Happy Holiday Season 2016

Happy Holiday Season 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2011

FABBY: My Little Friends

 I also collect cake stands with pedestals, so here are some of my dog collection with some of cloches as well.

 The skinny black couple, greyhounds, are vintage French bronze
 Inside this cloche, cheese cloche is a pug and a foo dog I bought in NY's China town many years ago.

 This big Foo dog I bought in NY's China town a very many year ago, in the 80's.

 Our beloved Pug Ben in the gold wooden frame.
 Aren't they so very cute?
 Here is my beloved Ben...I miss him, he was so much fun and so lovable. snif,snif,snif......
This is my dog collection.  I have some vintage, like the French bronze, some are new porcelain, some gifts and some antiqueI love dogs, real ones and collecting porcelain ones, too.   We lost our pug Ben last year, he was 12 yrs. old and I still miss him very much.  I still have not made up my mind about getting another furry friend...I hope I will, eventually.  You can see Ben in the picture frame.
Thank you for the hostess of this great party, hope someday I'll join with a real furry Little Friend!
Wishing you all a very blessed and happy Mother's Day.


Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

What a lovely collection -- of both cloches and dogs! I'm sorry to hear about Ben... I know what it is like to lose a beloved pet and it is so hard.

Becky said...

Wow, Fabby! I love your collection, and it is so beautifully displayed! ~ Yes. Losing a pet is a heartache that I dread going through again. My dogs are my babies! :)

Pat said...

I love this post! I also collect dogs. Your display with cloches and cake stands is inventive. My daughter's dog is a pug, and the best little dog. Another dog will need you soon!


xinex said...

Oh so sorry you lost your beloved Ben, Fabby. Love your collection especially the greyhounds. I think that's what they are, the skinny ones, right? I am drawn to cake stands with pedestals too, my problem is that they take too much storage room. I don't think the plates are Spanish, I just bought them from Ross, really cheap, like $1.99 each about 2 years ago. I am glad I bought them cause I haven't seen them anywhere else since. They look handpainted too. Thanks for stopping by Fabby and Happy Mother's Day!...Christine

Dianne said...

Hi Fabby, Great collection. I especially love the two white ones on the cake plate on the right. Thanks for sharing.

Pamela Gordon said...

Fabby, you have a beautiful and unique collection of dogs. I'm so sorry about the loss of your sweet Ben. I wish you a blessed Mother's Day. Pamela

Rosetta said...

Dolcissimi!!!Buon fine settimana e festa della mamma!Rosetta

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your collection is stunning and it is displayed beautifully. Hugs, Marty

Vintagesouthernlife said...

Love your collection! We lost our 15 yr old shih-tzu and debated getting another for a year... didn't want to feel like we were replacing him. We finally gave in and got another. It has filled such a hole in our hearts. Some of his antics remind us of our Scooter but it is fun sweet memories. Go ahead and get you a new fur baby you won't regret it.

BEAR's Mom said...

lovely collection
losing a pet is tragic
i hope one finds you soon :D
BEAR sends big HUGS

Eileen said...

What a collection! It's so beautiful. Your Ben was a cutie. It's so hard to lose a pet, I know. Thanks so much for linking up!

My Cozy Casita said...

Hi Fabby, what a lovely collection,sorry about Ben.. I lose 2 of my (Boxes). I know what it is lose a beloved pet now I have 2 more.

Babs said...

Fabby, You have a lovely and interesting dog collection and cake plates.
It's difficult to lose a family pet, but easy to remember the sweet nature and loving ways of your Ben.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day.

Atelier de Charo said...

Hola Fabby, una colección estupenda!
Te deseo que pases un muy Feliz Día de la Madre, que lo disfrutes al máximo!


LV said...

What different collections you have. Not many would have that many cake stands. Yours are great, and I really enjoyed seeing all your doggies.

Regina said...

Cute collections!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Enjoy your weekend.


Cozy Home Scenes said...

That's a great collection! Everyone (well almost everyone) loves dogs, so I'm sure that collection is a converation starter from all who enter your home. Very sorry about your loss of Ben. We lost our favorite dog two years ago, and we still miss her. You love them, so it's hard to let them go. You'll know when the time is right if you are ready for another dog. It will never replace Ben, but it may help with any sadness you still have. There is no rush on that though, the right "new" dog will touch your heart at the right time.

lvroftiques said...

What a wonbderful collection! I'm so sorry you lost your Ben, but this is a wonderful way to memorialize him. Vanna

LDH said...

I LOVE your collection of dog figurines! But you are missing a very important one... a schnauzer :) That is what I collect (for obvious reasons).

I hope you find great joy in your memories of your dear Ben.

Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful simple pleasures post!!

Glad to be following you now...

Poppy said...

So sweet of you to come and visit me and become my follower. Now we can visit each other often. I'm your newest now. Thanks again and have a lovely day!~Poppy


Poppy said...

Awww I'm so sorry about Ben... he looks so cute.I understand about losing a dear pet.. I love your dog collection,especially the white ones.Such a sweet way to remember him by... The cloches and cake stands are looking gorgeous... such a nice way to display them. Hugs!~Poppy