Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fabby: Dinner Party a Year Ago.

About a year ago we hosted a dinner party with a few good friends after we remodeled our kitchen and so I was so excited to start the  "party cooking" and use all my new appliances, like my double oven and everything my brand new kitchen privided me, specially how wonderfully organized I finally was.   I wasn't blogging than, so the pictures are the home made tipe, didn't have to worry you'll see them!...LOL

You can see me tiding up my house for the party and than next to my table setting and so is my dear hubby in the small marble antique table.  The chinese alcanphor wood and hand decorated  trunk was a gift from my MIL one one of my hubby's 
b''s more than 100 yr. old .  The black chair next to eat was my grandmother's.  The gorgeous roses are from my BIL's Rose Farm.  The  piece of furniture flanked by the two French red striped chairs belonged to my hubby's grandfather, turn of the century Italian, the flowers in the doors of it are carved by hand.  So, I hope you
 enjoy it and sorry for the not good photos, I'm getting a little better.  Thank you for all the hostesses I might show this post to and for letting me participate!  I'll start with my friend Chari at Sunday Favorites.
Love you all and thank you in advance for visiting, I love it when I hear from you!


  1. The table looks great and I couldnt help but smak a look at your lovely light fixture. It's gorgeous!!

    Don't you love being just a bit voyeuristic? lol


  2. Fabby, you home is just beautiful!! So warm and inviting, but yet... so elegant! :)

  3. Fabby, your home is so beautiful and welcoming. The marble topped table is lovely...I see your gorgeous dishes peaking out of the hutch!

  4. Your home is beautifl and your tablesettings are lovely.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Please come again.

  5. What a beautiful home you have filled with memories. Your tablescape was lovely. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Fabby, I couldn't believe my eyes. In the first photo, I bought those exact same chairs. At least they look like mine which were from Century furniture company. I had 10 and just sold all of them to get new Swedish white dining room chairs which I haven't selected yet. Summer for Swede

  7. Fabby you have a beautiful home! It looks perfect for entertaining..the flow of the rooms makes it ideal! The red trunk caught my eye right away, what a nice treasure! You have some wonderful furnishings! Thanks for the peak into your life! Liz!

  8. OMYGOODNESS....what a fabulous house you have. It is like something out of a movie.
    Your new die for. I love it all.
    You and your handsome hubby did a good job of picking out all the pretties.
    Thanks so much for coming by to see me and leaving such sweet words. You are such a sweet lady..and very pretty.:)
    Come back soon..

  9. What a lovely home. It is warm and inviting and I am sure your guests that evening had a wonderful time. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. You're blessed to have so many beautiful family heirlooms.

    Your pictures are great and I love your gorgeous home!

  11. You truly have a beautiful home, Fabby. I especially love your red chest....Christine

  12. Hello sweet lady...

    Ohhh my...Fabby, your home is sooo GORGEOUS!!! I'm so glad that you posted all of your photos...I just loved getting a peek into your home! My friend, your marble floors are FABULOUS!!! I can only dream for such beautiful floors! Ohhh...and I love your pretty fireplace and the wood paneled wall! Your furniture is just gorgeous as well, my friend! I loved getting to see all of those beautiful antiques! And...your table was beautiful as well! I'm sure that your dinner guests had a fabulous time! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely post with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party, sweet lady! This was such a treat!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  13. hi Fabby. A beautiful setting for a fun evening with friends. I especially love your new stove - fabulous! Thanks so much for stopping my my page this weekend! -diane

  14. Hi Fabby, love your home, it's so beautiful. I love your black and white floor.

    Your table is just beautiful, I'm sure your guests must have been very impressed.

  15. Hi Fabby I love your home is so beautiful,your are so pretty and hobby so handsome.

  16. Fabby, how fun to get to see your lovely home -- and handsome husband! Both table looked so pretty, even in your pre-blogging days. Thanks for visiting my bluebonnet table this week!

  17. Fabby, it is beautiful! And, thanks for the sweet words you left on my blog.

  18. Your home looks so welcoming and inviting.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Seriously gorgeous. So many of these photos look like they could have come directly from a magazine. Your home is lovely thanks for sharing it with us!

  20. Lovely! Your home looks so welcoming!

  21. Oh, I think it is all so pretty, Fabby! The tablescape and the entire house. Thank you for sharing it with us.


    Sheila :-)

  22. I love your home!!!! Hugs....I really love Italy...but even USA ....a lot!!!! Ciao Flavia xoxoxoxox

  23. Happy Pink Saturday...Ladies....another week-end traveling the pink highway....God Bless you and remember to hug someone...only if they want it!
    so pretty

  24. Love decor,the color schemes are warm & inviting.
    Happy April PS ~
    TTFN ~



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