Monday, August 1, 2011

FABBY: Pasta Time!

 The layers of plates:  as chargers I used my country, Spanish dinner plates.
 The tablescape...
 Had to take a pic of my mil's plant with the blooms...she's so pretty!
 My hubby decorated this bowl at his former ceramic co.  I love it for the parmesan cheese.
 The wine and the Italian spirits for before, during and after the pasta dinner.
 The plant with so many blooms and some buds that will bloom all this week.  The pretty planter was hand decorated  at our former ceramic. co.
 The Bialetti Crusimallo, coffee pot, ready to make expresso, we have great coffee around here.
 Here's how the tablescape for four  looks on top of my alabaster, round table top. I used the hand made placemats, they have the same colors as the spaghetti bowls.
 The red stems are Italian, I use them a lot at Christmas time with  similars in green. I layered the plates with my red Corona plates I use for everyday Christmas time, along with green ones.
 My cute lace pitcher with flowers.
 The pasta serving  bowl.
 The place set with the individual spaghetti bowl. The napkins are linen, made in India.
 The cute demitass cups and saucers were my dad's, he loved his expresso in them...they're the hotel kind, made in the husband and me love them too.
 My mil gave my hubby for one of his birthdays, this Peruvian set of eight, vintage, small silver and jade, expresso  spoons,  aren't they so cute!
  Hi there my friends!  I just got out my Italian set of six spaghetti bowls and serving big bowl,  I bought around 15 yrs. make some spaghetti with shrimp for tomorrow night, for our friends at the tenth floor, we're at the Pt. house, at the 14th. floor.  Julio is my hubby's friend and his wife, Stephanie, my best friend for 30 yrs.,  she's  American.  We'll be having  pasta with  Italian salad, similar to the Greek, lots of Italian parmesan cheese, expresso with biscotti,  Italian wine and spirits for before, during and after dinner... and lots of fun!  Hope you like it and you all can come over, too!!   Thank you for your lovely visits and I will be joining the following fun parties, thanks to the great hostesses for having me, I'm very honored!

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  1. Oh Fabby, your expresso spoons are so precious, so beautiful! I also love your placemats, but of course I love everything else....Christine

  2. Beautiful table setting! Thanks for linking to HSH!

  3. Fabby, your table looks great! I love those little spoons and the demitasse cups and saucers. I'm sure you'll have a great meal and a good time with friends.

  4. Gorgeous!...and the pasta dinner sounds soooo good!

  5. Morning, Fabby! Oh, you've set another beautiful table and love your pasta dishes! ;) You always make your tables the best!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is Beautiful for your pasta party !!!!
    You know I love to layer my plates also, your spaghetti bowls are so sweet. you did a wonderful job putting your tablescape together sweet lady.
    I hope you have a great week with your family.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my new Tablescape.

    XXOO Diane

  7. Hi Fabby, your pasta time table looks very nice. I love the two blooming plants nearby and the espresso spoons are very pretty. I hope you have a lovely week. ~ Pamela

  8. What fun dishes for serving and eating pasta. I wish I was close so I could have a bowl. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  9. I just love your blogs!! Your table setting are absolutely "over-
    the-top"....each one is different and stunning!!
    This pasta table setting looks so inviting...wish I were one of the guests! I love anything with pasta!
    Your ceramic wares are lovely and I love the little spoons! And the gorgeous plants! Well, everything!!
    Thanks again for sharing!!

  10. Fabby, your table looks beautiful. You have so many unusual and beautiful pieces and you know how to put everything together to make it so inviting.

    Your meal sounds wonderful with friends/relatives..... what a blessing. Enjoy!

  11. Fabby, Wow, your pasta supper is definitely upscale from how my pasta suppers are. :) Your setting is so colorful and I love the after dinner drinks table alongside. Your MIL's plant looks so tropical. Do you know the name of it?
    As always you set an impressive table, Fabby.

  12. Fabby, Love the colorful table. Yum, pasta.... Dianne

  13. Hi Fabby,
    You always set such beautiful, colorful tables! And you have so precious things!
    I loved to see your set of Peruvian coffee spoons, 'cause I once bought one in an antiques fair but didn't know it was Peruvian and silver, although I suspected it had a jade handle.
    Thanks for sharing

  14. Oh Fabby, you are FAB !!

  15. Fabby, this is so pretty and such a wonderful setting to share with friends. All of your dishes and accessories are lovely. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  16. Hi Fabby,
    It is all so totally beautiful!!! WOW!!!

  17. I have always wanted a fun set of bowls to set a pretty pasta table since we eat it so much. I love yours. They are the exact color family that I'd like. I love the table, and I really love those expresso spoons, too.

  18. Bright and cheerful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful tablescape.

  19. Love all the red and white. Pasta love love it. My daughter married an Italian so she makes the best pasta dishes. Very unique spoons.

  20. So pretty! I love your pasta bowls.

  21. Fabby, wow. When is dinner. Your espresso spoons are beautiful! real works of art. I love your past bowls and you are right they are perfect on those placemats. Such a pretty table. Beautiful plants! xo marlis

  22. What a gorgeous pop of red! What is the liqueur in the middle? I can see the Amaretto and the Frangelico but I couldn't see what was in the middle. I need to know you see, because I'm copying this at my next dinner party! This table is wonderful!

  23. Viva Italiano! You've set a wonderful, festive tablescape for an evening with your friends. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  24. Fabby, your spaghetti bowls make me smile! They are so "friendly" and set the most delightful table for a casual dinner with friends. I hope you have a wonderful evening together.

  25. Ooh, spaghetti with shrimp sounds like my kind of dish and I would love having it in those fun pasta dishes. What a beautiful gift - the espresso spoons. I am so glad you shared them with us!

  26. Absolutely beautiful! I love all of the dishes, the spoons, wine glasses, etc. I can only imagine how wonderful your dinner was! I'm really a lover of good coffee too.

    I have a dear friend in Atlanta, GA, and friends of her's are moving to Eucador. Sounds like such a warm and inviting place to be!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you.


  27. Wonderful table, Fabby. I love the pasta bowls.

    The espresso spoons are exquisite!

  28. A very pretty table and I love those pasta dishes but I really covet those espresso spoons!

  29. wow..Fabby. those spoons are so beautiful and I love white lace pitcher and everthing else too specially plant and planter and that ceramic bowl table setting.

    Thanks for stopping by at my place.

  30. Hey, Fabby!!! This is so cool for a pasta night in! Everything just has a relaxed, comfortable look about it that would make people feel family. It's wonderful! The demitasse spoons from your mother-in-law are fabulous! She really does have marvelous taste! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. Itw as wonderful, as always, to hear from you. I hope you have a great weekend!

  31. Fabby,
    Pasta is one of my favorite meals! I'm Irish Italian, but was never allowed to follow my Italian roots as a youth. Now, I can't seem to get enough of the culture! This is such a meaningful post, as one other thing I have found is that of love of friends and family...another Italian trait! Fondly,
    p.s. Thank you for your sweet comment and visit On Crooked Creek!

  32. Fabby, I just love those darling espresso spoons. They are gorgeous!

  33. What a fabulous table setting! My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail! Lol! Thank you so much for linking up!

  34. Dear Fabby,

    I will come to your doorstep one day and say please please Fabby show me your lovely dishes and then have dinner at your wonderful table.

    I looked over and over again, everything looks so great I even closed my eyes had meal at the table and drank coffee and had myself a Amaretto Disaronno next to it.

    Such beautiflly set table loved everything.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Lots of Love,
    Karin Şen Cankan

  35. Oh, yum! Everything looks so pretty. I just love those espresso spoons. What a treasure!

  36. Fabby, Oh, where do you keep it all? You have the loveliest and most extensive collection around. The pasta set and accessories are to die for.
    Oh, by the way, the friends on the 10th floor called. They regretfully have to cancel. My plane arrives momentarily. Can you pick me up at the airport. I ill just make dinner. LOL
    Have a great weekend, Ginger

  37. How wonderful -- we love pasta around here so your meal would suit us to a tea. Love your pretty little spoons. I've never had expresso -- the only times I've been offered a sample was in the evening and I was afraid I would be up all night!

  38. fab table setting- no pun intended! beautiful..


  39. Your table sets the tone for an evening of laughter and fun with friends! I would love to be there to share the pasta.

  40. What a inviting table setting. What time did you say dinner was?


  41. What a lovely, festive table! I love the red. And the calla lilies are just beautiful.

  42. Oh Fabby, You made me sooooo HUNGRY!!!

    Now I remember who made me long to go out and buy ornate brass stuff, it was YOU!!! Thanks for making me see brass in a whole new way again!!!

    Loving my new brass passion!


  43. A pretty table Fabby, I'm sure the pasta was great! I love your special expresso spoons, they are beautiful-enjoy:@)

  44. I totally do not remember if I have already commented on your tablescape yet??? lol...

    Anyway! I LOVE your pasta bowls and I like the stemware as well.

    Puts me in the mood for some pasta and garlic bread!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  45. Hi Fabby! Thank you for joining the Open House party this week and sharing your beautiful table. I love the alabaster table top and your tablescape is lovely.

  46. What a beautiful and inviting pretty. The spoons are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Lovely table, and I really like those espresso spoons. Great table!

  48. I love your pretty spoons..I actually love everything about this beautiful setting.

    Wanted to say that when I clicked on your MY WEBPAGE (on your profile) it brought up a page saying NO FOUND..thought you might want to ck that.
    xoxo bj

  49. Love those jade and silver spoons!

    - The Tablescaper

  50. Gorgeousness everywhere here Fabby! Your tablescapes are always fabulous!

    Best wishes,

  51. Hi Fabby,
    Oh I want to come over for dinner.
    Your table and pieces are fabulous. You set such an awesome table. Being Italian I can so relate to the dinner you describe with your friends. What an amazing time you will have. The colors are so festive and inviting.

    Thank you for stopping by, your anniversary wishes and giveaway entry. Good luck sweet friend and blessings always.

    XO Celestina Marie

  52. Oh, I wish I were there to eat this fabulous meal. ;-)
    Another lovely table setting, Fabby.

  53. Hi Fabby...

    My friend, you have set another beautiful table!!! Mmm...the shrimp pasta and salad sounds sooo good right now. I should go eat I guess! Hehe! I would have loved sharing this beautiful table with you, your husband, and dear friends! I bet ya'll had a wonderful evening of fellowship! The pasta dish set is sooo cute with the picture of the little carts and tomatoes! The red plates look fabulous as well! Everything is wonderful, dear friend...with this lovely table and all the beautiful flowers!!! Love your jade handled expresso spoons...sooo pretty!

    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely table with us for the Sunday Favorites party this week, Fabby! I loved it!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love ya,

  54. It's great to have you being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  55. It is so lovely.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my post about Shenanigan and comment. I miss her so much my heart aches.
    Thank you for the comfort you gave.

  56. ok Fabby I just want to say that as usual you have set a really lovely table....But I have to ask.....what's with all the nutty liquors? Ameretti (almond)and Frangelico (hazlenut). Is it a sign of your true self? In England we call someone who is coinsidered a bit mad ..a bit nutty, lol. I am completely nutty, or at least that's what my children call me all the time.

    Anyhoo, the table is so colourful and I love the red.

    I hope that you and your friends had a wonderful evening.

    fondest wishes Jo

  57. What fun bowls for the pasta! Such a fun table. Have a great week!

  58. How inviting. A very special table and I love the spoons. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  59. Hi Fabby... what a wonderful table love your cheese bowl very much... lace pitcher is a thing to love... And the spoons are gorgeously cute...
    Now I am back from my vacations and in blogging world too…
    A little post to share some of my moments of vacation... hope you like to visit and enjoy it...

  60. So lovely! You have such beautiful pieces and we are so glad you shared this with us at Inspiration Friday!

  61. Siempre creando mesas divinas, un verdadero placer compartir la mesa contingo!

    Hermosa tu vajilla mi querida Fabby!


  62. Oh my gosh.. your hubby had a ceramic co. Really!! wow!! wow!! I totally love love that bowl.. its gorgeous!! Love how your table looks.. so so inviting!!


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