Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FABBY: Autumn Leaves

   I always loved Autumn, as a girl from Queens, NY, it was my favorite time of the year, I loved to go to beautiful Astoria park with my little friends and we would all jumped on top of the beautiful bed of leaves, brown, gold-yellow, red and ambar with stricks of orange and to hear the crunchy sound this would produce!  October is also my birthday month, so I always got a lot of attention from my parents, my brothers,  my cousins, uncles and aunts would come from LI, bringing was great!  Actually, it still is with my hubby, daughters and grandgirls, too!

   Besides fall, I got inspired by a tablecloth I hand embroidered several years ago with orange fall leaves and my vintage Oriental bone china, which I paired with  charges that have an orange band,  bringing out the orange flowers of the china.  The centerpiece  I did in a large wooden oval tray that were used to make bread dough and I  arranged it with nature's fall bounty and faux leaves and flowers.  I hope you like it and I invite you my dear wonderful friends from blog land, which inspire me with such enthusiasm  to try come up  with tablescapes that go with the seasons, festivities, or whatever theme we're in the mood.  Thanks so much in advance, I so appreciate your wonderful visits and generous comments.

I will be linking to some great parties too, so thank you to the gracious ladies that host them every
 I thought I show you the center of  my embroidered tablecloth before I set the centerpiece, which is some what big.
 The Autumn tablescape.  The four corners of the table topper is embroidered like you see here.
 The wooden large tray which people used to knead big amounts of dough for bread making.
 The candle holders are Portuguese, they won a design award in the 90's.
 The wine is fuax...let's not get excited, lol!
 The leaves look like grape leaves, but also like fall leaves, maybe??
 The center piece...I love the colored corn!
 I loved the shape of the pumkin I found at the local open market, along with the other things.
 The glass napkin rings are a new find, I loved them because they're glass and had the color of orange candy.
 The tablescape for eight.....the cute little salt celler was made at our former Ceramic Co.
 I had fun elaborating this centerpiece.
 A side of the centerpiece.
 The color corn are so much fun!
 This corn has a pretty,  wine red color to it, I love it!
 The centerpiece evoking Autumn.

 This small bowl is for dessert, but I use them with a clear chicken soup with wine, a French consomè as an antrè.
 The layers and the centerpiece.  The stems are hand blown in Mexico.
 This is a big dinner plate, like they make them now, so it was perfect as a charger for the smaller, vintage one and I like the way it brought out the orange flowers in the oriental plates.
 The vintage oriental dinner plate is so much smaller than the modern ones, this enabled me to use them as a chargers,  I'm even thinking we'll have Thanksgiving in this combo!
 The layer with the small bowl...this china comes with bigger soup bowls and soup plates, too.
 The bone china's tea set on a wooden Italian hand decorated tray and a vintage Italian yellow flower vase.
 week.         Lots of hugs.     FABBY

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  1. Bella la tavola e le decorazioni che parlano dell'autunno che io adoro!Baci,Rosetta

  2. Hi Fabby,
    What a marvellous centerpiece! I envy you for being able to create such a beauty with simple ingredients from nature and also for photographing it so artistically.
    Of course I love everything on the table, the lovely orange china, the beautiful tablecloth that you embridered yourself, the salt cellar, you name it...
    I also like Autumn, especially the colours, but my favourite part is being mushroom time. I love wild mushrooms and can identify many species, so after some rain I enjoy going out to pick them... and then cook them and eat them :)

  3. So hard to think of this time of the year but excitement comes to life here with the beauty of your photo's! I am so inspired now :) have a great weekend my friend!


  5. Fabby...this has got to be one of my this tablecloth...and Fall is right around the corner,yippee.

  6. What a gorgeous setting! Your centerpiece is fabulous and the colors are so perfect with your dishes. Just beautiful!

  7. Wow Fabby, I just love your centerpiece. And your dishes are gorgeous. What a warm and inviting table. Complimented by the beautiful tablecloth :-)

    Jocelyn @

  8. Fabby, the centerpiece looks amazing with your linens and china. I love these posts! You are getting me excited about fall.

  9. Your Fall tablescape is stunning, Fabby. I am always attracted to orange. It is such a happy color. Your plates are very pretty all together. Your embroidered table cloth is exquisite. You are a lady with many talents!...Christine

  10. How beautiful your blue and orange look together. Perfect for fall!

  11. What a Fab table!!!! Just Fabby!!!!! I am so not ready for fall, as I love it, but, it brings winter close behind. But, your table is so darn pretty and makes one want to fall it up. I have lots of bus tours coming in Oct. So I guess in a few weeks I had better get in gear. I am painting outside in prep for winter, most important things first. LOL. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  12. Oh my goodness this is a fabulous fall tablescape! You don't have to do another one through Thanksgiving! I love every detail! The centerpiece is a trophy winner and I love that tablecloth! Truly a winner! Hugs-Liz

  13. Beautiful fall table, Fabby. I love the centerpiece, great fall colors. The charger plate is perfect with the china you have chosen to highlight.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. It's all so lovely! I am looking forward to autumn!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  15. Wow Fabby! The tablecloth is gorgeous!!! Fall is my favorite season. I can't wait to get my decorations out this weekend! :)

  16. Oh my have sparked my autumn decorating interest.

    I adore the blue tablecloth, it's gorgeous with your dishes and decorations. This is the prettiest it!!!!!

    Thank you so much Fabby, for your encouragement and love!

  17. I just love the blue tablecloth with the orange. It puts a different spin on autumn. Your table is inspiring me to think about fall! Lovely!

  18. Fabby, I giggle at us rushing the seasons!!
    So what huh?
    Well you Thanksgiving table is LUSCIOUS! I was just thinking on doing one myself~Well maybe a whole party set up! You beat me to it :)

    I love the fall colors you have used.....umm I might be next! I adore your table cloth!!!


  19. Hi Fabby! I do believe Fall has fallen at your house on your lovely table! I'm just drooling over your centerpiece. It looks like it would be simple to do but looks so elegant! You do have the prettiest dishes.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Loving your table scape, table cloth and autumn decor. It is also my favorite time of year. Following along with you to see what else you do.

  21. Fabby your tablescape is fabulous. Love this time of year. Fresh corn and tomatoes. The apples begining to ripen. Going to the cider mill and walking through the leaves.Looking for oak leaves soon. I iron them with wax paper and they last from season to season. Your tableclothis so pretty and the dishes bring all the colors of fall. Great

  22. Fabby, you are lucky to have "fall" already. We are sweltering in the heat, ugh. Your table is so wonderful. Great tablecloth.. Oh your work is amazing. I love the colors. Your dishes on this table are fabulous. and I love how artistically you arranged the center piece. It's lovely beyond words. Your table is really lovely.. xo marlis

  23. Fabby, the table scape is beautiful. The lovely tablecloth is perfectly accented with your beautiful china pieces. You have really brought the feeling of fall with your centerpiece.

    I agree that this setting would be perfect to use for Thanksgiving.

  24. Fabby....I LOVE those orange napkin rings!!! I am a huge orange freak when it comes to decorating, and those are FABULOUS!!! And those dishes are just TOO gorgeous. I can see why the candlesticks won a design award...they're really rockin'! Your tablecloth is beautiful! I can see you are all ready for autumn. I'm glad it brings back to many fond memories for you. I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

  25. Oh Fabby, this is a beautiful table! I love the centerpiece and the dishes are beautiful too! I am so anxious to start Fall!!! My favorite season! XO, Pinky

  26. Your certerpiece is gorgeous as is the entire tablescape. But, I am certainly impressed with the tablecloth! It's a beautiful piece of artistry!

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday and helping to make it a success! I appreciate you!

  27. Your handwork is beautiful. I love the blue with the coral/orange stitching. The large charger plate is glorious. I could see it as a foundation for you Miessen blue and white plates. It could be gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your glorious design. Cherry Kay

  28. Love your tablescape. Those plates are amazing!

    Coley @

  29. Hi Fabby, this is just a fabulous table. Fall is my favorite time of the year, so I love anything and everything leaves and pumpkins! thanks so much for linking up, and could you add my link to your list? thanks a bunch, xo Debra

  30. Hi Fabby: What an amazing table you have set. I love the colors! Your centerpiece is amazing. I am going to try to do the same thing on my table. It is beautiful. Blessings, Martha

  31. What a beautiful setting. I love autumn too.

  32. Fabby, thanks for the visit. I hurried over to return the favor as soon as I could!

    Oh, my! What a beautiful table you've set. It shouts "abundance"!

    I fear I could never create the beautiful settings that you do, but I can certainly get ideas :)

  33. This is GORGEOUS!!! It makes me so excited for fall!!!

  34. What beautiful place settings. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and they must have had prettier things in shares the October birthday with you and i love the Fall season then. Take care.

  35. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is Beautiful all the corols of nature.also the tablecoloth you had embridered yourself just Gorgeous sweet lady.
    I can see Autumn is coming now!!! The summer needs to go... Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my new Tablescape, and your pray's for my friend Melanie so sweet of you. I hope you have a great weekend.
    I will be having my One year party on my Tablescapes this Monday. I hope you will come see me.
    XXOO Diane

  36. Your fall table setting is so gorgeous. You have thought of everything. I like to do little vignettes for the seasons and holidays. My things are much more simple, but we both love to decorate and enjoy.

    I am not a huge fan of fall because it leads to winter and winters here in Michigan can be very long, cold, and icy.

  37. Your table is absolutely gorgeous Fabby. I love the tablecloth. Just simply incredible!

  38. Oh wow beautiful table setting. I love all the cina and g;asses. Gorgeous

  39. Just beautiful, Fabby! I love the energy you've created by combining the complementary blues and oranges. Those candleholders are truly dramatic! I can see why their design won an award.

    October is my birthday month as well. Are you a Libra? Your comments about the Autumn leaves took me back to my own childhood. I suppose children everywhere love jumping into piles of colorful, crunchy leaves!

  40. Me ha encantado tu inspiración otoñal
    Un Beso

  41. There is not a turkey around that would not like a feast at this table setting.

  42. It's always so much fun to run into another autumn-lover! Fall is also my favorite season and it was such a delight to visit. Have a lovely weekend.

  43. WOW, Fabby, this is so totally gorgeous, my friend!!! What a delightful table setting you have created!!!

  44. Fabby, Your autumn table is stunning! I especially love the centerpiece, the dishes and your table cloth. Nicely done!

  45. Wow! This is beautiful. I agree this is the perfect dining table for Thanksgiving. Thanks for coming by my blog too.

  46. Fabby, I am so ready for Autumn and you've convinced me even more so! I'm ready for cool days, soups, fires and the smell of spice. I do love color and am just admiring this beautiful table.

    Thanks for sharing!


  47. Outstanding table -- really well put together. The centerpiece is just drop-dead gorgeous.

  48. I am excited for fall, but still haven't done everything I wanted to get done this summer...time goes too fast! Your table cloth is beautiful Fabby, you completed an amazing piece! As always your table settings and decor are amazing...what a touch you have!

  49. You embroidered the tablecloth - wowza - that's a lot of work. I hope no one spills gravy on it!

  50. I LOVE your Blog!!! This one is so beautiful with all the colors of Fall....your table setting really calls attention to the season.
    First, the centerpiece...wonderful.
    The pumpkin does have it's own personality, doesn't it?? All of the fruits and veggies are so nice, and you have a "magic touch" when arranging things!
    The new plates do compliment your pretty antique ones, and all of the accessories look great with the china. Love the tablecloth, too. What a lot of work you must have put into embroidering it...I like the orange leaves against the blue background...very striking!
    Yes, I would use this table-scape for is just perfect
    Thanks for sharing it with us. I so enjoyed each little detail....
    Have a fun weekend, Francy

  51. Faby en este caso no hace falta saber otro idioma, las imágenes hablan por si solas. Las frutas de porcela son preciosas.
    Beso desde Argentina

  52. Fabby, Great color combination of the blue and orange. I love the large dough bowl with the corn, pumpkins and gourds. I'm ready for Fall if only the temperatures will get below the high 90s.
    Have a great weekend,

  53. Fabby, acá estoy de nuevo viendo los vegetales, insisto parecen de cerámica por el brillo quetienen, el maiz, el zapallo...¿qué cabeza dura que soy!...jejej! Bueno...lo que ocurre es que Dios hace cosas bellísimas.

  54. Fabbym what time is dinner my friend? Love your table and all the Fall touches...the chicken soup sounded wonderful too.

  55. Gorgeous gorgeous table!! Everything is so the dishes and tablecloth!!

    Miss Bloomers

  56. Fabby,
    What a fantastic Fall tablescape!! Really beautiful!!

    Thanks so much for visiting!


  57. Absolutely gorgeous! I love, love the embrodiery and the colors. The candle holders are exquisite. Even though you're serving "faux" wine, I really love your table!! :-)


  58. Absolutely gorgeous! I love, love the embrodiery and the colors. The candle holders are exquisite. Even though you're serving "faux" wine, I really love your table!! :-)


  59. I never knew you grew up in Queens! Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  60. Love your colors! Beautiful

  61. Oh Fabby, what a beautiful Autumn tablescape! That tablecloth is gorgeous! All of your dishware is just wonderful and I love the centerpiece! thank you for joining TTF and have a fun week!

  62. Hi Fabby...

    Girlfriend, you never seize to amaze me! What a GORGEOUS autumn table you have set! just makes me want to go and make a pretty autumn table as well! Soooo inspiring!!! Wowzer!!! I love the autumn leaves embroidered tablecloth that you made, Fabby! What a creative and talented lady you are! It's sooo beautiful and it really is perfect for the orange floral china...which by the gorgeous as well! Love the pretty orange banded plates that you used for chargers! They're perfect! Girlfriend, I just bough a big ol' wooden dough bowl so that I can make an autumn centerpiece for my dining room table! I love how you did yours! Thanks for the great idea! wink! Hehe!

    Well dearest friend, it looks like you are keeping busy with all of you autumn creations! I am still in the middle of putting summer away...and the deep that I can decorate! I just love this time of the's my favorite! Your warm autumn table just confirms my love for this season! Thank you so much for sharing it with us for the Sunday Favorites party this's always a pleasure, sweet friend!

    Love ya,

  63. Your tablecloth is exquisite and I love your Fall tablescape! The centerpiece is beautiful! The big wooden bowl is perfect for the Fall items! Everything is gorgeous and you took such good photos! The colors look so warm ...they glow! I'm enjoying your blog! ♥

  64. wow..what a beautiful centerpeice..table looks perfect. I love fall too...that rustic kind of feeling with leaves on ground....

  65. Hi Fabby,
    I really love the colors of your table and every item on it. All is just perfect.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  66. Your tablecloth is fabulous! What a beautiful Fall table. If you were in Astoria now there would be no leaves to jump in yet, still beach weather here in NY!
    Great table, Fabby!

  67. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for linking to It's a Party!

  68. Fabby,
    This is just beautiful! I love fall so the colors and the pumpkins are just outstanding! Great job!
    Thanks for joining HSH!


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