Love ya,

  24. Fabby it is so pretty with the pink accents. Even though I crochet I never do such delicate work as the beautiful things your mother has done. It is so nice you will always have that at your side to remember her in the years to come. I hope you have a wonderful week, and thanks for the reminder to up date on Little One and her new brother!

  25. Hi, thanks for stopping by Redo 101 - you just come on over for Thanksgiving lunch, anybody's welcome :)

    Love your cloche with the little teacup, how adorable, and your pink rose pattern is beautiful, too - my favorite color.


  26. Beautiful table! Everything looks so gorgeous. Love the pink accents. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  27. Just beautiful! I especially love the delicate little child's teacup under the cloche. How beautiful! Thanks for creating and sharing this wonderful tablescape, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings, Barb

  28. A very pretty table and an even prettier tablecloth! Guess great minds think alike!

  29. Just lovely...beautful dishes, and WONDERFUL candles!! Thanks for visiting Pandora's Box!

  30. Morning, Fabby! Oh, another beautiful table! Now I'm all over that gorgeous tablecloth your mother made! I crochet and know how much work goes into something like this. I've crocheted two large tablecloths myself!
    Your dishes are lovely too.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. What a lovely table! I love the tablecloth. Linens are definitely my weakness.

  32. What a beautiful table setting, Fabby.

  33. Hi Fabby,
    this pink post is just charming. Love the way how you combined all this pink decorated china. Its great with the beautiful chrochet tablecloth and the winred unterneath. You have such a talent in tablesetting.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  34. The entire room is beautiful, romantic, and memorable. Your crocheted pieces from the hands of your mother are lovely. You chose the perfect showcase to accent the beauty and tranquility of heirlooms, roses, and pink candles.

    Best regards,
    Darleen~ Places In The Home

  35. So lovely Fabby. The tablecloth your Mother crocheted is beautiful and such a treasure. my Mom crochets too.
    You have set a beautiful tble and the room looks amazing. Love the dishware.

    Yes, we shall remember the lives that were lost.

  36. Hi lovely lady. Now you know I always love coming over to see your newest Tablescapes !!! This one is Gorgeous, with all your Beautiful plates~~~ You have a way of putting your tables together for the most lovely dinner party sweet lady.
    I would like to thank you so much for your lovely comments on my #52 Tablescapes.. I hope you have a great week. xxoo Diane

  37. The tablecloth your mother made is SO beautiful..what a treasure! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the inspiration in these pictures!

  38. Good post Fabby, classic and stylish table. Well done to you! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

  39. You have the most beautiful dishes. This table is gorgeous!

  40. Your table is incredible. I love the crochet work your mother did. The crystal vase certainly deserves center stage as a centerpiece for your beautiful table. hugs ~lynne~

  41. Fabby,
    This is exquisite, dear friend! I adore your mixture of patterns on this tablescape! The crocheted table linens are works of art and love!
    P.s. I'd love to visit again for a closer look at your decor on the buffet!

  42. What a gorgeous setting! I love the idea of using crochet pieces between the charger and dinner plates. Your tablecloth is fabulous!

  43. What a beautiful, beautiful table setting. I love the way you are using the dollies. I have some just like that. I love all things crocheted.

  44. Fabby!
    I think you must have a magic cupboard! New dishes come out of it daily it seems!
    Oh to have and to see your collection.... you have so many lovely things AND the linens to accompany them!

    Thanks for sharing.

  45. A beautiful table you have put together, Fabby! Love that lace tablecloth!

  46. What a beautiful crocheted tablecloth-a treasure! Lovely pink dishes too, with that beautiful stemware.

  47. That looks so pretty! The dishes are so delicate and the tablecloth is a work of art for sure. ~Kim

  48. What a lovely blog and the table is beautiful! Found my way over from Lorraine's.

  49. Fabby, you always amaze me with your beautiful collection of china and silverware...beautiful table.

  50. Hi Fabby,
    Another superbly beautiful table!
    You are amazing!
    I loved seeing your precious tablecloth because my mother also made similar ones for me... but yours is an exquisite beauty!
    I also loved the chinese cabinet you showed in the previous post, I even described it to my husband :), but time flew and I didn't go back there to comment.
    Have a lovely week.

  51. Oh what a treasure that crocheted tablecloth is! What a beautiful table. I love the salad set with the pretty pink flowers.

  52. A splendid table, Fabby, and the tablecloth is such a wonderful treasure!

  53. Just Beautiful! Love it all.the tablecloth is to die for.Thanks for sharing.

  54. Dearest Fabby,

    Please do give your Mother my compliments for crocheting such perfect and fine crocheted lace work! I've done lots of crocheting myself so I know what it is like.
    You're blessed with such a linen source for setting the most elegant and almost royal table settings.
    Love to you,


  55. Another bravo table Fabby wonderfully done.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  56. Another bravo table Fabby, wonderfully done.

    Karin Şen Cankan


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