Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Antique French Table

 This was the way our receiver, or foyer looked like before, kind of empty and with a great space for something such as this smack in the middle!.... and it's perfect between our formal living room and dining room as well.
I'm fixing the cushions of our Oriental Chippendale chairs.
 Here she is! a receiver table in our foyer! My hubby bought it to my total delight! 

He thinks we can also use it when we have dinner parties to accommodate four people more, besides the formal and breakfast dining tables.

 I love the beautiful legs it has...
 I did a spring tablescape with this china set we bought in 1979, it's a Chinese design from the 1950's.
 Here is a better close up of the dishes, the plates have butterflies in all the flowers.  I just used my glass chargers from Turkey  so we can see the Carrara table top better.
Italian Bormiolli Rocco stems.

It also came with dessert bowls and for Oriental soup bowls the ones I served here are more the European 'soup-plates.'

 You can appreciate the butterflies on the plates in this closer shot of the plate.
 The tea set that came with the china, I set it in the Chinese Secretary that's right in front of the new table, bellow.
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I hope you like the space where  we placed our beautiful Italian vintage, Carrara marble table  my husband fell in love with, so did I (quietly), for which I was so gladly surprised that he loved it (out loud) and bought it! was one day that we were visiting the  Antique European Imports Shop. 
We had quite a big nice space that was our foyer at home and nothing was there... so  hubby thought it would look beautiful right in the middle!  I hope you liked it!

Thank you Susan for hosting this great party:  Metamorphosis Monday at:

Thank you in advance for all the nice people that will visit, as you always make my day!

HAPPY EASTER to everyone.



  1. Oh Fabby, I LOVE the table. Your taste is SO MUCH like my own! I love looking at all the details of your settings. You looked so cute fixing the cushions on those beautiful chairs. I REALLY LOVE tables and LOTS of them seem to follow me home! It's always so nice when Hubby's like the same things we do...Thank you so much for sharing.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Gorgeous table, Fabby. I love the marble top and the pedestal legs. The wood color is also very pretty. You have the perfect place for it....Christine

  3. Fabby beautiful table setting... love your china it looks very different from norm,al... and I love that you did a tablescape with not a very formal way.. its way to friendly... not hustle bustle of much decor... Colours are inviting ...lovely job done
    Hope you would like to pay a visit to me at

  4. Fabby,

    What a fab husband! The table is beautiful!

  5. Oh Fabby, this is exquisite - isn't it wonderful when you and your husband enjoy beautiful things! What a treasure - love how you've decorated the table! Lovely china,

  6. Hello Fabby,
    I would love that table, too. It is beautiful and one has never enogh tables for all events. Your table dinner decoration is so tasteful as the whole room decoration.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  7. Fabby, May you have a sweet and blessed Easter.

    Your table is gorgeous!
    d from homehaven

  8. Your table is beautiful, Fabby! I love the marble top!!!

  9. Oh la la Fabby
    C'est si beau!!
    Your hubby was right on.
    P.S. You know you can take that word verification off now? Blogger scans all spam : )
    Just saying.

  10. What a fantastic table, and the marble top is the perfect background for the setting. Your china is gorgeous and so timely. I love that you put the tea set out also. You are going to just love this, so glad that your hubby loved it too. I love husbands with great taste!!!

  11. WOW! That is REALLY a great table. Love the marble to its unique size. You have collected some gorgeous pieces! And what is tht leopard chair I 'spotted' in a pic or two??? I think I'm in love!

    And BTW: Great job Mr. Fabby!

    :D Lynda

  12. Fabby, there is so much to love here -- the center table, stemware, Japanese china plates and Turkish chargers. I even see porcelain dog figurines!! Very, very pretty. How nice of your husband to select that table as a surprise. It really looks great for a small dinner table for four.
    Summer for Swede


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